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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

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Fittings coating

Superior Corrosion Resistance (SCR) coating for steel hose fittings and adapters are designed to resist fertilizer ingredients, particularly urea. The coating reportedly may eliminate the secondary treatment process, due to its corrosion resistance, which also reduces the need for maintenance. SCR coating is available on the company's line of Seal-Lok(TM) O-ring face seal, flareless bite type, 37 degrees flare, and pipe fittings. Parker Hannifin-Tube Fittings Div., Enter 633


The changeable cartridge style pump offers users the option to switch the pump from high-volume dispensing applications to smaller-volume accurate applications, allowing one pump to handle all applications. The pump requires no tools for replacement and uses a changeable cartridge that features the dispensing needle, auger, and chamber. MRSI, Enter 634

Fluid coupling

Intended to offer power take-off with fluid coupling capabilities, the Model KPTO fluid coupling reportedly offers high radial load capacity, smooth start-up for high inertia loads, engagement and disengagement at any speed, and engine warm-up without load. According to the company, fluid coupling may be used in shredders, crushers, pumps, fans, compressors, marine propulsion systems, and other diesel engine-powered applications. Other features include torsional vibration dampening, jam load protection, no belt slip, and neither lubrication nor adjustment requirements. Transfluid Industrial Transmissions Enter 635

Solenoid valve

The company's normally-open solenoid valve, intended to provide continuous flow for cooling and safety reasons, reportedly remains in the open position when de-energized. The valve is made of corrosion-resistant thermoplastics with a water and dust-tight enclosure, appropriate for ultra-pure or corrosive liquids, and drain, pressure, or vacuum applications. DIN connector and electrical coil have NEMA 4X ratings for harsh environments. Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc., Enter 636

Twist clamp

The 40-mm bore cylinder of the Twist Clamp reportedly produces a maximum pressure of 140 psi and clamping force of 224 lbs. The clamp may be used for light-duty holding by setting up a clamp arm with the actuator. For parts loading and unloading, the clamp arm is designed to rotate out of the work area. The clamp features a hard coat anodized, PTFE-impregnated, base cylinder body. Bimba Manufacturing Co., Enter 637


Series PZ pulse metering pump is, according to the company, the first of its kind to use a single phase voltage from 94 to 264V ac. Designed to avoid requiring pumps to match available voltage, it operates with 15 to 300 manually-adjusted pulses per minute. A high stroking speed reportedly controls injection of chemicals, disinfectants, nutrients, and other liquid materials. Add-on options include a back pressure/check valve injector, a foot valve strainer, and suction, discharge, and air release tubing. Neptune Chemical Pump Co. Inc., Enter 638

Air/gas dryers

The Finite(R) FDD Series dryer system is designed to remove water vapor and aerosols, provide pressure dewpoints to -40F, and provide clean, dry air overall for moisture-sensitive, pneumatic applications. Dryers feature a built-in sightglass for monitoring the blue silica gel desiccant that indicates a need for replacement or regeneration. Applications include protecting air tools against oxidation or gumming, protecting instrumentation, and avoiding fisheye defects. Parker Hannifin, Enter 639

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