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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Flow switch

Set point, by-pass design

The 2600 flow switch operates by either set point mode or by-pass mode. A magnetic shuttle, displaced at increased or decreased flow from the calibrated set point, activates a sealed reed switch inside the removable bonnet. The by-pass mode operates for high flow but maintains a very low pressure drop. Made from PVC, stainless steel and ceramic, units operate to 140F and to 150 psig, with in-line 2-inch slip ports that take a variety of adapters. Thomas Products, Enter 613

Display filters

EMI/RFI shielding

Duralan II display filters offer fine wire meshes and conductive films to shield, based on the application. Features include hardness, chemical resistance, light transmission, and a variety of colors, surface finishes, and thicknesses. Custom label and logo printing is protected inside the filter laminate for long life. Filters offer EMI/RFI shielding and ESD application uses. Silver Cloud, Enter 614

Valve monitoring systems

Rotary, linear actuation

Valve monitoring systems protect process valves and improve system reliability while meeting the service requirements of process applications. Available with rotary or linear actuation, systems are made of resin or low-copper aluminum bodies with 360 degrees indication. The company's 8000-series low-power poppet pilot valves, built-in flow control operate with ASI, DeviceNet, or ProfiBus communications. ASCO, Enter 615

Gear pumps

Compact size, pulseless fluid delivery

Compact annular gear pumps feature precision rotors for tight flow control, gear-tooth forming technology for fewer pulsations, and smooth, constant flows. Pumps dispense volumes as low as 0.25 ml and rates of 0.15 to 300 ml/min. Available as small as 13 x 68 mm, they are designed for use with drive and controller in OEM equipment. Applications include analytical laboratory instruments, medical diagnostics, chemical processes, fuel cells, biotechnology, and micro-reaction technologies. Micropump Inc., Enter 616

Flow controller

Pilot module interface

Smart-Trak(TM) digital mass flow controllers feature Dial-a-Gas(TM) programming calibrated for ten gases used in pharmaceutical, biotech, analytical, and other research applications. Instruments can be dropped in as replacements or OEM, and operate in closed, normal or purge modes from a PC or pilot module. RS232 output and two analog outputs are available. Units are made of stainless steel, in ranges from 0 to 10 sccm to 0 to 50 slm, for any clean gas flow including toxics and corrosives. Sierra Instruments, Enter 617

TPE butterfly valve

No welding, assembly operations

TPE butterfly valves regulate heated radiator coolant flow from engine to heater core and replace stamped steel, welded components. Reportedly reducing manufacturing costs by 80%, TPE simplifies units to one piece and strengthens them for use at 190F for long periods. Features include flex fatigue resistance, high and low temperature resistance, tight part tolerances, and excellent compression set. Minnesota Rubber, Enter 618

Flow indicator

Output range up 0 to 0.012 inches3 per cycle

Sight-Rite(TM) flow indicators are recommended for equipment applications needing visual inspection of critical flows within safety margins. The units confirm that minute amounts of liquid have been dispensed, using LED lights. The units are reportedly dependable for applications including manufacturing, packaging, food processing, printing, and chemical processing. Site-Rite is designed for use with PurgeX(R) injector pumps and other lubrication and process lines. Oil-Rite Corp., Enter 619

Pressure regulator

Regulates air or water pressure

An OEM series of pressure regulator transducers is ideal for use in air or water pressure control applications, the company says. The MPR series features a low-torque, lockable adjusting knob that reportedly offers easy and precise adjustment. Relieving units are typically used for air; non-relieving units for water. Applications include OEM equipment, printing presses, medical or spray equipment, analyzers, pumps, compressors and welding machines. Dwyer Instruments, Enter 620

Water-jet pump

Cuts fluid end conversion

Pumps that have a unique swing-out fluid end for easily changing plungers and related components reportedly convert in 20 minutes. Available for a range of pressures, flows, and horsepower, they convert without requiring manifold or gauge change. The 225-series pumps are can be ordered with a 200, 230, or 275 hp diesel engine and provide 10 to 38 gpm, with a triplex design and hard-coated valves and plungers. Pumps are built from stainless steel components. NLB Corp., Enter 621

Flow checker

With feed verification

The Flow Checker is an oval gear meter for PZ pumps that mounts directly to the discharge of the PZ, PZi4, or PZi8 and provides 1 pulse output for each ml of liquid. Connected to PLC or controller, meters provide feed verification to manage chemistry and monitor drum inventory. Flow Checker output can be connected to a flow counter for display of instant and total flow, in English or metric units. Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Enter 622

Flow meter

Provides true mass flow signal

Unobstructed mass flow meters for gas and liquid feature true mass flow signal, 316L, low sulphur stainless steel, welded construction, and clean-in-place design. Model 600-9 includes integral microprocessor electronics. VCO, VCR tri-clamp or stub weld process connections are offered and the sanitary design exceeds grit finish standards. Thermal Instrument Enter 623

Pressure sensors

Ignores static pressure, slow pressure changes

Harsh environments demand rugged instruments reportedly like the Model 116B03 dynamic pressure sensor, operating up to 750F and sensitive to 6 pC/psi. Units detect pressure variations, including low-level dynamic pressures, in applications like exhaust systems, compressors, and turbines. Charge mode units can be used with inline charge converters. Features include solid-state construction, no moving parts, stainless steel housings, and high frequency range. PCB Piezoelectronics, Enter 624

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