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Fluid Power

Fluid Power


Greater efficiency

Featuring a suction cup and a multi-stage air-driven vacuum pump integrated in a single unit, the Vacuum Gripper System (VGS(TM)) 3010 is designed to increase material handling efficiency. It reportedly avoids loss-of-pressure problems in traditional vacuum systems and functions at operating pressures below 45 psi. The cups are made of a DURAFLEX(TM) polyurethane and can grip porous, leaky materials as well as coarse and curved surfaces. Cups come in sizes from 1.5- to 4.5-inch diameter. PIAB AB


Meet industry standards

Designed to meet the needs of all HVACR applications, including liquid line, hot gas discharge, and suction line requirements, the R Series also satisfies the higher pressure ratings of new and alternative refrigerants compatible with virtually all CFC, HFC, and CHFC refrigerants and oils. The patent-pending manual bypass stem permits easy functionality with a maximum 180-degree stem rotation, along with a positive locking control without special tools. Parker Fluid Control Division



The CPX system is designed to serve as a means by which standard valve terminals can be interfaced directly to fieldbus systems, or to implement additional I/O capability in existing fieldbus installations. It is based on configurable modules where different electrical functions and a pneumatic interface can be assembled, meeting a variety of application requirements. The product is constructed in sandwiched functional layers with an interlinking (base) block, the electronics (intermediate) module, and a connection (top) block. Modules are analog or digital. Festo Corporation


Weather-tight connectors

Designed exclusively for Ford's TorqShift(TM) Automatic Transmission, the 245 F-Series PTO features no backlash to set, trouble-free electronic interface, the ability to operate in all gears, and specifically matched PTO and pumps for work load capabilities. The product allows either a remote or direct mount pump. It has 13 optional pumps with flow rates from 2.9 to 31 gpm, and pressure ratings from 1,700 to 3,900 psi. Chelsea Products Division of Parker


Efficient assembly

The Moog PowerShot(TM) is a sealed, closed-loop actuator that combines electric and hydraulic technology. With rotational and linear motion, injection functions are controlled by a servo-proportional valve, and make closed-loop control of velocity, position, and pressure possible. Installing with just a few connections to a machine, it offers plug-and-play convenience. Moog Inc.


Provides static seal

Designed to provide a compact, durable, and robust pump that can self prime, the oscillating diaphragm pump can reach pressures up to 40 psi. The product's linear bearing has reportedly less wear than rotary varieties and the duckbill/umbrella valve provides inlet and outlet function of the check valve to prevent backflow or flow through. Models can be bench top, spring mounted, or direct mounted with FDA-approved material. Gorman-Rupp Industries


Quick response time

The ACM crimped design membrane accumulator provides quick response time, superior fatigue life, and protection for gas valves. Features include 4,000-psi working pressure, spanner holes, multiple hydraulic port sizes, and a no gas valve option. Parker Hannifin

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