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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

DC contactor

Switches electrical loads

Created to offer high electrical ratings and environmental toughness, the PowerSeal reportedly features a robust electrical performance combined with a sealed corrosion resistant housing. It meets the International Electrotechnical Commission IP66 and IP67 ratings, and it is designed to handle inrush currents of 800A and interrupt currents of 250A with a 60,000 cycle life rating. The product can be used in a variety of applications, including truck, bus, and mobile electro-hydraulic pumps. Trombetta Corp., Enter 622


Protects from contamination

The IMH Screened Orifice is designed for medical applications with a preinstalled restrictor in a male-to-female luer adaptor. Made of 300 series stainless steel, the orifice features a safety screen intended to protect it from contamination. It is available in 18 standard flow rates that are 100% flow tested on either waste or nitrogen, ensuring each part is within plus or minus 5% of its nominal flow rate. The Lee Co., Enter 623

Valve manifold

Reduces network node consumption

The CPV IP65 valve manifold is now available as an extension module on the IP67 Fieldbus Box I/O system. A connection is made using a fiber-optic cable that is noise-immune, enabling the CPV manifold to mix with network couples and I/O of the same brand. The integrated design and compact size intends to reduce cabling and space. It can be used in such applications as automated assembly systems, robotic welding cells, and material handling. Beckhoff Automation LLC, Enter 624


Handles low-flow measurement

The Mini-Flowmeter is available in 12 overlapping sizes with flow ranges from 0.007 to 3.5 gpm. Reportedly providing a linearity of 1% over a 10:1 flow range (after linearization), the product is designed to handle low-flow measurement for clean, low, and moderate viscosity liquids and gases in applications that involve industrial and laboratory users. Various bearing types are available, including a hybrid ceramic ball bearing. Hoffer Flow Controls, Enter 625


Provides obstuctionless flow measurement

The M-Flow is designed as an alternative to vortex, magnetic, and differential pressure transmitters. With menu-driven programming via a built-in keypad, it eliminates the need for a PC, and it is relatively lightweight at 2 lbs. With an accuracy rate of up to 0.5%, the product features clamp-on sensors that can reportedly be installed with no interruption of flow or pressure loss. Other features include relay outputs, totalizer pulse, and analog output. TTI, Inc., Enter 626

Solenoid valve

Provides "plug and play" for manifolds

The SV valve series features a modular design that allows modification of manifold stations by snapping them together. Available in parallel wiring configuration and serial interface, the products can be used in such applications as semiconductor, food processing, automotive, and metalworking industries. Featured in four sizes-SV1000, SV2000, SV3000, and SV4000-the valve is rated IP65 and CE compliant, and its flow capacity ranges from 0.23 Cv to 1.6F Cv. SMC Corp. of America, Enter 627

Digital metering pump


Reportedly an economical solution for applications requiring high turndown capabilities, the Digital EZC Series metering pumps have a maximum capacity of 6.7 gph (25.4 l/h) and a maximum pressure of 150 psi (10 bar). Featuring three pushbuttons for speed adjustment and an LCD display with exact pump speed indicator, the product pumps at 360 strokes per min and provides an IP65 solution for harsh environments. Walchem Corp., Enter 628

Push-in fittings

No surface damage

BasicLine Pneumatic push-in fittings come in two types: inch fittings (Type QB) and metric hybrid fittings (Type QS-H). Available in tee, elbow, and straight configurations, these products are designed for use in a variety of applications. Reportedly able to safely absorb vibration and pressure surges, the tubing can be detached by pressing the gray release ring. QB features a color-coded release ring and machined body marking for easier connections, while QS-H is designed to integrate metric components into a system with inch tubing. Festo, Enter 629

Pressure actuator

Various models and sizes

Designed to enable the use of pneumatics to remote pilot electrical switches, the pressure actuator features a spring biased piston with a U-cup seal requiring pressure as low as 5 psig to actuate sub-miniature or miniature electrical switches. Available in a range of terminal styles and current ratings, the product is also available with a manually operated stem. All models are also available without a switch for use with existing switches. Clippard Instrument Enter 630

Needle valve

Ensures repetitive bubble-tight sealing

The HN41 series needle valve is designed for the oil and gas industry and features barstock construction, straight-through, bi-directional flow. A soft-seated valve, it meets the NACE MR-01-75 requirements and is equipped with a Delrin seat and stainless steel material. It is rated at 6,000 psig at 200F and comes in a variety of sizes. Hex Valve, Enter 631

Ball valve

Reduces potential leak paths

Made of 316 stainless steel, the Hi Pro valve is designed for high-pressure operation at up to 10,000 psig/689 barg. Using a two-piece construction, the product is designed for applications requiring oil, gas, and chemical process control. It is available in .25-, 3/8-, and .50- inch sizes, and it conforms with ANSI/ASME ratings, as well as the fire safety requirements of API 607 and BS6755. The product's body end connector thread is also fitted with an environmental seal that is intended to protect from corrosion attack. Parker Instrumentation, Enter 632

Hydraulic Oils


Molykote(R) brand hydraulic oils blend synthetic polyalpha olefin and chemically engineered mineral oils for use in high moisture environments. Designed to last longer than its competitors, the product has no receptive sites for water to bond to, intending to increase its resistance to emulsification. The lubricants are available in pour pints down to -60F and range in viscosity grades from 32 to 68 ISO. Dow Corning, Enter 633

Water jet pumps

Convertibility and high horsepower

Featuring a fluid end that enables users to operate at any of five pressures, the NLB 350 series water jet pumps are the first convertible units with engines rated up to 425 hp. The products include diesel and electric units, a plunger pump design, hard-coated valves and plungers, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. They are available in six models. The variety in the products is designed to allow for use in a range of applications. NLB Corp., Enter 634

Vacuum management tool

Increases reliability

The SmartPump(R) comes with on-board intelligence that, coupled with its single compact package, is designed to provide the user with an intuitive interface for the control of the vacuum cups. It features high vacuum flow, low air consumption, intelligent part present, and automatic blow off. It intends to make manufacturing systems quieter, cleaner, faster, and more economical. It is designed for use in such applications as pick and place, packaging/handling test, and general assembly machines. Norgren, Enter 635

Piston flow switch

Water-based liquids easily monitored

The Series P4 Ryton piston flow switches are constructed of a Tyton R4 housing and piston, 316SS spring, and Viton(R) O-ring. Created for use in such applications as welders, lubrication systems, medical sterilizers, and laundry chemical dispensing, the products are available in a variety of models. Users can choose from either normally open or normally closed SPST or SPDT hermetically sealed reed switch technology. Dwyer Instruments, Enter 636

Sampling valve

Provides precise control

Using a combination of rising stem and quarter-turn valves, the Quik(TM) sampling valve enables liquid flow to be regulated during the sampling process. Designed for manufacturing, processing, and refining applications, the product features a spring-to-close mechanism that closes the valve when the handle is released. Other features include an adjustable travel stop handle, live-loaded packing, bubble-tight shut-off, and a soft seat design. Strahman Valves, Inc., Enter 637

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