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Fluid Power

Fluid Power



Measuring less than .25-inch thick, the ultra-thin air filters reportedly meet the strict filtration performance and flammability requirements of Telcordia, NEBS, CE, and UL. It is designed for electronics enclosures with limited space; specialized Quadrafoam media is used in roll-formed, aluminum-framed filter assemblies to fit limited-space environments. Frame options include edge-to-edge design constructed with less intrusive channel housings, reportedly maximizing the flow of clean cooling air along interior walls of the chassis. Universal Air Filter Co.


For custody transfer

The company's API Series turbine flowmeters for custody transfer are designed for light petroleum products. They are reportedly approved over a flow range of 10:1 and have type approval from Measurement Canada, which puts the product in a class with only one other vendor having type approval over this range, according to the company. The product provides users with linearities of plus or minus 0.02 percent. Hoffer Flow Controls


Includes all components needed

The Kenmac series modular 85 system is a modular instrumentation interface and mounting system. It reportedly includes all of the components needed to put a transmitter into service. Such components include manifolds, instrument monoflanges, electric heaters, steam trace blocks, seal pots, filing connector, as well as protective shade, among others. The system features metal-to-metal seals and parallel threads in accordance with BS-2779. Swagelok


Uses peristaltic pump technology

Providing "volumetric" dispensing of low-viscosity materials such as cyanoacrylates, oils, and solvents without the need for compressed air, the PPD-130 peristaltic pump dispenser dispenses material directly from its original packaging. According to the company, this reduces the risk of material contamination and operator contact by eliminating the need to transfer the material from its original packaging. Dispensed amounts can reportedly be controlled manually or with the built-in timer. I&J Fisnar


With solid state relay outputs

The 501 flow-switch is engineered to offer a solid-state relay output indicated flow above or below a selected set point. It is designed for users who require alarms for low- or no-flow conditions, excessive flow, or intermittent flow rates. They are available in plastic or stainless steel construction, and feature solid state relay outputs with setpoints as low as 13 mLpm. Units may be used with pressures up to 500 psig, according to the company. McMillan Co.


Two-piece, glass-reinforced

The company's new check valve design reportedly improves oil flow control in marine and industrial engines, while reducing part weight and cost. The two-piece oil filter check valve is made of glass-reinforced Nylon and is designed to allow switching between two oil filters during regular engine operation. The two molded components incorporate special rubber seals that are chemically and mechanically bonded to each end of the valve, preventing oil flow to one filter during operation while allowing oil flow to the second filter. Minnesota Rubber


Miniature in size

The DTI-200-12P and DTI-200-12A models of miniature piezoelectric pumps feature technology that solves size problems, power consumption, noise, and reliability for a range of liquid and gas pumping applications. The pumps operate when the bonded piezoelectric crystals are stressed and distorted by an electric field, which causes the diaphragm to flex and two check valves to respond to this flexing, creating a pumping action. Electromagnetic noise is eliminated because there are no electric motors. Both pumps have a pump life of 10,000 hrs and can deliver flow rates of up to 200 ml/min for water and 7.5 SCFH for air. Clark Solutions


Hermetically tight

Meeting ATEX, ASME, 3-A, and FDA requirements, the company's line of hermetically tight diaphragm pumps feature wetted and enclosed seal-less pump heads and PTFE sandwich diaphragms that reduce dead space. They are specifically designed for extractions and neutralizations, and they are available in configurations to support flow rates ranging from ml/hr to thousands of gallons per pump head. American LEWA, Inc.



The company's gas metering valve is designed to be a direct-acting proportional SERVOID(R) valve, providing linear proportional control of the metering orifice, which yields linear proportional flow. The product features a suspended-armature design that is reportedly reliable and results in low hysteresis. The valve can be calibrated for use at supply pressures up to 100 psig, and flow rates up to 1,500 SCFH of natural gas at a 10-psid pressure drop are possible, according to the company. South Bend Controls



Offered in a variety of piston-type and diaphragm-type designs, the 10 new models of pressure-reducing regulators provide accurate, consistent delivery pressures to processes and equipment to reduce the likelihood of process variability and protect sensitive equipment. Commonly used in analyzer zero/span gas control, sample handling systems, manufacturing processes, and laboratories, the regulators have a low internal volume. There are five new piston-type regulators and five new diaphragm-type regulators. Swagelok


For flow applications

The Nova-Flow Batch Controller from Hoffer is designed for flow applications where precise measurement and control of batch quantities are required. Providing both single and dual stage batching processes and for use on both liquids and gases requiring temperature, pressure, and compressibility compensation, the Nova-Flow Batch Controller has several batching methods including manual, auto, auto-continue, and remote. The controller comes with eight expansion slots to provide I/O and communication options. The basic unit and modules were configured using Windows(R) based software. Hoffer Flow Controls


120 unique variations

The RCS series of Rod Cylinder Slides includes a choice of linear ball and composite bearing models in five bore sizes ranging from 20 to 50 mm. Featuring ISO style repairable cylinders with integral air cushions and dowel pin locating holes on the tooling plate and slide body, the RCS series guide rods are made of precision ground, hardened steel, and have a highrating for load capacity. Stroke lengths for each of the five sizes are available in 1-inch increments up to 12 inches. Tol-O-Matic


Low profile

The GT10L PowerTrap(TM) offers users a pump and trap for removing condensation from steam heat exchangers with limited clearance, according to the company. By combining the pump and trap in the same body, piping is reduced and the chance of selection or installation errors is eliminated the company says. Featuring a non-electric design and a compression spring with a lifetime spring warranty, the GT10L is available in cast iron or cast steel. In addition, it can also handle capacities up to 4,400 lb/hr. TLV Corp.



The O-Seal valve system from CPV Manufacturing Inc. has a complete interchangeable valve cartridge with a removable seat that enables users to change from any of the four basic O-Seal cartridge designs whenever they want without compromising its leakproof ability. The four cartridge designs, shutoff, needle, check, and stop check are rated to 6,000 psi and function between -65 and 400F. Pipe sizes run from 1/8 to 2 inches, and tube sizes run from / to 2 inches. CPV Manufacturing


Fully integrated

Available in two different body styles of a compact standard port and a block style full port, the Multiport Series is a fully integrated line of multiport ball valves. Featuring multidirectional flow combined with shutoff capacity in one valve, the Multiport Series has many applications including mixing or blending of line medias, diversion of flow in different locations, direct flow out of or into storage tanks, and shutoff flow from different locations. The valves have a pressure range from 800 to 1,000 psi. The valves are also available in .25 to 8-inch sizes in stainless and carbon steel. Flow-Tek


Multiple configurations

Available with up to 16 positions in five configurations ranging from simple stream selection to more complicated trapping functions, the MW Type Multiposition Valves from Valco offer a wide variety of flow configurations, port and fitting sizes, and actuation options. Traditionally made of stainless steel, the valve body can also be ordered in materials such as Hastelloy C-22 or Nitronic 50. The valves' preload design allows the rotor to be inspected or replaced without removing the valve from the actuator. Valco Instruments



The Trap-Seal(TM) from Parker Hannifin Corp. provides improved seal reliability by reducing the possibility of the O-ring popping out of the O-ring face seal (ORFS) groove. Featuring greater seal retention, reduced risk of seal damage and leakage, and a smoother pre-assembly process, the Trap-Seal is designed to stay securely lodged under the ORFS groove lip. The Trap-Seal is also interchangeable with the standard O-ring used in half-dovetail grooves, making seal replacement quick and easy. Parker Hannifin


Compact, efficient, and economical

The Brazepak heat exchangers are brazed-plate units that are reportedly compact, efficient, and economical. They offer high thermal efficiency while withstanding high pressures and temperatures, according to the company. It is specifically engineered for refrigerant condensers and evaporators, as well as oil coolers in engines and machinery-which are made possible because of its small size and installation and operation ease. ITT Standard


Offered in a variety

The company's accessories for their line of pneumatic actuators include three- and four-way solenoid valves, pneumatic positioners, electro-pneumatic positioners, valve status monitor, and proximity position indicator. All reportedly comply with NAMUR recommendations (VDI/VDE 3845) as standard. Ultraflo


Lower pressure drop

The FS-480 Series flow switches are designed for monitoring fluid systems with higher flow rates. The incline flow switch reportedly accommodates fluid pressures to 1,000 psi. The stainless-steel product is designed for medical equipment applications. In addition to .75-inch NPT ports, they are also available with .50-inch NPT and .50-inch tube end compression fitting connector ports. Gems Sensors


Two models available

The company is offering two vaporizing pressure regulators that are available to vaporize liquid samples or preheat gas samples. The KEV Series electrically heated vaporizing pressure regulator is designed to be used to heat incoming gas samples or vaporize liquid samples. The KSV Series steam-heated, vaporizing, and pressure-reducing regulator reportedly has low internal volume, and vaporizes liquid samples or preheats gas samples. Both series reportedly feature 315 stainless steel construction. Swagelok Company


Save money

Pump Systems Matter(TM) is an educational initiative that places a primary focus on pump systems education and outreach, addressing energy savings, and total cost of pump ownership. It will reportedly serve to transform the market for pumps and pumping systems by changing owner/operator and contractor focus on lowest first cost to a total life-cycle cost in purchasing pumps, pump systems, and service. It will also develop new educational materials and tools to train and educate pump and supplier OEMs, owner/operators, contractors, and others, according to the company. Hydraulic Institute

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