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Fluid Power

Article-Fluid Power

Fluid Power


Engineered for the high flow of non-corrosive fluids, light industrial liquids, slurries, or gasses, SV12 series solenoid valves are direct-acting, two-way, normally closed units. Pressure differential is less than 10 inches water head pressure in the direction of flow for drip-tight sealing. Valves are available in 1/8- and 3/1 6 -inch orifice sizes with operating pressures up to 175 psig.

Valcor Scientific , 2 Lawrence Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081; FAX (973) 467-9592;


Available with an open-throat configuration, the 1000 Progressing Cavity Pump offers flow rates to 325 gpm and pressure capabilities to 225 psi. A large suction hopper lets the unit transfer viscous materials from its auger assembly to the rotor-stator pumping elements.

Moyno Inc. , Box 960, Springfield, OH 45501; FAX (973) 327-3177;


Stainless steel, 3/4- and 1-inch, two-way poppet valves provide bubble-tight closure, even under low pressure. Designed for applications that require quick positive control from a low pilot signal, the valves are rated 500 psi, air-oil-water. Viton seals and brass/nickel-plated pilot caps allow quick access to internal parts.

Lexair Inc. , 2025 Mercer Rd., Lexington, KY 40511; FAX (859) 255-6656;

Proportional valve

Designed for precision applications requiring flow rates up to 800 gpm, Double Solenoid Proportional Valves feature integrated electronics to monitor spool position. Spool options include 2:1 differential spools and regen spools. Two cables connect the electronics to the pilot valve, which lets users incorporate the unit into safety circuits in combination with the company's Interrupt Safety Adapter.

Bosch Automation Technology , Box 2025, Racine, WI 53406-2025; FAX (262) 554-7117;


Small, portable top-entering mixers feature rugged housings and mounts and a wide selection of impellers and mounting and seal options. Large-diameter shafts are available in a variety of lengths, and multiple standard shaft speeds provide flexibility. Power ranges from 1/4 to 5 hp; output speeds span 170 to 1,750 rpm.

Chemineer Inc. , Box 1123, Dayton, OH 45401; FAX (937) 454-3379;

Valve controller

The Valve Bus Box (VBB) enables control of stand alone, in-line pneumatic valves and vacuum generators via the DeviceNet protocol. Users mount the VBB electronics module to one side of a pneumatic component, and make all electrical connections with IP-65-compatible plugs and connectors. Supply voltage is 24V dc; operating range is -5 to 50C.

Festo , Box 18023, Hauppauge, NY 11788; FAX (800) 963-3786;

Nitrogen generator

Designed for laser-cutting operations, N-35 to N-250 units can generate 5 to 100 scfh of high-purity nitrogen with an oxygen residual of 50 ppm. This output enables cutting stainless steel and aluminum with thicknesses up to 10 mm and construction steel up to 15-mm thick.

Italfilo Engineering s.r.l.; FAX (800) 963-3786;

Air compressor

An enclosed "V" crankcase with perpendicular piston cylinders lets VORTEX series oil-less air compressors operate at 86.5% efficiency at open flow and 53.4% at 100 psig. Aluminum construction provides long service life and light weight. Available from 1/4 to 2 hp, the units provide open flow rates to 12.75 cfm, continuous pressure up to 125 psig, and restart pressure up to 125 psig.

Thomas Industries Inc. , 1419 Illinois Ave., Sheboygan, WI 53082-0029; FAX (414) 457-4276;


Designed for corrosive or high-purity fluids, the Inert Proportional Valve provides infinitely variable flow control. Flow is proportional to current input into the 24V dc valve driver. A diaphragm constructed of either ethylene propylene or Viton GF isolates the fluid path from the solenoid, and the poppet and seat provide a bubble-tight seal.

South Bend Controls , 1237 Northside Blvd., South Bend, IN 46615; FAX (219) 234-3948;


The E4 1.5-inch stainless-steel bolted pump features an Elima-Matic(R)air valve for non-stalling, anti-icing, and lubrication-free service. Beaded-style diaphragms eliminate bolt-hole alignment, and tapped air chambers eliminate chamber fastener nuts. The bolted design provides good sealing for liquids with low specific gravity and low viscosity.

Versa-Matic Pump , 6017 Enterprise Dr., Export, PA 15632; FAX (724) 327-4300;

Flow controller

Designed for harsh indoor and outdoor applications, the IP65-compliant Quantim(TM)precision mass flow controller is water-tight and can be hosed down. Its direct measurement method requires no conversion factor for different fluids or process conditions, and provides 0.5% accuracy for low-flow (less than 3,000 grams/hour) processes.

Brooks Instrument , 407 W Vine St., Hatfield, PA 19440; FAX (215) 362-3745;

Inlet filters

IEC 950-compliant inlet power-entry modules operate from dc to 400 Hz. The compact filters are available with current ratings up to 10A and maximum supply voltage of 250V ac. Screw-mount and snap-in versions both feature fast-on power connectors on the load side.

Schaffner EMC Inc. , 52 Mayfield Ave., Edison, NJ 08837; FAX (732) 225-4789;

Ball valve

Type 265X quarter-turn ball valve systems accept instant connection and input directly from the company's programmable process sensors. Versions are available for ON/OFF and continuous/proportional controlled applications. Both come in sizes of 1/4 to 2 inches, handle neutral gases and liquids to 230 psi, and withstand fluid temperatures of 14 to 248F.

Burkert Contromatic Corp. , 2602 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA 92614; FAX (949) 223-3198;

Blood-pressure adapters

Injection-molded in nylon, BPA series blood-pressure adapters are less expensive than their traditional machined counterparts. The barbed adapters have standard bayonet profiles, accommodate tubing IDs from 3/32 to 1/4 inch, and operate at pressures up to 100 psi.

Value Plastics, 3325 Timberline Rd., Fort Collins, CO 80525; FAX (970) 223-0953;

For Information, enter 749


Teflon(R)Tubing is chemically inert, nonflammable, and flexible. The product is extruded from TFE, FEP, and PFA in both standard and custom formulations; comes in corrugated and convoluted styles.

M.M. Newman Corp., Box 615, Marblehead, MA 01945; FAX (781) 631-8887;

For Information, enter 750

Filter vessel

Avent control handle helps ensure that the MAXILINE VE multi-bag filter vessel is properly vented before the cover is opened. Opening the cover takes approximately 15 seconds. Vessels can accommodate 4, 6, or 8 filter bags, and handle flow rates up to 1,750 gpm.

Hayward Industrial Products, 900 Fairmount Ave., Elizabeth, NJ 07207; FAX (908) 351-7893;


Disposable Material Path(TM)valves contain a disposable feedscrew for easy maintenance and more accurate and reliable dispensing. Designed for two-compound and abrasive materials, the valve has a hinged doorway in front so users can access, remove, and replace the auger while the line is still in operation. No valve cleaning or refurbishment is required.

Techcon Systems Inc., 12151 Monarch St., Garden Grove, CA 92841; FAX (714) 799-6804;


EC4 Series electric cylinders are engineered for thrust loads to 12,000N, speeds to 1,330 mm/sec, and travel to 1,500 mm. Precision rolled ballscrews are standard for quiet operation, low backlash, and high accuracy. Cylinders are available with brushless servo, step, or dc servo motors. Options include rotary encoders , linear potentiometers, load-holding brakes, and quick-disconnect cables.

Industrial Devices Corp., 3925 Cypress Dr., Petaluma, CA 94954; FAX (707) 789-0175;

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