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Fluid Power

Fluid Power


Can be used in food industry

This two-way, normally opened solenoid valve for a drain can reportedly withstand media temperature of 220F and ambient temperatures of 140F. In addition, the valve has a life expectancy of up to 300,000 continuous cycles with opening and closing response times of one to two seconds. Available in ac voltages with a flow rate of 4.5, the new drain valve holds CSA and CE approvals and the enclosure meets NEMA 4 standards, according to the company. Parker Hannifin


5000-hour life expectancy

Designed with more features than their predecessor, the L-PAK 150 and L-PAK 250 can extract welding fumes, metal chips, and sanding dust from workstations and machines. Both units have a standard filter system that separates heavy particles and a HEPA filter option that can reportedly remove up to 99.997 percent of all particles in the air. Both models are quiet, running 63 dB with a sound insulation hood, and both were designed to complement the E-PAK series, taking features from the E-PAK including the automatic filter cleaning, thermal overload protection, and motor protection. New features for the L-PAK include an automatic start/stop feature and a propylene filter. Nederman Inc.


For pressure, velocity, and flow applications

The Series DH DigiHelic(R) Differential Pressure Controller is useful with many different pressure, velocity, and flow applications, according to the company. Users can reportedly choose what security level they want, alarm operation standards, measurement units, duct size, and K-factor adjustment for Pitot tubes and flow sensors. In addition, the controller can operate from either 120/220V ac or 24V dc, as well as provide a 4-20 mA process output, two SPDT relays with adjustable dead bands, and achieve a 0.5 percent full-scale accuracy on ranges from 5 inches w.c. to 100 inches w.c. Dwyer Instruments


Available in various pressure ranges

The Type 316 stainless steel pressure gauge is available in many single-scale pressure ranges: 0-30, 0-60, 0-160, and 0-200 psig. The instrument-designed to withstand vibration, pulsation, and mechanical shock-is also available in a vacuum version for 30-0 Hg and a compound scale model is available for the pressure range of 30 Hg-60 psig. The gauge is suitable for many applications including chemical process, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, pulp, and paper manufacturing. Spirax Sarco Inc.


Designed to extract fumes

Three new models of the FilterCart have been added to the Nederman line, all of which have a 7-ft extraction arm. The FilterCart Standard model features 270 ft2 of filtration surface area and general-purpose extraction hood. The FilterCart Original model offers a 376-ft2 particle filter as well as a built-in halogen spotlight. The FilterCart Carbon model has 300 cfm air handling through 44 lbs of activated carbon. All systems are low maintenance and portable. Nederman Inc.


Useful with elevated temperatures

Built with a diaphragm seal to provide a leak-free product even in a non-flowing condition, the Corzan Series CKM Check Valves resist corrosion and work well in elevated temperatures. The diaphragm valves used are not dependent on gravity, mounting position, or reverse flow to function properly. The valves are available with 0.5, 0.75, and 1 inch pipeline connections. The valves, made of Corzan(R) CPVC, can prevent potentially dangerous reverse flow in piping systems. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc.


Single-stage, direct acting

Designed to provide a flow rate linearly proportional to the input current, this valve has a flow capacity that reaches a Cv of 0.20 over a pressure range of 25 to 70 psi with normal air flow rates of 120 slpm at 25 psig inlet. Available in 5, 12, or 24V dc versions, the valve has the option of hard seats to eliminate friction and make the valve highly repeatable with low hysteresis or soft seats for bubble-tight sealing. The valve uses 5W of power. South Bend Controls


Withstand harsh environments

The Tough Air Filter line is able to work in harsh environments including high temperature areas, high humidity areas, and in chemicals or solvents. The filters can provide EMI/RFI shielding, along with particulate protection for electronics equipment by keeping them cool. This line of filters uses Quadrafoam II media, a coated polyether urethane formulation, to sustain its open-pored cellular structure and maintain performance characteristics even in the presence of heat and moisture. Universal Air Filter Co.

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