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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

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Brake controller

For pneumatic brake applications that do not require automated closed-loop control, a robust, manual pneumatic controller operates on 0 to 100 psi filtered shop air. The controller is an all-pneumatic device with no electrical components. Its three pneumatic solenoids channel air flow to one, two, or three brakes or brake cylinders. Two-position toggle switches are used to turn each output channel on and off. Dover Flexo Electronics Inc., Enter 655

Positioning controller

The "Smart" Positioning Controller, dubbed the SPC 200, is a two-axis unit designed to simplify system configuration and programming. The controller can operate in a coordinated fashion, with each instruction in a program controlling the position of both axes. It can also operate autonomously, with each axis having its own set of independent programs. Future expansion will allow the SPC 200 to support up to four axes. Festo, Enter 656


See-Flo(R) 387 tabletop meter/mix/dispense system dispenses two-component materials with accurate results. The air-powered See-Flow 387 works with low-viscosity silicone, urethane, or epoxy used in small-shot potting and encapsulation for electronics applications. The system permits dispensing as a metered shot or controlled bead. Its unique meter de-sign means no adjustments are needed, and ratio accuracy is assured. The positive displacement meter mixes precisely to the established ratio. Sealant Equipment & Engineering, Enter 657

End effectors

AirPicker(R) and AirGripper(TM) end effectors offer pneumatic alternatives to conventional, multi-fingered claws and vacuum cups. AirPickers insert inside of an item and then gently inflate against its inner wall, creating a firm hold to transfer the product. AirGrippers collar around the object and inflate rubber sleeves inwardly to form a grip around the product's exterior. Even inflation produces a shock-absorbing and slip-free contact surface for sure movement. Firestone Industrial Products Enter 658

Solenoid valves

Series 3 and 4 miniature solenoid valves combine small size, reliability, and accuracy. The use of high-end materials such as engineering plastics including PEEK, PTFE, and Ryton, along with SST internal components and a host of elastomeric seals, makes the Series 3 and 4 compatible in a wide range of chemistries. The use of 26-2 SST for highly aggressive chemistries makes the devices useful in applications requiring corrosion resistance. Pneutronics, Enter 659

Nozzle seal

The Visco Seal functions as a seal for hot runner nozzle tips. During the injection-molding cycle, it causes a thin plastic membrane to form between the actual seat and the mold. The plastic membrane solidifies in this gap and prevents the molten material from flowing back and around the nozzle seal. It can reduce the need for inspection, disassembly, and cleaning due to plastic leakage. Mold-Masters Ltd., Enter 670

Holder system

The FlexLoc Convertible Holder System for indexing conveyors provides plus or minus 0.01-inch tolerance in four axes. Particularly effective at locking in part holders against position error, it still allows holders to be changed or re-placed without removing the belt or relaxing its tension. The profile is ultrasonically welded to the surface of a reinforced urethane belt, and mates to a slot in the bottom of the part holder, a cleat, or a part-holder sub-plate. Conveyor Technologies Ltd., Enter 671

M3 fittings

Ultra-miniature M3 threaded fittings with captured O-ring face seals function in fluid power applications where space savings is critical. Configurations include straight barbed tube fittings, elbows, tees, plugs, and compression fittings. These products are available in both brass and 303 Stainless Steel and incorporate a trademarked, captured O-ring face seal technology, providing a leak-tight connection. Beswick Engineering Co. Inc., Enter 672

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