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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

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Low-flow valve

VSO(TM) low-flow valve, a miniature solenoid-operated proportional valve, is designed for applications requiring controllability below 600 sccm, such as electronic pressure controllers, gas analyzers, and mass spec. Using closed-loop feedback and driven by dc current or pulse width modulation, the valve's gas flow is controlled in proportion to input current. Valves feature an operating temperature range of 0 to 55C. Parker Hannifin, Enter 613

Gear pumps

The magnetically driven 3000 Series gear pumps, with brushless 24V dc motor, are intended for fluid dispensing, metering, and transferring in industrial, medical, and instrumentation devices. They include flow rates up to 0.95 gpm, pressures up to 38 psi, and fluid temperatures up to 199F. Pumps are self-priming and positive displacement. Gorman-Rupp Industries, Enter 614


The VC0201B dual-diaphragm pump reportedly operates at a noise level of 35dB(A), making it suitable for applications with strict noise requirements, such as in the medical industry. According to the company, the pump may reach 40 lpm, 3.4 psi, and 190 mmHg, and is also suitable for pressure and vacuum applications. Medo USA, Enter 615


AWG & Fractional PTFE Fluoropolymer Tubing is engineered to offer chemical and temperature resistance, high dielectric strength, and non-flammability in the electronic, robotic, chemical, automotive, and pure water and air industries. The thermoplastic tubing reportedly provides a temperature range of -275 to 500F, and may insulate against chemical contact or thermal conditions. New Age Industries Inc., Enter 616

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