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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Flow sensors

Creates, senses pressure difference in flow

Intended for flow measurement, the Flo-Tube Flow Sensors provide low permanent pressure loss, vibration resistance, no moving parts, plus or minus 1% reading accuracy, and plus or minus 0.1% repeatability. Available in single, double, and hot tap mountings, they produce and sense pressure difference of flow in a pipeline or closed conduit. Flow sensors may be used in such applications as gas mixtures, HVAC controls, wastewater treatment, and co-generation plants. J-TEC Associates Inc., Enter 602

Chemical transfer pump

Seamless speed control

The Variable-Flow Chemical Transfer Pump offers "continuous-sweep" variable control and direct-drive engineering for high motor power. Fluids with up to 200 centipoises viscosity may pump at 120 ml/min to 2.2 L/min in fluid temperatures from -40 to 200F. With a suction lift of 10 ft wet, pumps also feature Delrin(TM), 304 stainless-steel, Buna N, and Teflon(R) chemical-resistant, wetted parts. Control Co., Enter 603

Globe valve

Strong return spring action, fail-safe return

The Laurence FIRE-CIDE(R) Valve uses an external lever to manually lift the piston through a rotary shaft seal. Available in 0.5- through 4-inch sizes with threaded or flanged end connections, the valve is held open by a fusible link and tripped closed when the fusible link melts. Valves may be used on withdrawal lines of indoor tanks with flammable or combustible fluids, or as a safety precaution on outdoor flammable liquid lines. Leslie Controls Inc., Enter 604

Dust caps and plugs

Cap off pipes, do not hold pressure

These low-cost Santoprene(R) dust caps and plugs, available in 2- and 3-inch sizes, do not hold pressure and, according to the company, are made to cap off pipes. Plugs have a stainless steel ring, while caps feature standard stainless steel arms, pins, and rings. Both caps and plugs come in a standard dark blue color with other color options. Bee Valve Inc., Enter 605

Steel cooler

Dimensionally interchangeable

The SX2000(R) steel cooler is a thermally efficient unit made of carbon steel with copper tubes. Cores are available, along with cast iron bonnets in single, two, and four-pass configurations. Dimensionally interchangeable with competitive models, the steel cooler may be used with lube oil cooling and other process cooling applications. ITT Standard, Enter 606

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