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Linear Actuator Cuts Contact, Contamination

Article-Linear Actuator Cuts Contact, Contamination

Linear Actuator Cuts Contact, Contamination

Magnetic suspension avoids friction

The Multiposition Airless Cylinder (MPAC) is electrically driven and complements Norgren's pneumatic cylinders. The device is essentially a linear motor with the moving slider suspended magnetically within the surrounding cylindrical windings. The magnetic field from the permanent magnets in the slider interacts with the field produced by the current in the windings to produce motion. With no mechanical connection between the slider and the stationary stator, friction and contaminating particle generation are minimized-aiding long life.

An MPAC package includes the actuator (with or without a guide), servo controller, and power supply, as well as the all-important software to program and run the system, which eases set up time. The actuator is configured with four variables: light or heavy duty, with or without guides, length of cable connector, and maximum stroke length. The cylinder is programmed via laptop or by "teaching" it directly-moving it by hand and having it remember the position. The controller can store up to eight definable positions within the stroke range, each with its own speed, acceleration, and force parameters. Such guidance information can be stored as a module and retrieved for similar applications in the future.

The MPAC can move loads up to 11 kg at speeds of 2.5 m/sec with accelerations of 40 m/sec2 for the light duty version and 55 m/sec2 for the heavy duty. Repeatability is plus or minus 0.1 mm. This performance is targeted at multiple position operations such as high-speed insertion equipment for electronics packaging and semiconductor manufacturing, as well as automatic test equipment, printing, and medical applications. The actuator can also be immersed to IP67 levels, allowing use in wash-down applications. Norgren

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