Greenpeace – electronics still not clean enough

A new survey from Greenpeace International, “ Green Electronic - the search continues ,” concludes that the electronics industry has cleaned up its products somewhat, but not enough. The report notes that “There are a number of findings that underline the progress toward green, but there are also significant shortcomings in certain practices.”

Greenpeace sees progress in the phasing out of the use of hazardous chemicals. The group also praises LED displays that save energy. Greenpeace praises large electronic products such as TVs for their use of post-consumer waste while noting that small products such as cell phones and laptops lag in this area.

Greenpeace notes that more companies are now tracking the energy used in producing products while lamenting the lack of standards for green manufacturing practices. The group would like to see OEMs put more emphasis on green strategies on their websites and promote green practices in their marketing materials.

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