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High Voltage Line Driver

High Voltage Line Driver

ZMD AG's ZIOL2201 is a high-voltage I/O channel that meets the physical layer requirements of sensor and actuator systems used in factory automation. An integrated dc/dc converter allows power supply of external sensor and actuators with up to 15V, saves board space and design costs. The ZIOL2201 is function- and pin-compatible with the ZIOL2401 and ZIOL2211, ZMDI's first members of the IO-Link family. The ZIOL2201 is available with smart power functionality for device applications.

ZMDI's new high-voltage line driver ZIOL2201 is useful for all kinds of sensors and actuators used in the harsh environment of automation applications. In addition to the dc/dc converter, it provides a wide range of configurable system features. The IO-Link drivers are fully programmable ranging from slew rate, and current settings to numerous diagnostics features.

ZMDI's existing IO-Link tools also support the ZIOL2201. Using the same IC and development tools for all serial I/O saves design time and shortens time to market. The ZIOL2401 starter and lab kits are suitable for all ZMDI IO-Link products including the ZIOL2201. The Lab Kit includes an evaluation board and a Windows-based configuration tool, with a USB interface between the PC and the board. Developers can easily evaluate configurations and save the results. In-system programming via SPI is also supported, allowing full customization after manufacturing.

Operating temperature of the ZIOL2201 is -40 to +85C. The IC comes in a 4 x 4 mm QFN24 package. An exposed die paddle is for optimum heat distribution.

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