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ETV Control Panels with EDGE Technology

ETV Control Panels with EDGE Technology

Sigmatek's ETV control panel series was expanded by two new panels with a 5.7 inch touch display. The ETV 0551 is equipped with an analog resistive TFT color touch screen (IP 54). The ETV 0552, which is equipped with a glass touch screen and frontal IP65 protection against dust and water, is even more robust. Because there is no offset edge between the glass touch screen and the frame, the panel can be easily cleaned. The ETV 0552 is useful for use in raw industrial environments as well as in food processing, packaging and medical technology.

The fanless control panels are based on the EDGE-Technology. Both ETVs are equipped with 1-Gbyte Flash and 64-Mbyte DDR RAM. For remnant data, 512 kbytes of memory is provided. A micro SD memory card is used as the storage medium for the operating system, the application and user-specific data. Eight digital in- and outputs are already "on board".

The numerous standard interfaces such as VARAN bus, CAN bus, Ethernet, USB and USB Type Mini, are located on the bottom and allow the simple integration of the ETV 0551 and 0552 into the machine structure. All interfaces can be freely programmed by the application. With LASAL, a universal and fully integrated engineering tool for programming and visualizing functions is provided. The integration idea from Sigmatek combines PLC, HMI, Motion Control and Safety in an integrated platform.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: 180 x 135 x 40 mm
  • Display: 5.7 inch TFT LCD color display - VGA 640 x 480 pixels
  • Touch screen: analog resistive (ETV 0552 glass touch screen, front IP65)
  • 1-GByte Flash (micro SD memory card)
  • 8 digital I/Os on board
  • Interfaces: VARAN bus, CAN bus, Ethernet 10/100,1x USB (ETV 0551: an additional USB on front), 1x USB
  • Type Mini
  • Passive cooling (fanless)
ETV Control Panels with EDGE Technology
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