Fluid Power

Duckbill check valves

Instant check at flow stoppage

Duckbill check valves, zero gravity fittings with a flow-through design, are made for applications requiring sensitive valves. Duckbills allow full volume in the flow direction and instant check when flow stops. These silicone valves reportedly hold in check with pressure as low as 0.5 psi. DCVs are available with 1/8 and 3/16 barbs molded without parting lines. Secure barb seals hold in flexible tubing as tested to 150 psi without hose clamps. Body materials include nylon, polypropylene, Kynar (R) and polycarbonate. Ark-Plas Products www.ark-plas.com Enter 593

Specialty microfiltration

Variety of standards, specials

A specialty line of industrial microfiltration products features precision miniature filters and strainers, designed to offer last line protection for sensitive components in fluid systems. Among the applications are fluid filtration, purification and condition monitoring equipment. The company offers special design and engineering services for specific uses. Parker Hannifin Corp. , Hydraulic Filter Division www.parker.com/hydraulicfilter. Enter 594

Venturi vacuum pumps

Use less shop air pressure

Air-Miser(TM) Series multi-ejector, air powered, venturi vacuum pumps are designed to provide vacuum levels down to 27 in. Hg, using 45 psi inlet pressure. The pumps reportedly use less air while holding the same capacity as conventional venturi pumps, and run quieter. Offering a reliable, 100% duty cycle, Air-Miser pumps require 1 to 4 CFM air consumption to achieve 4 to 12 CFM vacuum flow, depending on size. They are available from 1/16 to 8 HP for applications including packaging machinery and material handling equipment. Anver, www.anver.com Enter 595

Motorized pump

Compact, features unique stator

General utility, motorized progressing cavity pumps are designed for material transfer and metering applications involving clean liquids or abrasive and corrosive fluids. Reportedly compact and lightweight, Series 200 pumps offer easy installation and feature a molded wobble stator that increases the compression fit during operation between rotor and stator. Units are self-priming, with non-pulsating and low-shear flow to 5 gpm, pressures to 40 psi and quiet operation. Pumps have standard mechanical seals and dual HD sealed ball bearings. Moyno Inc. , www.moyno.com Enter 596

Solenoid valves

Encapsulated, fight corrosion

Corrosion-resistant, all-plastic solenoid valves close regardless of pressure differentials across them. The instant on/off, non-contaminating valves feature coils that rectify ac to dc current, with very low coil operating temperatures. According to the company, coils and electronics are encapsulated in molded polyester housings that fight corrosive environments but allow quick, easy seal replacement. All valves have true union design, allowing removal of the bodies by unscrewing two valve assembly nuts and lifting out the valve body. Valves are available for 0.25- to 1-inch pipelines, in PVC and CPVC, with Viton (R) or EPDM seals. Hayward Industrial Products Inc. www.haywardindustrial.com. Enter 597

Tiny turbopump

Smallest available, for instruments

The CompactTurbo TPD 011 is reportedly the smallest turbopump available and is designed for use with portable, battery-powered or compact analytical instruments. The rectangular unit is easily installed, weighs 5 lbs. and has a pumping speed of 10 l/s for nitrogen. The TC 100 drive system is reportedly 70% smaller than competitive

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