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Hot Products

Hot Products

Cool solution for hot-swap apps

I-Bus/Phoenix's new forced air cooling system allows even fully loaded subracks to beat the heat. Called Maximum Cool Lite, the blower cooling system allows for a full rack of high-speed drives to live out their rated life span without fear of failure due to heating problems. The cooling system is designed to be compatible with the company's G0808 CompactPCI Enclosure line. Each system consists of eight CompactPCI slots in an 8U format, three 52.5-inch drive bays, two 3.5-inch drive bays, and a single or dual 400W ac or dc power supply. Pricing starts at $1,449 for a standard enclosure configuration.


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Insert/eject with ease

Hot-swappable power supplies are the latest rage. To help facilitate the insertion and extraction of these and other electronic modules, Southco has developed the Ejector Lever. Its 5:1 mechanical advantage provides the force required to connect and disconnect even high-density connectors in a snap. "We didn't see anything quite like this in the marketplace," says Mike Lattari, sales and marketing manager for captive hardware. At 200 cycles, the ejector level can handle a holding load in excess of 70 lbs, making it competitive with jacking screws. The lever installs into a single hole in the frame and panels between 0.35 and 0.125 inch thick. Typical applications include units with backplane electrical sockets, such as disk drives, network computers, and mainframes, as well as any type of module that requires strong retention and quick release. Southco

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Cabinet cooler is whisper quiet

Exair's new mini Cabinet Cooler cools compressed air to 20F while maintaining sound levels of 60 dBA at 3 ft. The cooler incorporates a vortex tube, which circulates cool air through the enclosure through the use of no moving parts-cutting down on both noise and maintenance requirements. Internal muffling helps to further reduce noise output. The unit is available with cooling capacities ranging from 550 to 2,800 BTU/hr. Target applications include programmable controllers, CNC panels, camera and laser housings, and computer cabinets. EXAIR

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Keeping cool in harsh environments

Cooling electronics in harsh, dirty environments has always been a challenge, since the enclosure needs to be sealed to protect its contents from contamination. To address this need, engineers at Hoffman have introduced the Vcool system, which uses vortex technology to generate chilled air without any refrigerant or moving parts. "The technology has been around for years, primarily used for spot-cooling in machining and cutting applications," says Scott Hill, product manager. "Powered by compressed air, it's a simple, maintenance-free way to cool small enclosures in harsh environments." The thermostatically controlled system has a cooling capacity of 2,500 BTU/hr (733 W) and includes a 5-micron air filter to help prevent any dust contamination. One trade-off is air consumption. Operational costs could be 7-8 times higher than a conventional system, but unit is less costly.


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Pick your operator interface enclosure

In the past when engineers wanted to customize an operator interface, their choices were primarily limited to purchasing a totally customized product or doing the modification themselves. With the introduction of Rittal's VIP product line, Application Engineering Manager Vincent Liming says that engineers now have the ability to customize their operator interface within a standard framework-saving cost and time. "It's a customized assembly designed to fit virtually any control panel," he says. The VIP is available in heights and widths up to 55.12 inches (1400 mm) and depths of 6.1 to 7.24 inches (155 to 184 mm), with an optional expanded rear wall that adds another 9.65 inches (245 mm). Compatible with Rittal's CP 6000 and 6500 arm assemblies, its weight capacity is 360 and 180 lbs, respectively, depending on the configuration. Targeted at specialty machine builders and other OEM equipment builders, the operator interface enclosure can be equipped with additional Rittal products, such as air conditioning units and filter fan assemblies. Applications support is available to work out special configurations.


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