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Hot Products

Hot Products

Gateway bridges three networks

ControlLogix(R) gateway looks like Allen-Bradley's SLC500(R) controller, but is actually a communications hub designed to integrate multiple technologies. The rack-based controller chassis employs a Logix 5550 CPU and features ControlBusTM, a control backplane directly embedded with ControlNetTM. The high-speed networking option combines I/O, peer-to-peer interlocking, and messaging on the same cable. ControlLogix lets users integrate multiple technologies such as sequential, drive, motion, and process capabilities onto a single control platform. Rockwell Automation Response Center, Tel.: (800) 223-5354 Ext. 0429

Power in your pocket

The NAiS(R) brand FPO "shirt pocket" PLC has a 3.5-sq-inch footprint and a total volume of 8.5 cu inches. Designed for embedded machine control or performance upgrades without costly panel redesign, the system includes 10, 14, 16, or 32 I/O units. A Run/Program switch, Run/Program/Alarm LEDs, RS-232C port, and Windows programming with FPsoftTM enhance system versatility. Simultaneous two-axis motion control lets the FPO replace motion cards. Four inputs up to 10 kHz are built in for program interrupts, pulse catch, counting, or for use with two 2-kHz quadrature encoder inputs. Aromat Corp., Tel.: (908) 464-3550, Ext 2150.

Interface drives step motors

The PL 2.0 step-motor driver card directly connects to two PLC outputs. Step output, toggled on then off, moves one step in the direction selected by the second output level. PL 2.0 provides automatic power reduction at standstill to 25% of the current adjust setting and offers a fail-safe limit loop. A sensor connected to the PLC input gives slip direction to plus or minus 0 steps. Motor speed is a function of PLC pulse rate and ramp speed. Price is $95 each. PL 2.0 with the enclosure and power supply is $275. TMG, The Motion Group, Tel.: (415) 968-6192.

Micro runson 24V dc

A new version of the FX Series micro PLC operates from a 24V dc source. Transistor output generates a 2-kHz PWM output that lets it work directly with stepper and servo controls. The CPU includes four high-speed counters (up to 7 kHz each), hardware interrupts, a built-in run/stop switch for mode switching, and an analog potentiometer adjustment for changing the value of a timer, counter, or data register. Programming choices include Sequential Function Chart (SFC), time- or event-based state language, and a powerful set of 20 Basic and 35 Applied instructions. Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc., Tel.: (800) 445-4496.

PLC supports floating-point math

Series 90TM-30 PLCs now offer users the power and precise control of floating-point math (FPM). Based on an 80386EX processor with integral 387 math coprocessor, the CPU352 eliminates the coprocessor module usually required for FPM. Floating-point instructions operate in the range of 20 to 40 microseconds per instruction. The PLCs support 4096 I/Os, 9999 registers, 80 kbytes of logic memory, and a Boolean execution speed of 0.22 msec/kbyte of logic. In addition to the communication port built into the power supply, the units have two built-in SNP (Series Ninety Protocol) ports, one RS-232 and one RS-485, that can be used for I/O devices or as a master-slave processor. GE Fanuc Information Center, Tel.: (800) 648-2001.

PLC targets equipment designers

The Modicon TSX Micro meets CE, IEC, UL, CSA, and other standards. It's targeted toward mobile equipment, high-speed machines, PID control, distributed machine control, packaging, and handling applications. Binary instructions execute in 15 musec. Scan time for 4k boolean is 2.85 msec, plus 0.15 msec for each additional 1k. An IEC 1131 multitasking operating system handles interrupts and fast-tasks mid scan. Memory handles 22k boolean/17.5k data. Basic configuration includes a rack, ac or dc power supply, CPU, UNI-TELWAY/ASCII port, 500 Hz counter, 24V dc sensor supply, flash EPROM backup, and application/error code display. A Micro set up with 192 discrete points, 248 with extension, 2 PCMCIA ports, 9 analog points, and 2 20-KHz fast- counting channels fits in a 9-x6-x6-inch envelope. Compatible with Modbus, ASCII, UNI-TELWAY, FIPWAY, and FIPIO communications, the PLC can also set up and control a complete ASi network. Users chose between IEC 1131 ladder diagram, sequential function chart, and instruction list language for Windows-based programming. Schneider Automation,Tel.: (508) 975-9696.

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