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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Automation system

AirLINE Type 8644 Modular Pneumatic Actuation & Electrical I/O Automation System is said to offer a combination of ON/OFF or continuous valve functionality, process device electronic input and output, and fieldbus connectivity in a single rail-mount assembly. Featuring a space-saving modular design, the system allows for full customized, pre-wired, and pre-tested solutions that meet requirements for size, flow, and performance. Since the pneumatic actuation and electrical I/O are controlled from the same modular device, benefits are said to include smaller cabinet space, less weight, and lower total costs with improved control functionality. Pre-configured with "snap together" pneumatic modules with two to eight valves each, the AirLINE valve modules consists of a basic pneumatic module and high-performance 10-mm multiway solenoid pilot valves.

Burkert Contromatic Corp.,

Enter 646

Shock absorbers

SC2 Heavyweight II Series miniature shock absorbers combine the piston and the inner tube into a single component. In addition, the product incorporates a bladder-type accumulator for cleaner internal operation, and an increased piston-rod diameter. These two key features, in combination, are said to allow for higher energy-per-cycle rates and a full effective weight range for a wider range of applications.

ACE Controls Inc.,

Enter 647

Rotary seal

The "K" series rotary seal features canted coil technology for positive constant-force seal energizing. A metal-locking ring that creates an interference fit between the seal and the housing also keeps the seal from rotating. The patented canted coil-spring energizer, with a shortened dynamic lip, overcomes hoop effects and allows a flexible lip, which accommodates greater tolerance runout and misalignment.

Bal Seal Engineering Co. Inc.,

Enter 648

Safety coupler

The C9000 quick-disconnect coupler has a patented venting design that is said to eliminate tubing whiplash that frequently occurs in compressed-air applications. The device also offers quick-twist disconnection, replacing the traditional push-button release. The coupler's composite material is highly corrosion resistant.

Legris Inc.,

Enter 649


Series WC is a direct-acting solenoid valve rated for full vacuum through 125 psi. A wetted-core design, allowing the process liquid to be in contact with a limited area of metal parts, extends the pressure range. A stainless-steel core tube, with a silver shading ring, is compatible with a variety of chemicals, pure water, and solutions.

Plast-O-Matic Valves Inc.,

Enter 650

Heat/cool fluid

MR(TM) non-toxic heat/cool fluid is said to be designed for processes requiring broad temperature swings. The temperature range is 30-550F, suitable for such applications as batch reactors, laminating lines, webs, and plastics mold-temperature control. When a system must provide lower temperature service, the MR fluid can be "dropped in," eliminating the need for new, water/ glycol-based equipment.

Paratherm Corp.,

Enter 651


Miniature 10-32 UNF and M3 metric threaded compression fittings for 1/16- and 1/8-inch outside diameter metal or plastic tubing are said to provide connections in limited-space applications, and are available in electroless nickel-plated brass, or 303 or 316 stainless steel. A captured O-ring gland at the base of the external thread reportedly insures a leak-tight connection between the compression fitting and the mating component.

Beswick Engineering Co. Inc.,

Enter 652

Solenoid valve

This sub-miniature latching solenoid valve is said to be designed specifically for applications that require low power, low heat, and small size. These features make the valve suitable for compact battery-powered pneumatic instruments. It also solves power-consumption problems because it is magnetically latched and requires only momentary (10 ms) pulses of current to switch the state.

The Lee Company,

Enter 653

Piston pumps

P2 and P3 series variable piston pumps are said to be designed to meet the rigorous standards of mobile applications. The P2 benefits include low noise and low-system vibration and compact packaging; the P3 has all the benefits of the P2 and also features a built-in impeller on the pump inlet for high self-priming speeds or altitudes. Available in four different frame sizes from 60, 75, 105, and 145 cc/rev, the product line is rated for 320 bar continuous working pres-sure and 370 bar peak pressure.

Parker Hannifin;

Enter 654

Valve coils

Series E Water/Weather-Resistant Hydraulic Valve Coils are completely sealed coils that reportedly reduce coil failures caused by the entry of moisture under harsh outdoor operating conditions, or "washdown" operations. The electrical connectors are molded into the coil encapsulation, and the models with integral connectors have passed the mobile-equipment industry's "Thermal Shock Dunk Test."

HydraForce Inc.,

Enter 655


The Fast Refueling Nozzle combines lightweight, aerospace, impact-resistant composites and cast-aluminum construction with fail-safe, "dry-break," no-spill technology. This closed-circuit pressure-actuated refueling system is also said to eliminate environmental problems associated with equipment refueling. If any malfunction occurs, when the tank is full, or if the nozzle is not connected to the receive, no fuel will flow, preventing accidental spills.

Adel Wiggins,

Enter 656

Coupling plating

TuffCoat(TM) is an improved zinc-based coating applied to the company's stems and ferrules that is said to provide an estimated four times greater rust resistance than standard zinc and cadmium plating. Since rust degradation can lead to premature coupling failure and contamination of the hydraulic system, these couplings are suitable for a variety of applications where corrosion is a concern, such as transportation and manufacturing. TuffCoat has reportedly been tested per SAE J516 and ASTM B117 specifications for salt spray, to provide a minimum of 400 hours of corrosion resistance.

Gates Rubber Co.,

Enter 657

Check valve

Waterflex(TM) Check Valve reportedly provides reliable backflow prevention in potable water applications. The lightweight valve operates entirely on differential pressure to open and close: forward hydraulic pressure folds the disc away from the perforated plate, allowing flow, while reverse pressure seals the flap against the surface, preventing backflow. Actuated and moving parts are eliminated, improving service life and lowering operational costs.

Red Valve Co. Inc.,

Enter 658

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