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Fluid Power

Article-Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Poppet Valves

With rotatable inlets through 360 degrees

The stem-operated, normally closed MAV-2R and MAV-3R Poppet Valves are available with rotatable inlets at any angle through 360 degrees . Part of the company's miniature pneumatic brass valve line, the valves feature short lengths and side ports for installation in small spaces. With threaded #10-32 female inlet and outlet, valves may operate as limit valves, panel valves, or pilot valves to actuate pneumatic cylinders or larger valves. Clippard Instrument Enter 583

Pneumatic hand pump

Less effort, fewer strokes at high pressure

The TP1-40 pneumatic hand pump is designed for pressure and vacuum generation, offering less effort at high pressure and fewer strokes to maximize pressure. Made of nickel-plated brass and clear anodized aluminum, the pumps have an output pressure of 600 psi and output vacuum of 0 to -28.5 inches Hg. Applications include digital indicators, electronic calibrators, pressure transmitters, analog gauges, relief valves, and transducers. TTI Inc., Enter 584

Linear position sensor

"Smart" capability for small-bore cylinders

The TDP-140 linear position sensor provides "smart" capability and position feedback for small-bore pneumatic cylinders in automated material handling, machine tools, packaging, paper, textile and plastics processing, and other pneumatic power applications. Used in hostile environments with temperatures ranging from -25 to 100C, the sensors mount within pressurized cylinders to 100 psi, reportedly eliminating damage-prone external sensors. Sensor also offers 1% linearity and absolute analog output. Transducers Enter 585

Diaphragm valve

Lightweight, non-contamination

The model DV509 Diaphragm Valve dispenses medium to low viscosity fluids, separating the wetted parts from the operated air supply. According to the company, the 3-oz valve is engineered to operate at 200 cycles/minute and with constant 24-hour production cycling. Dispensing applications include UV adhesives, cyanoacrylates, reagents, and volatile substances. I&J Enter 586

Solenoid valves

Rugged and compact contemporary design

These industrial solenoid valves offer 2-way and 3-way functions in a normally open or normally closed design. Operating in temperatures up to 280F and pressures from 0 to 300 psig, the valves come in sizes of 1/8- to 2-inch NPT for air, water, and fluids. Brass and 316 stainless steel valves feature selector adjustment to control closing speed, as well as EPDM, NBR, FKM, and PTFE seals. Granzow Inc., Enter 587

Rotary vane pump

Modular design for customization

These rotary vane pumps feature a modular design suitable for limited space applications requiring high intermittent pump capacity. Pumps have a vacuum up to 800 mbar and flow rates of 5 to 6 lpm and 25 lpm. Available also as a reversible model, the pump reverses motor polarity to switch pressure and vacuum sides without additional valves. Applications include pick and place operations, medical, household devices, and food packaging. Thomas Industries Enter 588

Flow switch

With aluminum weatherproof enclosure

The V8 Vane Operated Flow Switch features an optional weatherproof enclosure made of aluminum, allowing for outdoor mounting. Flow switch consists of a field trimmable vane with molded trim graduations and a chemical resistant polyphenylene sulfide construction. The 13.5-inch flow switch may be used in such applications as HVAC and building automation systems. Dwyer Enter 589

Oscillating diaphragm pumps

No external sealing, no leaks

Providing a chemically resistant transfer or recirculation pump, the Oscillating Diaphragm pump has a duckbill/umbrella valve that eliminates the need for external sealing, resulting in fewer leaks and less failure. Self priming up to 5 ft, the pump has discharge pressures up to 35 psi and flow rates up to 350 ml/min. Applications include ice machines, food products machinery, analytical instruments, dish and glass washers, medical and laboratory instruments, and chiller uses. Gorman-Rupp Industries, Enter 590

Low flow pumps

Magnetically driven, close-coupled, sealless

With their sealless, close-coupled, and magnetically driven design, the MPH Series Pumps are engineered for high-head, low-flow, high-temperature applications. Operating at temperatures up to 536F without cooling water, the pumps handle flows to 150 GPM and heads to 190 ft, with motors from 1 to 5 HP. Pumps also feature a finned frame adapter for heat dissipation and rare earth samarium cobalt magnets. Magnatex Pumps Inc., Enter 591

Vertical pump

Uses company's advanced progressing cavity Ultra(R) Technologies

With flow ranges of 20 to 350 gpm and pressure up to 150 psi, the Moyno(R) Vertical Pump is suited for limited space and low NPSH applications, such as in oil refineries, offshore platforms, and petrochemical processing plants. The pump offers flange mounting capability to closed tanks or mounting beams over open tanks. It also has low shear fluid transfer and reportedly easy mechanical seal replacement. The pump works with high viscosity, high solids content materials. Moyno Inc., Enter 592

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