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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Flow switch

Brass, stainless steel

Model 2000 flow switch is engineered to monitor liquid flow or no flow conditions in such applications as steam cleaners, lube oil systems, and coolant systems. Featuring an orifice design, it allows for low-pressure drops to pass large particulates. A hermetically sealed SPST reed switch is actuated when the piston, holding a magnet, displaces the liquid flow or no flow condition. Flow switch operates in pressures up to 1,500 psig and flow rates from 0.5 to 3 gpm. Thomas Products, Enter 589

Oil cooler and filter

High temperature applications

Engineered to reduce bearing wear and extend oil life, the Oil Cooler and Filter System can reportedly reduce oil temperatures by 30F, which also means fewer oil changes. This free-standing system needs 115V ac, 50/60 Hz power input for operation, and includes adapters, hoses, fittings, and mounting materials. Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps Enter 590

High-pressure pumps

For abrasive, corrosive materials

High-pressure pumps, designed specifically for abrasive, higher solids coatings, have wear-resistant, metallic-ceramic plungers and housings. PermaFlo(R) Series pump components are twice as hard as chrome plating and reportedly offer up to ten times the life of conventional pumps. Applications include waterborne coatings, abrasive paints, and protective and maintenance coatings such as zinc, coal tar epoxy, and sealers. Nordson Corp. Enter 591

Shock absorber caps

Material handling, packaging equipment

The design of steel button/urethane cap miniature shock absorbers reduces noise for quiet machine operation. Available in most of the company's model MA, MC, SC, and MVC absorbers, shocks are reportedly ideal for applications such as small linear slides, robotics, material handling, packaging equipment, machine tools, and office/medical equipment. ACE Controls Enter 592

Solenoid air valves

Removes easily, no additional wiring

All valve components are encapsulated in the Isonic(R) MOD 3 Series air valve. All connections are integral to the valve body, including internal wiring, built-in PCB connector and fittings. No other mounting parts are required, which reportedly reduces labor and inventory costs. The modular design allows electrical and pneumatic connections to be done simultaneously and accommodates three-way and four-way, single or double solenoid valves, or direct acting valves on the same manifold. Mead Fluid Dynamics Inc. Enter 593

Pressure relief valves

Built-in solenoid, continuous duty

Ultra-inert pressure relief/control valves feature a variety of technologies for applications in high purity and aggressive fluids control. The 075RS Series of valves features a built-in solenoid, a continuous duty coil, and factory-set pressure point. Standard relief settings are 20, 35, 60, 85, 110, and 150 psi. Valves can be opened by a 12 or 24V signal on command. Bio-Chem Valve Enter 594

Static eliminator

Fits in tight spaces

The 3-inch super ion air knife produces a sheet of airflow that floods a surface with static-eliminating ions. The air knife also cleans surfaces of particles, dust, and dirt, improving surface cleanliness, production speed, and product quality. Adjust the 3-inch ion column from a blast to a breeze using less than one SCFM compressed air at 5 psig. Applications include web cleaning, pre-finishing dust removal, neutralizing plastics, and printing and packaging operations. Exair Corp. Enter 595

Bar feeder

Feeds stock at high speeds

The Mini-Rhinobar(R) hydrodynamic bar feed system is designed for high-speed feeding of small stock and quick feed tube changeover. Feed tube sizes range from 1/8 to 15/8 inch, and feed stock ranges from 1/16 to 15/8-inch diameter, in 6- or 12-ft bar lengths. Using oil to fill the gap between the bar stock and the feed tube, the Mini-Rhinobar reduces shop noise levels. As the bar turns, hydrodynamic forces move it toward the center of the tube. Centering forces increase as bar speed increases. Lexair Enter 596

Elastomer seals

Temperatures to 300F

Carboxylated HNBR combines the temperature-resistance of highly saturated nitrile with the durability of carboxylated nitrile. Seals made from this elastomer have very high tensile strength, high heat resistance, and exceptional resistance to corrosion inhibitors, steam, oil, and other chemicals. XHNBR seals resist abrasion and work in temperatures to 300F. Applications include low-pressure seals for shock tools and drilling jars; high-pressure blowout preventer seals; and submerged uses such as risers, casing hangers, and mud pumps. Parker Hannifin Enter 597

Hydraulic cylinders

Ranges to 3,000 psi

The CDT4 Series of hydraulic cylinders offers pressure ranges to 3,000 psi, a single removable rod bearing, and a variety of settings. Reduced guide clearance provides unified load distribution. Features include polyurethane seals and optional Exact-a-just(TM) cushioning system. An SAE straight-thread connection port and air bleed are standard. Applications include machine tools, presses, plastics machinery, civil engineering, and material handling. Bosch Rexroth Corp. Enter 598

Gas analyzers

Operates on a single hub

Real time, quantitative gas-phase analysis systems include an industrial FTIR spectrometer system, gas cell, sample manifold, valve-control electronics, and software. The Titan-OL system offers hardware enclosed in NEMA enclosures. Fiberoptic communication between the hub and control computer is fast and stable. Methods calibration, data collection, trend analysis charts, and manifold control are included in the software. Midac Corp. Enter 599

Solid-front gauge

Works like liquid-filled gauges

The SOLFRUNT(R) model 1981 capital advantage, multi-purpose pressure gauge features a dampened movement option that offers the benefits of liquid-filled gauges. A self-contained, movement-dampening capsule minimizes the effects of shock and vibration. According to the company, the model 1981 advantage is made from 316 stainless steel surfaces with a seamless tube design and a turret-style case. Pressure ranges from 30 inches hg vacuum through 11,600 psi. In addition, span adjustments and pointer adjustments are easily made on this model. AMETEK Process Enter 600

Nox recirculation sensor

Reduces diesel engine NOx emissions

The Model P321 diesel engine exhaust-gas recirculation sensor is available in pressure ranges 0-5 through 0-10 psid. The sensor helps automotive manufacturers meet EPA standards for lower diesel engine emission requirements. Built to withstand heavy vibration and high-soot and acid environments, the product provides precise output voltage. Units operate on a 5V dc power supply. Standard features include over-voltage, reverse-polarity, and short-circuit protection. Solectron Corp. Enter 601

Flow sensors

Integrate easily into new products

Air and gas flow sensors, which have a five millisecond response time and low-pressure drop, are designed to measure air or oxygen in embedded applications. Model 840201 and Model 840202 flow sensors are accurate to plus or minus 2.5% of reading, an important critical control. On-board calibration saves engineering time and reduces other development costs in getting products to market. TSI Inc. Enter 602

Large-diameter pipe

Reduced beads and crevices

Large-diameter pipes for chemical, slurry, and water distribution systems are available in 75, 90 and 110 mm. Designed for use with the company's BCF(R) plus fusion machine, these pipes are made of chemical-resistant PP-n. Applications include pharmaceutical, food processing, and medical markets. PP-n material allows reproducible fusion welds without beads or crevices. George Enter 603

Hydraulic motors

High-torque, continuous service

A series of low-speed, high-torque hydraulic motors features standard Roller-Stator(R) design, high-pressure shaft seal, heavy-duty drive link, and needle roller bearing. The RG hydraulic motor is designed for heavy applications that may include side loading. Standard mounting options include SAE A, four-bolt, or wheel-mount. A variety of standard shafts is available. This motor series is suited to mobile and industrial applications. White Hydraulics Enter 604

Cable sealing solution

Sizes to 30 mm, multi-diameter

Sealing single cable penetrations in cabinets and enclosures is reportedly done more quickly and efficiently without cutting expensive cables, using the C RS T round seal and threaded sleeve combination. The product's multi-diameter technology offers peel-away layers to fit around cables of various diameters. According to the company, round seals protect against water, fire, dust, vibration, and electromagnetic disturbance. Manufactured for enclosures up to 1.118 inches thick, the C RS T installs quickly and is certified for IEC 60529 for IP 66/67. Roxtec Inc. Enter 605

Sealless metering pumps

Leak-free, no dead spaces

Sealless diaphragm metering pumps handle carbon dioxide at high pressures. The LEWA E Series pumps are designed for water-free systems and feature leak-free, smooth internals, no dead spaces, and low-pump head volume. Units conform to 3-A, ASME, BPE, EHEDG, and QHD requirements. All wetted parts are made from 316 stainless steel. Pumps are available in single-or multiple-head configurations. Applications include semiconductor chip fabrication and pharmaceuticals. American LEWA Inc. Enter 606

Ultrasonic controller

Large, bulk storage applications

Echopump(TM) ultrasonic level pump controllers provide measurement to 33 ft and include advanced display, control functions with five relays, and configuration for alternating, lead-lag, and duplexing pump control. A wall-mounted controller features a 16-digit display with push button calibration, and the level is indicated in distance or volumetric metric units. Applications include corrosives, slurry, or waste liquids, typically in large bulk storage and transfer uses. The sensor is provided with a NEMA IP 65 enclosure. Flowline Enter 607

Pump controller

Replaces several control components

Control, monitor, and protect pump operations using the MPC pump controller that has built-in alternation, process input retransmission, and pump run time indication, all in a standard .25 DIN package. Designed for use with nearly every level transmitter, the controller features over-temperature protection, which removes the pump from service, and seal failure indication. Units include a 24V power supply. Dwyer Instruments Enter 608

Protective baseplates, guards

Protect in harsh environments

Hydra-Cell heavy-duty protective baseplates and guards for motors used in harsh industrial environments aid pump installation, while protecting workers. Available in sizes 56 through 326 NEMA motor frames, the guards can be configured horizontally and vertically. Features include powder coated steel or 303 stainless steel construction; ready to assemble package, including bolts, guards and shims; and threaded mounting holes. Custom units are available. Hydra-Cell Industrial Pumps Enter 609

Flow switch

Flow, no-flow conditions monitored

Simple operation is the hallmark of the Model 1600 in-line flow switch used to monitor liquid or gas flow. Settings are factory-calibrated in water from 0.1 to 1.5 gallons per minute, or in air from 0.5 to 40 SCFM. Water and air switches both have .25-inch NPT ports and are made of brass or 316 stainless steel. Both units monitor a no flow condition as well. Thomas Products Enter 610

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