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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Hydraulic hand pump

For high pressure generation

Designed to produce pressures up to 10,000 psi, the Model HHP Hydraulic Hand Pump has a scissor action design that reportedly allows quick priming and pressure generation. It should be used in conjunction with an analog or digital pressure gage for a complete calibration system. Features include a large, see-through reservoir with a capacity of over 4 oz, and sealed stainless steel and tempered glass construction that provides leak-free operation. Dwyer Instruments

Poppet valves

For fine vacuum applications

Featuring short switching times and electromagnetic solenoid direct operation, the Herion poppet valves are suitable for use in gaseous and liquid fluid environments. They can reportedly operate from 0 psi on up, with the 95000 series featuring an operating pressure up to 725 psi, and the 96000 series up to 261 psi. Norgren

Aluminum profile system

Inch dimensions

The iSeries is a new family of inch-based components in the company's IPS modular aluminum profile system; it is designed for applications where inch dimensions are required. It includes 21 profiles, plus a range of fasteners and accessories, such as hinges, latches, casters, and leveling feet. The series also includes several smooth face extrusions that are a requirement in many industries. Parker Hannifin Corp.

Exhaust case shield

Used for F-35 joint strike fighter

The exhaust case shield has a diameter of 20 inches, a height of 3 inches, and a thickness of 0.050 inch. The material is AMS 5596, and the shield is delivered in hardened condition. Known as the "bulge seal," the product is typical of complex metal-formed products the company makes for commercial and military applications requiring faster start-up, greater accuracy, and controlled costs. Bomco

Pneumatic cylinders

Small space/low weight requirements

Space Saver(TM) Cylinders are designed for applications with space and weight constraints; they reportedly provide the power and stroke of standard cylinders in less than half the space required for typical pneumatic components. They are ideal for drill fixtures and other automated tooling where compact, lightweight holding power is required. Mead Fluid Dynamics Inc.


With splash-proof seal

The Jewell LCF-2310 series is designed as a rugged, biaxial, fluid damped, flexure suspension servo inclinometer for industrial, commercial, and aerospace sensing equipment. Units offer FRO of plus or minus 5.0V dc plus or minus 0.50 percent. Created for outdoor use and harsh environments, the inclinometer may be used in applications including antenna leveling, barge leveling and control, offshore platforms, and vehicle attitude control. Jewell Instruments, LLC

Industrial pumps

With oil level monitor

Now available with an oil level monitor, Hydra-Cell D35 series industrial pumps incorporate five Hydra-Cells into a pentaplex design, allowing the pump to provide steady, pulse-free flow under demanding pumping conditions. The oil level monitor reportedly detects dramatic oil level changes in the pump to minimize costly process interruptions and potential pump damages. Applications include remote or critical pumping applications, such as automotive plants, oil refineries, and paper mills. Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps

Brass fittings

With electroless nickel plating option

Designed for demanding applications where plating is required, the miniature brass fittings are available with an electroless nickel-plating option. They can be oxygen cleaned at the factory and are designed for use with polyurethane tubing. All fittings with male threads have seals pre-installed in an undercut cavity to prevent damage from over-tightening. Check valves and in-line, fixed flow controls ranging from 0.06 mm through 0.64 mm are available in brass and stainless steel. Dynamco

Metal fabrication capabilities

Lower costs, high efficiency

The company has added new metal fabrication capabilities to manufacture its latest air-filter frames and components. At the center of the department is Strippit(R), turret punch presses and brake presses that integrate with automated adhesive dispensing and assembly workstations. The in-house precision metal fabrication capability is designed to create lower costs for complicated air filter units and increased efficiencies for the company. Universal Air Filter Co.

Control valve

With adjustable permanent magnet

The Magna-Cycle is a magnetically detented four-way control valve that is a spool type, air pilot actuated valve. An adjustable permanent magnet in each actuating chamber reportedly holds the spool in position until the pilot pressure exceeds the holding power of the magnet. This enables automatic control actions to be consistently and reliably repeated without the need for an electrical or mechanical interface, according to the company. The product is ideal for hostile or potentially explosive environments. Lexair Inc.

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