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Fluid Power

Fluid Power


Various finishes, ends available

Stainless steel, .50- and .75-inch micro valves and fittings are reportedly ideal for high-purity applications like semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, food, and beverage. Three clamp styles and a variety of ferrules are available, including ASME SA479 for welding. Adapters, tees, reducers, and elbows are used in hose, weld, clamp, and pipe connections and include a variety of finishes and ends. Enter 595


No moving impellers or motors

Reversible drum pumps offer two uses in one: the turn of a knob turns the vacuum pump into a filler pump. This reversible drum vac empties 30 gallons in 1 minute, and is reportedly ideal for coolant, hydraulic oils, spills, sludge, tramp oil, and wastewater. Reverse the process for disposal or storage. Features include automatic shutoff, pressure/vacuum relief, and non-electric operation. Exair Enter 596


Calibrates to conditions

The DS25 flowmeter features 316 stainless steel parts, designed for harsh media. The variable area meters operate from 0.01 to 570 gpm for liquids and 0.44 to 1,100 scfm for gases. Each meter is calibrated and rated for media up to 400C and pressures to 320 bar. The units magnetically couple a float to an externally mounted indicator. Applications include food and drink handling. Clark Solutions, Enter 597


Efficient, close-coupled motors

Heavy-duty, ball bearing pumps offer simplex or duplex construction and close-coupled pump motors with stainless steel shafts. The 4300 Series boiler feed and condensate pumps include 3.16-inch stainless receivers and 8- to 120-gallon standard tanks. Features include bronze fittings, automatic venting, ceramic pump seals, and heavy-duty make-up water valves. Sterling, Enter 598


Includes console, connections

SuperBrute(R) mini hose is described in a two-page flyer and is designed for small die applications where saving space is critical. Available in lengths from 140 to 2,000 mm, the 2-mm ID hose has a burst pressure of 29,000 psi and bend radius of 20 mm. The information includes control console and connection descriptions, including standard ports, angle adapters, and four-way connection blocks. Forward Industries, Enter 599


Mount inline, on rails

The 318/418 direct acting solenoid valve series offers a 0.8 Cv flow rate in a 22-mm body. The 318 is a two-position/three-way multi-purpose valve; the 418 is a five-ported and four-way multi-purpose valve. Both feature .25-inch NPSF ports; flush, non-locking manual override; rotatable and interchangeable coils; and 28 inch Hg to 125 psig rating. Options include isolator plugs, separate air supply/exhaust plates, block off plates, and integral flow control. Humphrey Enter 600


Reduce slip for better pumping

Powerflow(TM) process pumps feature flow rates to 400 gpm, differential pressures to 1,500 psi, and temperature ratings to 500F. With non-elastomeric construction and various steel stators, the products provide excellent chemical resistance, little or no leakage, and long life, the company reports. Options include shaft seals, jacketing, and temperature and dry-run protection. Moyno Inc., Enter 601


Reduce fixture size

Reportedly offering a unique feature of fluid transfer through O-ring seals on the mounting face, a line of limited-space cylinders allows users to build flow passages with connections outside the work zone. Benefits include reduced fixture size, no debris build-up, and no damage to supply lines. Standard short-stroke products are available from 1- to 6-inch diameters, in all basic configurations, including double-ended pistons. Mack Enter 602


Stainless steel bearings

The Boxer Series 3000 diaphragm pump for liquid and gas is suited for low current, high reliability pressure or vacuum applications. Units are dc-powered and rated for liquids to 5 lpm, and gas to 30 lpm. Features include steel or stainless steel bearings on shafts, oil free operation, no sliding seals, and dual or quad-head construction. Clark Solutions, Enter 603


Stainless steel tri-clamps

Sanitary-grade, industrial peristaltic pumps feature FDA-approved hoses and no lubrication-filled cavities that can contaminate food or pharmaceutical products. The Vector Series pumps up to 18.5 gpm and features stainless steel tri-clamps and aluminum casings, rollers, and rotors. Cups, packings, and seals are not used, so little maintenance is required. Reverse flow units are available. Wanner Engineering, Enter 604

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