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Fluid Power

Article-Fluid Power

Fluid Power

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Control unit

The AVM(TM) 5050 electro-pneumatic unit controls and monitors vacuum systems where material is handled with suction cups. The unit's 5.7 x 3.0 x 4.8-inch size allows for safe handling of materials, including sheet metal. The AVM5050 can be controlled via a PC or PLC. The unit's built-in energy-saving function maintains the vacuum level during a power outage. PIAB USA, Enter 656

Pneumatic fittings

Parker Integrated Pneumatic Fittings reportedly eliminate complex electro-pneumatic interface circuitry in applications with repetitive motion. Intended to maintain motion control by regulating airflow and controlling the cylinder piston rod position, the fittings come with connector configurations and include Parker Blocking fittings, Parker Slow Start fittings, and Parker Flow Control Regulators. Parker Hannifin, Enter 657


Used to measure the flow of liquids or gases, Model 600-9 Thermal Mass Sanitary In-Line Flowmeters with 9500 Integral Microprocessor Electronics has an unobstructed straight-through flow path, no moving parts or electrical contacts to the stream. Flowmeters are made of 316L stainless steel, feature a "CIP/SIP" design, and have Tri-Clamp process connections. Thermal Instrument Co., Enter 658


The Klo-Shure Coupling may reduce installation time for elastomeric insulation, eliminate support point bulges and sagging, and improve installation appearance. Constructed with DuPont Hytrel(R) plastic, the coupling is used for copper tubing installation, as in hot and cold water plumbing, refrigerant lines, and chilled water systems. Klo-Shure Company. Enter 659

Solenoid valves

The Series 320/420 .25-inch ported 3-way and 4-way direct-acting solenoid valves have a short-stroke balanced poppet design that allows for rapid cycling, eliminates the need for lubrication, and tolerates air impurities to ensure positive sealing. The Series 320 valves are designed for in-line mounting, while the Series 420 valves may be mounted in-line or on a manifold using a sub-base. Humphrey Products, Enter 670


These rotary-gear positive-displacement pumps feature a universal design that enables them to accept relief valves, lip seals, four types of mechanical seals, or packing gland shaft seals. Reported benefits of the universal design include reduced pump inventory needs, close coupling to eliminate shaft alignment issues, and the ability to operate without the need for a gear reducer. Applications include filtration and fluid transfer. Haight Pumps, Enter 671

Ball valves

The P506 Series panel mount ball valves are made from CF-8M stainless steel, and are available in .25-, 3/8-, and .50-inch sizes. The valves have a working pressure of 2,000 psi and a temperature range from -50 to 450F. Designed for surface mounting, the valves can be used with a pneumatic actuator in a remote location. Applications include off-shore drilling platforms, machine tools, and environmental controls. Parker Hannifin, Enter 672


This aqueous cleaner mixer blends parts-cleaning chemicals with water automatically for uniform emulsion at any proportion. The mixer units require a 25-lb minimum plant water line operating pressure to operate. Available in 3 and 10-gpm rated models, the mixers accommodate 5 gal pails, 15-, 30-, or 55-gal drums, and 275- to 340-gal totes. A fingertip control adjusts mixing ratios. Force-Flo Inc., Enter 673

Protective covers

These bellows type covers protect machinery from oil, dirt, chips, and other contaminants. Available bellows include way covers, photographic bellows, linear bearing way covers, ballscrew and rod covers, and die set shields. Applications include automated handling equipment, precision slides, machine tools, cameras, medical, dental, robots, enlargers, and office machinery. A & A Manufacturing Co., Enter 674


The Maxflo W. impeller features hydrofoil technology that reportedly maximizes pumping action and minimizes energy loss in gas and solid mixing applications. The impeller design has bolted blades that simplify disassembly, and are available in carbon steel, stainless-steel, and high-strength alloys. Chemineer, Enter 675


The modular metering pumps include seal-less diaphragm or sealed plunger-designs available with manual, electric, or pneumatic stroke adjusters. Featuring a meter accuracy of plus or minus 0.5% based upon a setpoint resolution of 0.01 mm, the pumps withstand pressures up to 17,400 psi and flow rates from 0.26 to 13,225 gph per pump head. American LEWA, Inc., Enter 676

Nano mixer

The NanoMixer(TM) uses hyper diffusion between flow laminae to achieve low turbulent mixing. Silicon chip-based and suited for combining two flow streams, the mixer supports up to 500 mulpm and is pressure rated to 1,500 psi. Upchurch Scientific, Enter 677

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