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Fluid Power

Fluid Power

Magnetic drive circulating pumps

For OEM, chemical, industrial, hydronic, and solar applications, Models 893-09 and -10 magnetic drive pumps feature a brushless 12 or 24V dc motor. Units can be run in open air or fully submerged in water. Capacity is 3 gpm at 1-ft head and 10.5-ft head at 0 flow. Standard pump comes with 3/8-inch OD smooth outlet and 3/8-inch female pipe thread inlet. Available with other size inlets and outlets for hose and threaded connections through special order.

March Mfg., 1819 Pickwick Ave., Glenview, IL 60025; FAX (847) 729-7062.;

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Modular actuator

IMPACT 2000 is a modular pneumatic actuator control system, which mounts directly onto large valve actuators. The system can reportedly save 30% in weight and 26% of the cost of conventional alternatives by eliminating the need for a mounting panel or extensive pipe work. Available in brass and 316 grade stainless steel, the system can reportedly show a significant reduction in both OPEX and CAPEX for offshore and petrochemical engineering projects.

Midland North America, 4950 Marlin Dr., Rockford, IL 61115; FAX (815) 652-5279;

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Miniature manifolded pumps

Traditional pump designs rely on large springs to retract the air/oil piston assembly on each stroke, and threaded connections are used for both suction and output lines. The P901 range eliminates the spring return mechanism by using a double acting air drive motor, and replaces pipe connections with a small manifold footprint. The P901 range has seven models with pressures from 600 to 10,000 psi and the medium and high pressure models measure just 5 X 4 X 3 inches.

Hydronic Corp., 32613 Folsom, Farmington Hills, MI 48336; FAX (248) 478-3689;

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Cartridge check valve

The new model 170 cartridge check valve joins a line of low pressure, low flow plastic check valves. It offers an increased flow capacity of 8 gpm and incorporates a low inertia poppet design with double tapered O-ring seats to achieve a fast, positive seal. Reportedly, these valves provide an accurate, reliable control of fluid or gas, assuring zero leakage and precise opening pressures. Custom valves, and FDA and NSF compliant and corrosion resistant materials are available.

Smart Products, 1710 Ringwood Ave., San Jose, CA 95131; FAX (408) 436-0744;

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Spray valve

The 782R-24 spray valve coats the inside walls of cylinders 1 to 12 inches in diameter with even, uniform films of lubricants, primers, and other low-to-medium viscosity fluids. Typical automotive applications include lubricating engine cylinders, coating bushing walls with paints and primers, and applying adhesive activators inside dc motor cans. The valve uses low volume low pressure air and a rotating air cap for consistent 360 degrees output without waste, mist, or overspray.

EFD, 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914-1378; FAX (401) 431-0237;

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Multi-channel cassette pumps

Three modes of pump operation are available: flow, timed flow, and programmable cycle dispensing. There are six pump configurations to choose from, with available pumping channels ranging from 2 to 12 to meet most users'task requirements. Flows range from 3 m(liter)/min per channel to 760 m(liter)/min per channel. Each model is furnished with a pumphead, drive, and a full set of cassettes.

Manostat, 28W092 Commercial Ave., Barrington, IL 60010; FAX (847) 381-7053;

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Pneumatic control system

The Pneumatic Control System (PCS) is designed to control any of the company's pneumatic position feedback actuators. This includes the Position Feedback Cylinder (PFC) for linear motion. The system is a closed-loop electronic controller with pneumatic valves that can accurately position the actuator rod or shaft and hold it in position with various degrees of accuracy and force. When combined with a PTF rotary actuator, the repeatability of the system can be as good as plus or minus 0.15 degrees at an average rotational velocity of 150 degrees /sec.

Bimba Manufacturing, Box 68 Rte 50 N, Monee, IL 60449; FAX (708) 534-5767;

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Disk diffuser

An all-ceramic Airamic(R)porous disk diffuser assembly specially designed for ozone diffusion into water is now available. It provides 48 inches 2of uniformly dispersed small bubbles on a horizontal surface for optimum gas/liquid reaction efficiency. Depending upon pore size selection, this unit will diffuse evenly at rates below 0.1 cfm and above 1.5 cfm without peripheral leakage.

Filtros, Ltd., 603 W. Commercial St., Box 389, East Rochester, NY 14445; FAX (716) 586-7154.

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Miniature compressors/pumps

Developed for specific applications, including medical and instrumentation, this high-performance series has an open flow rate of 7.2 (liter)pm, maximum pressure up to 36 psig, and maximum vacuum up to 25.4 inches Hg. The 7006 series features an enclosed crankcase for quiet operation, and all models feature oil-less operation, low vibration, and upright or horizontal mounting. The 7006 series is available in 12 or 24V dc, as well as 115V/60 Hz and 230V/50 Hz.

Thomas Industries, 1419 Illinois Ave. Box 29, Sheboygan, WI 53082-0029; FAX (920) 451-4238;

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The miniature, two-position, three-way x-valve is 8 mm in width and is the smallest valve in overall foot-print area in existence, the company says. Its body incorporates all functional features in one glass-reinforced PBT molded piece which simplifies the design and reduces components within the valve. The valving mechanism and flow path combined.

Pneutronics, 26 Clinton Dr., Unit 103, Hollis, NH 03049; FAX (603) 595-8080;

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