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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

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The heavy duty push button actuator series is designed for use on individual stem operated valves or in panel mounting applications, in sizes of 16, 22, and 30 mm. Actuators feature a built-in stainless steel spring that positions the button after it is released. With these buttons, valves are actuated with no overtravel or side load to the valve. The nickel-plated brass housing and mounting nut suit the actuator for use as a stop or limit valve. Clippard Instrument Laboratory, Enter 636

Vacuum valves

The Series 99 miniature solenoid valves, made of stainless steel, are designed for high temperature (up to 200C), high speed (5 ms or less opening response time), and high flow (up to .116-inch orifice size) applications. Valve contains no elastomers and features the Gen-Lock(TM) seal reportedly to achieve helium leaks of 1x10-8 or more. Parker Hannifin, Enter 637


The -CE NTC thermistor tolerance features plus or minus 0.2C interchangeable temperature tolerance from -20 to 100C. With no need for calibration when installing or replacing the NTC thermistor, engineers may provide products with a wide temperature capability at a low cost. Applications include medical, HVAC, and industrial process temperature controls, as well as temperature control/data logging of food transportation, food storage, and food processing. Cornerstone Sensors, Inc. Enter 638

Oscillating valve

The HOERBIGER-ORIGA oscillating valve, available in an electrically actuated version, allows users to maintain a cylinder's motion control with an electrical signal. The cylinder has a defined starting position to begin its cycle, and in the event of an interrupted electrical signal, it reportedly will complete its current cycle. The valve may be used in feeding, wiping, spraying, and dipping applications. Hoerbiger-Origa, Enter 639

Flow transmitter

The SI1004 flow transmitter adjusts pump speed or proportionally opens and closes a valve, in order to control flow at a particular value. Used in liquid and gas applications, it has a compact sensor that maintains 4 to 20 mA output to the low and high flow values. Transmitter operates in fluid temperatures from -13 to 176F and pressures up to 4350 psi. ifm efector inc., Enter 640


The Hi-Tech HT-162 Fire-Retardant Hose is designed for ventilation, smoke removal, heater/defroster, and dust protection applications. Meeting ASTM E-162 and ASTM E-662 flame and smoke requirements for enclosed environment use, the halogen-free hose has a wire-reinforced thermoplastic construction with 4:1 compressibility, and operates over a -40 to 250F range. Hi-Tech Hose, Inc., Enter 641


The Parofluor ULTRA(TM) FF354-65 low-closure force seal material consists of a white, ultra-high purity perfluorinated elastomer with a 65 durometer. Material offers chemical resistance, temperature resistance up to 600F, and low particle generation. Seals may be formed into molded shapes, O-rings, and other sealing configurations. Applications include medical device manufacturing, maintenance repair, pharmaceutical processing, and semiconductor fabrication. Parker Hannifin, Enter 642


The Humphrey Series 310/410 valves, used in pneumatic applications, are available in 3-way and 4-way direct acting solenoid valves, which may be combined on manifolds. They need no lubrication, feature a short-stroke balanced poppet design for rapid cycling, and are resistant to air impurities, suitable for positive sealing. Valves are reportedly rated for air and inert gas from vacuum at 28-inches Hg to 125 psig. Humphrey Products, Enter 643

Pressure gauge

Model AI digital pressure gauge features 0.05% accuracy and enhanced resolution, in ranges from 0-15 to 0-10,000 psi with absolute, gage, vacuum, or compound reference. Its 4.5-digit display is used as a transfer standard for calibrating pressure measuring equipment, in field-selectable units. AI may operate a portable, battery-powered calibrator on 11 to 32V dc. DCT Instruments/Sensotec, Enter 644

Dielectric testers

These dielectric testers and meters detect changes in dielectric constant of dielectric fluids, including gasoline, and petroleum and synthetic lubricating oils. These testers and meters may be used to monitor gasoline from production plant to user, or in monitoring quality or depletion in lubricating oil production. Kavlico, Enter 645


These indicators measure differential pressure, flow rate, and liquid level applications. Available with 3-, 3.5-, 4.5-, and 6-inch dial sizes, they feature pulsation damping and a variety of differential pressure ranges. Indicators allow for zero/range adjustments with-out removing the scale plate, while linear adjustments may be made after removing the scale plate. Barton Instrument Systems, LLC, Enter 646


The IntelliFlow Series A2C-M1 Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve features an electric current sensing device that senses the current and opens the water supply to the washing machine. When the wash cycle is complete, the IntelliFlow closes the hot and cold water supplies. Such automatic features reportedly eliminate water damage and provide protection against a hose burst. Watts Regulator Co., Enter 647

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