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Integrated Magnetic Encoder

Article-Integrated Magnetic Encoder

Integrated Magnetic Encoder

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.'s integrated magnetic encoder is a compact and fully enclosed incremental encoder that utilizes solid state technology and includes both analog detection circuitry and full signal processing from a single chip. When combined with the Haydon can stack linear actuator, position feedback can be obtained for use in critical applications including medical equipment, analysis devices and robotics.

The 64 line quadrature encoder system utilizes a high energy neodymium magnet and provides an 8 bit digital resolution resulting in a total of 256 output pulses per revolution. The encoder provides 90 degree phase shifted A/B output channels along with a single index pulse for every complete shaft rotation. The encoder circuitry samples angular position at 10,000 samples per second for an output update every 100 microsecs.

The 256 pulse magnetic encoder can be a replacement for optical encoders and is virtually immune to vibration, shock, dust and contaminants. The encoder can be operated using either a 3.3 or 5V input voltage. When combined with the Haydon 25000 series linear actuator, a linear motion package is created.

The Haydon 25000 Series is part of the G4 line of high-output can stack linear actuators. Improvements include optimized stator tooth geometry, high energy neodymium magnets, custom engineered polymers, and larger ball bearings for greater rotor support and axial loading.

Integrated Magnetic Encoder
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