Infoblox Releases Software to Streamline Network Control, Automation

Infoblox has launched a triptych of new products aimed at providing more automation and control in the corporate network, even with the advent of new devices, cloud computing, and more sophisticated cyber threats.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company has released the DNS Firewall, Infoblox Security Device Controller, and the Infoblox Trinzic 100 Network Edge Services Appliance as part of Infoblox's overall strategy to establish a control point in the network as assets become more diverse and complex to manage.

Companies are facing changes to their networks, like the influx of employees' mobile devices, and more data being stored directly on the network via cloud computing. Many believe more automation and control deployed directly inside the network is the key to keeping it secure as threats, and the network itself, evolve.

Infoblox offers products aimed at providing availability, and enhancing security and automation in the network to stabilize it in the face of new threats, Arya Barirani, vice president of product marketing for Infoblox, wrote in an email to Design News. "Automation allows companies to be more agile and responsive to network security threats," he said, going on to explain:

With the volume and the sophistication of threats, machine-level intelligence and response is required. For example, upon detection of malware in the system, the security system can take automatic action and quarantine the infected client so it won't do as much damage.

Barirani is referring to one of the new products the company recently launched, the DNS Firewall -- an add-on option to the Infoblox DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IPAM) solution that is aimed at detecting malware that may enter a network from a mobile device and try to infect the network by exploiting Domain Name Systems.

The firewall populates Infoblox recursive DNS servers with a current list of all known malicious domain names and IP addresses. When malware or a user tries to make a connection with a known malicious destination, the firewall prevents the connection and also flags the infected device for IT teams so they can take appropriate action.

Another new offering, the Security Device Controller, is also aimed at multiple network devices, but instead of searching for malware they may bring in, it aims to keep them in check. The controller allows firewall rules and changes to be analyzed, staged, and tested, and provisions changes to a multi-device network automatically, rather than needing individual changes on each device that enters the network.

Infoblox now also offers a network edge appliance that can help control and manage IP-enabled devices at remote locations -- a solution idea for retail stores, hospitals, schools, and hospitality sites. The appliance is an extension of the Infoblox hardware platform designed for easy deployment at the network edge without needing to deploy specialized hardware or have IT expertise, Barirani told us.

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