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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Vacuum pumps

The Flow Tubes are precision air-powered vacuum pumps that feature a straight-through bore for high-speed material transfer without clogging. Available with no moving parts and in eight fixed and adjustable models with bore sizes from 0.25- to 1-inch, the vacuum pumps may be used in material transfer, parts conveying, and smoke evacuation. Anver, Enter 599

Turbine agitator

GT turbine agitator features a double reduction-gear drive and has a cast-iron housing coated with an abrasion-resistant, catalyzed polyurethane finish that reportedly maximizes corrosion resistance. The turbine agitator has 100,000-hr bearing life, shaft speeds ranging from 11 to 155 rpm, and 1.5- to 3.5-inch shaft diameters. The GT turbine agitator is suitable for indoor or outdoor environments. Chemineer, Enter 600

Collet closers

5C low-pressure hydraulic collet closers operate at a maximum hydraulic line pressure of 750 psi and accept all standard 5C collets, while the 16C models operate at maximum hydraulic line pressure of 2,000 psi and accept all 16C collets. Both models are designed for positive opening and closing of the collet. 5C and 16C collet closers are suitable for workholding applications that require quick loading and unloading of parts. Lexair Inc., Enter 601


The DRP(TM) series high-purity fluoropolymer diaphragm valve uses a hemispherical valve cavity and unique diaphragm shape to enable rapid and thorough cleaning of all wetted surfaces. The valve is available with polypropylene pneumatic or quarter-turn manual actuators and fine thread flared end connections in sizes from 0.25 to 1.25 inches. Applications include CMP slurry, chemical, acid, and high-purity water delivery systems. Swagelok, Enter 602


Isolation valves are made from inert perfluoroelastomer and PEEK wetted parts that create a particulate-friendly flow path that reportedly minimizes seal damage from contact with the particulates. A choice of other engineered resins, including PTFE, PPS, and Tefzel, are available for the valve body. Valves are available in 2- or 3-way configurations, and are suitable for high-purity, aggressive and particulate-laden fluids. Bio-Chem Valve, Enter 603

Driver board

MPFC/CR programmable driver board for electro-hydraulic proportional valve control accepts a 4- to 20-mA or a 5V input signal. Standard features include LED diagnostics, ramp to or through center, broken command signal detection, neutral off switch, reverse polarity, and short-circuit protection. Flow control is available with one analog and three solid-state auxiliary outputs. J.R. Merritt Controls, Enter 604

Poppet valves

The 2-way poppet valves feature B-61 naval bronze body construction with brass and stainless steel internal parts that reportedly resist water and corrosion. Valves come standard with Buna-N seals; optional Viton, Teflon, and EP seals are available as well. Port sizes range from 0.25- to 2-inch NPT with a pressure rating of 29 Hg vacuum to 500 psi. The 2-way poppet valves are suitable for machine tool coolant applications. Lexair Inc., Enter 605

Spindle seals

AirShield(TM) spindle seals provide the patented tangential air purge system for dynamic and static protection. The spindle seals have a precision-machined steel housing that encases the Viton lip seal and allows the AirShield to be produced with a smaller cross section. Spindle seals are produced in 5-mm increments for use in any size and are suitable for tight quarter and spindle rebuild applications. SETCO, Enter 606

Vacuum press

The vacuum compression press is designed to laminate fluoropolymers at temperatures up to 735F. The press is available up to 2,100 tons, with five or more openings and with work areas up to 59 x 89 inches. All models include high-speed hydraulics, a vacuum pump system, and user-friendly computer-based controls. The vacuum compression press is suitable for the plastic and rubber industries. Technical Machine Products, Enter 607


3013 series of diaphragm compressors have the ability to restart against pressure or vacuum and are reportedly maintenance-free, featuring a low noise level. The compressors provide a dc motor available in 3, 4.5, 6, and 12V models, with maximum continuous pressure up to 2.2 psi, maximum intermittent pressure to 8.7 psi, and maximum vacuum up to 13.5 Hg. Applications include instrumentation and sampling. Thomas Industries Inc., Enter 608

Heat transfer fluid

NF(R) MARK is a non-fouling heat transfer fluid that delivers uniform temperature process control. The non-toxic heat fluid is rated for service at 650F and is suitable for die-casting, plastics molding, and other temperature controlled processing applications. Paratherm Corp., Enter 609


The tubing uses a high-energy process that permanently alters the polymeric matrix by converting the material to cross-linked PE, called PEX. Reportedly, when tested at 80C, PEX tubing performs at 870 psi. Tubing also reportedly exhibits resistance to slow crack growth, oils, petroleum, and solvents. The tubing is suitable for automotive under-the-hood applications. E-BEAM Services, Enter 610

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