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Fluid Power

Article-Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Spray injector pump

Independently adjusted air and fluid flow

The latest addition to the company's line of PurgeX(R) lubrication products, the PurgeX 3 Spray Pump delivers fluid with an output up to 0.012 inches 3 per cycle, cycle rates up to 3 times per second, and volume ranges of 0.001 to 0.036 inches 3 per second. With an independently adjustable air and fluid flow, the spray pump lets the user apply the exact amount of fluid. Applications for the applicator include heavy way oil, light machining fluids, open gear lube, and #2 NLGI grease. Oil-Rite Corp., Enter 694

Piston pumps

Quieter, more variations

The Vickers(TM) M Series open circuit piston pumps are offered in six frame sizes and 12 displacements, with pressure capability to 320 bar. They are reportedly 60% quieter than earlier models and include adjustable maximum stop, inlet and outlet gauge ports, and drain ports. Units are installed on hydraulic power equipment using SAE 2 and 4-bolt mounting pilots with straight key and spline shafts. Eaton Hydraulics, Enter 695

Solenoid valves

Power management circuit

The RedHat Next Generation product line consists of solenoid valves with an integrated power management circuit and reportedly advanced electronics. According to the company, these valves use 2W of power but operate like a 17W ac solenoid valve. The line features simplified wiring, built-in surge protection, voltage ranging to minimize inventory, global approvals, high operating temperatures, and a standard waterproof coil. ASCO, Enter 696

Check valves

Flow-through design

Duckbill Check Valves are zero-gravity fittings, made to enable full volume in the flow direction and immediate check once flow stops and the reverse flow is sensed. Intended for applications that need a more sensitive check valve, these valves reportedly react and monitor pressure down to 0.5 psi. They come in barb sizes of 1/8 and 3/16 inches and are available as standard (same size), reducing, or enlarging. Ark-Plas Products, Enter 697

Air filters

For large-scale equipment enclosures

The Zero Clearance Air Filters feature a diamond pattern grid of leveled aluminum that holds filter media within the overall thickness of the frame and, without bowing or bulging, preserves the overall flatness of the part. These filters are designed for use in large-scale enclosures-as in industrial machinery, power generation, and communications equipment-or in large air filter applications causing interference problems with PCAs, power supplies, cables, and fan trays. Universal Air Filter Enter 698

Valve driver board

Programmable, current-regulated

A compact, microprocessor-based valve driver board for electro-hydraulic proportional valve control applications accepts a 4-20 mA or 5V input signal. Flow control is available with one analog and three solid state auxiliaries. The board is compatible with the company's joy-sticks, foot pedals, and other controllers. Standard features include LED diagnostics, ramp-to or through-center, neutral off switch, and broken command signal detection. Optional features include adjustable hi-lo range mode select, and timed deadman-enabled circuit. The PWM outputs are current regulated. J.R. Merritt Enter 699


Smallest available, for instruments

The CompactTurbo TPD 011 is reportedly the smallest turbopump available and is designed for use with portable, battery-powered, or compact analytical instruments. The rectangular unit is easily installed, weighs 5 lbs and has a pumping speed of 10 l/s for nitrogen. The TC 100 drive system is reportedly 70% smaller than competitive units. Pumps are operated by an RS485 interface via control units or PCs. When combined with a small rotary vane or diaphragm pump, the CompactTurbo is a total vacuum package. Pfeiffer Vacuum Enter 700

Venturi vacuum pumps

Use less shop air pressure

Air-Miser(TM) Series multi-ejector, air-powered, venturi vacuum pumps are designed to provide vacuum levels down to 27 inch Hg, using 45 psi inlet pressure. The pumps reportedly use less air while holding the same capacity as conventional venturi pumps, and run quieter. Offering a reliable, 100% duty cycle, Air-Miser pumps require 1-4 CFM air to achieve 4-12 CFN vacuum flow, depending on size. They are available 1/6-8 HP for applications including packaging machinery and material handling equipment. Enter 701

Spiral hose couplings

Structurally rigid, corrosion resistant

These "bite-type" hose couplings, designed for hydraulic non-skive SAE 100 R12 applications, come in eight through 32 SAE hose sizes and reportedly handle working pressures to 6,000 psi. Features of the one-piece steel design include precision-machined ferrule, which "bites" into the wire of the hose when crimped, in order to prevent leaks. Available in 175 standard sizes and end configurations and made to handle sub-zero through high temperatures, the couplings may be used in industrial and commercial applications such as construction, agricultural, mining, and plant maintenance equipment. Kurt Hydraulics, Enter 702

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