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Fluid Power

Article-Fluid Power

Fluid Power


Indicates filter change time

An automotive air filter gauge indicates when it is time to change the filter and features precise diaphragm reaction for accuracy. Gauges are assembled from four molded plastic components. An air pressure change activates the diaphragm, which shows a black dot in the built-in view port. The product features a polypropylene body, polycarbonate lens, liquid silicone rubber diaphragm, and elastomer grommet/liner. Minnesota Rubber, Enter 628


Serial, parallel wiring available

A series of plug-and-play pneumatic solenoid valves feature a modular design that allows modification of manifold stations by snapping them together. SV valves have a life expectancy of 50 million cycles, are available in four sizes, and have two mounting options for stacking. Applications include semiconductors, food processing, automotive, and metalworking operations. SMC Pneumatics, Enter 629


Automates gripping applications

This pneumatic gripper literature details configurations and availability of grippers. Products are identified by maximum total stroke length and closing grip force. Customers choose components and materials. The company supplies pneumatic grippers for applications like electronics, packaging and medical devices. Norgren - Kip Fluid Controls, Enter 630


High- or low-volume orders

Custom, discontinued, and hard-to-find filters are available in low or high volume, says the company, which specializes in developing custom filter solutions. Applications include cooling towers, mist eliminators, heavy particulate filtration and protective outdoor shielding. The facility can manufacture with metal forming, fabrication and assembly. Permatron Corp., Enter 631


99.9995% hydrogen

The FID-1000 gas station provides zero air and hydrogen to 1-2 gas chromotographs with FID detectors. The system produces 1000 cc/min of UHP grade zero air, with less than 0.1 ppm THC and 90 cc/min of near-pure hydrogen, eliminating the need to store the gases. Parker Enter 632


Custom modification available

The Series 112 motorized ceiling filter module is designed for use with tee bar ceiling grid systems. Units weigh less than 47 lbs and install in limited overhead space. Filters are available in a variety of sizes, efficiencies, and options. The product has a face velocity of 90 ft/min, while motors and blowers feature low heat load and are powered at 200W, 2.4 FLRA, 115V and 60Hz. Clean Air Products, Enter 633


Combine cylinders for plane movement

Guided pneumatic cylinders contain two rigid guide rods supported by slide or ball bearings for high force, precise movement, strong side load capacity, and anti-rotation. Use of the product eliminates the need for external guides. Guided cylinders allow the use of two units as a two-axis system without an adapter plate. Applications include material handling systems, grippe carriers, and tooling and fixture holding. Bosch Rexroth Group, Enter 634


Many mounting options

318/418 Series direct-acting solenoid valves feature a 0.8-cv flow rate, 22-mm body, .25-inch NPSF ports, and a NEMA 4 rating. The multi-purpose, 2-way and 3-way valves have flush, non-locking manual override, and rotatable and interchangeable coils. Additional options include isolator plugs, separate air supply/exhaust plates, block-off plates, integral flow control, sandwich-style speed control, and more. Humphrey Enter 635


Maximum flow, leak reduction

Type 375 true union ball valves are reportedly ideal for applications involving viscous chemicals or water. The compact valve assemblies have excellent durability and double blocking. The corrosion- resistant valve is NSF 61 certified for potable water usage. Products are available in PVC and CPVC, .50- 6 inch sizes, and are rated for 225 psi at 68F. George Fischer Sloane Enter 636


Lower minimum orders

Created for breweries, manufacturing plants, and outdoor facilities, these custom, discontinued and hard-to-find filters are available from the company in OEM or one-time quantities. Applications designed include 4,000-inch2 electrostatic cooling tower filters and 3- x 31-inch. PTAC fresh air intake filters. The company can metalform, fabricate, and assemble products. Permatron Corp., Enter 637


For better lubrication control

Single and multi-point injection lubricators feature a positive displacement design that puts the exact amount of lubricant in every cycle. Air lines have less wear, less exhaust contamination, and longer equipment life. Single-point lubricator L50 delivers to a single device and the PL50 delivers to up to 10 points and is designed for multi-spindle tools, air cylinders and automation equipment. Parker Hannifin, Enter 638


Plug connectors, high air flow

The 3142 water-resistant filter fan includes a protective cover, motor, protective grill, filter pad, rubber gaskets, and mounting hardware. The assembly operates on a 230V, 50/60 Hz, 15W motor with UL, CSA, and VDE approvals. The cover is made of 18-gauge sheet steel or stainless steel. Special voltages and EMI/RFI shielding are available. The filter pad is slanted for maximum air flow. Haewa Corp., Enter 639


Catalog descriptions and applications

A 100-page catalog of the complete line of solenoid valves, operators and coils includes flow, pressure, coil, housing, filter and seal options. Described in detail are engineering complements like assembly and taping, new products like magnet latching and water resistant and forged brass body valves, and special use products like explosion-proof valves. Peter Paul Electronics, Enter 640

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