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Integrated Motion Systems with Ethernet

Integrated Motion Systems with Ethernet

MDrive Ethernet systems feature integrated motor, drive and fully programmable controller, with standardized IP addressing system which allows up to 255 devices on a network while eliminating the wiring and software configuring of traditional multi-drop systems using RS-422/485 communications. MDrive Ethernet systems use standard RJ45 connectors and CAT5/6 cabling, which are widely available.

MDrive Ethernet systems support the industrial standard MODBUS/TCP as well as MCode/TCP. MCode/TCP is a modification to proprietary programming language used by all fully programmable MDrive products, making existing MDrive programs portable to the new Ethernet-based products.

An additional enhancement for MDrive Ethernet products is Hybrid Motion Technology which delivers the benefits of servo and stepper motors, with unique capabilities and enhancements over both. Hybrid Motion Technology is a hardware-based system for real-time response that delivers smooth movement while eliminating unintentional stalling, saves energy and lowers heat with Variable Current Setting, enables operation at 100 percent of motor torque, and operates in Torque Mode which is a unique feature for stepper motors.

Integrated Motion Systems with Ethernet
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