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Fluid Power

Fluid Power


The Tube-O-Matic(TM) valve uses hydraulic or pneumatic pilot pressure to open and close on an airfoil center coil. For full valve closure, pilot pressure of 10 psi over the line pressure is required. Stainless steel, PVC, and Teflon are available options to the valve's standard nickel-plated brass wetted parts. The valve is suitable for environments where machine tool coolant is used.

Lexair Inc., Enter 635

Filtration system

Made for instant filter changes in highly corrosive applications, the MV VisiFlow(R) Oil Filtration System reportedly extends the life of mechanical vacuum pumps that use fluids like Fomlin, Halovac, and Krytox. The self-contained system features fast, clean filter changeovers for minimal downtime, as well as two additional filter assemblies for instant replacement. Users may monitor the fluid condition in the pump through two clear plastic 10-inch sumps.

Mass-Vac, Inc., Enter 636


The R5 Series rotary vane, oil-recirculating vacuum pumps are single stage, air-cooled, direct-driven, and reportedly de-signed for easy installation and low maintenance. Three models are available in sizes ranging from 4.2 to 1,130 CFM displacement-the RC for vacuum applications to 15 torr, the RB for vacuum applications to 2 torr, and the RA for vacuum applications to 0.5 torr.

Busch Inc., Enter 637

Gear pump

The UGP-8000 gear pump uses a brushless/sensorless motor with integrated electronics and two leads. The gear pump is available with 12 or 24V brushless dc motors, weighs 4 oz, and measures 2.56 inches in length. With mounting flexibility, the gear pump reportedly requires no maintenance. Applications include body temperature regulation devices, fitness equipment, laser cooling, and respiratory devices.

B & D Pumps, Inc., Enter 638


The C-Series valves are constructed of Hastelloy(R) C or 316 stainless steel to regulate pressure or relieve corrosive solutions. Features include chatter-free bypass and reportedly minimal pressure surge. The valves are adjustable and operative with any positive displacement pumps, and have no external springs or moving parts.

Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps, Enter 639

Solenoid valves

The Series 320/420 .25-inch ported 3-way and 4-way direct-acting solenoid valves have a short-stroke balanced poppet design that allows for rapid cycling, eliminates the need for lubrication, and tolerates air impurities to ensure positive sealing. The Series 320 valves are designed for in-line mounting, while the Series 420 valves may be mounted in-line or on a manifold using a sub-base.

Humphrey Products, Enter 640

Pressure switch

Designed to offer up to 100 million cycles, Model 33D Solid-State Pressure Switch is fully programmable for NO, NC, or "window-mode" operation in ranges from vacuum to 10,000 psi. Switch includes programmable delays, tamper protection, LED status indication, and industry standard M12 electrical connector, as well as a real-time LCD display with selectable pressure units. Users may choose dual switch outputs or a secondary analog output option.

Herion USA, Enter 644

Cavity pumps

The Moyno(R) 2000 progressing cavity pumps are available in a variety of construction materials with such options as a shaft sleeve, a fiber deflector, and a flush gland that flushes the packing leakage, preventing potential damage to the seals or packing. Moyno cavity pumps are suitable for both shear-sensitive liquids and difficult-to-process sludge applications.

Moyno Inc., Enter 645

Coil air products

Synflex(R) Sidewinder and Synflex XLT (eXtreme Low Temperature) cool air products offer improved flexibility, fitting retention, and cold temperature performance in a patent pending design. According to the company, when compared to other coil air assemblies, the Sidewinder has 10 times better flex-abrasion resistance. The XLT may be used in temperatures down to -65F, providing up to 4 times faster recovery after extension than the Sidewinder.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, Enter 646

Power packs

These hydraulic power packs, available in vented and non-vented designs and in both 12 and 24V dc configurations, are intended for small and medium duty truck applications. They offer pressures up to 2,900 psi and pumping capacities up to 14 gallons per minute. The packs reportedly may replace clutch pumps and reduce inventory for the OEM.

Power Transmission Options Ltd., Enter 647

Air filters

UL-recognized Quadrafoam air filters are CE-compliant and engineered for cooling systems in UPS and power generation enclosures. Covered with a thin layer of next generation flame retardant coating, they are suited for power applications used in harsh conditions and high temperature/high humidity environments. The aluminum-framed air filters feature the non-hazardous and pH neutralized Quadrafoam, as well as a range of pore sizes for dust capturing and low airflow resistance.

Universal Air Filter Co., Enter 648

Relief valve

The Figure 800 safety relief valve, designed with stainless steel internals for corrosion resistance, features quick opening and short reclosing pressures and is available for pressures up to 900 psig and temperatures up to 422F. A choice of three soft seats provides tighter shutoff for applications where operating pressure is close to the set valve pressure. Relief valve is suitable for cryogenic and hazardous gas applications.

Spence Engineering Co., Enter 649

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