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Right-angle, illuminated

Designed to eliminate the need for separate LED and light pipe on the PC board, the right-angle C&K ELUM(TM) illuminated pushbutton switch from ITT industries, Cannon, has an LED built right into its actuator. The switches also feature a 6-mm profile and are available in through-hole and surface-mount configurations. The SPDT contact can withstand 20mV to 50V dc. The switch has a robust design which makes panel building, instrumentation, and other applications easier to implement. Colored LED colors and customized caps are also available. ITT Industries, Cannon


Avoids bacteria and residue buildup

Designed to meet the demands of the Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging industries, the connectivity products' design utilizes stainless steel hardware, PVC inserts, and cable jackets with overmolding. The products' smooth surfaces reportedly avoid the buildup of residue and bacteria. The product line consists of passive and active distribution boxes, single- or double-ended corsets, field attachable connectors, and receptacles. Lumberg Inc.


Extends battery life

IPrima Mobile is an application-optimized semiconductor IP platform, designed to minimize and manage power dissipation without performance losses. The IP platform brings together memory, logic, and I/O technologies, enabling power management techniques to control static and dynamic power expenditures. By reducing static and dynamic power dissipation, IPrima Mobile reportedly provides longer battery life and lower electromagnetic interference emissions. Virage Logic


High accuracy

Claiming a 0.3 percent accuracy rate for measurements of inductance, capacitance, resistance and impedance, the Model Z-8200 LCR Meter features read-outs of Component Value, Absolute Delta, and Percent Delta on a five-digit display. The meter also provides auto-ranging with data hold, open short circuit calibration, and a pass/fall binning alarm. The product is offered in 100Hz, 120Hz, or 1KHz test frequencies. Protek Test and Measurement



Designed as an alternative for standard plug-in blade fuses used in vehicles with 12 or 24V electrical systems, the 1610 Series circuit reportedly decreases the downtime caused by blown fuses. The color-coding, corresponding to the blade fuse colors of DIN 72581 and SAE J1284 standards, aims to simplify maintenance and repairs. The circuit is available in current ratings from 6 to 30A up to 32V dc. E-T-A Circuit Breakers


Designed for field and laboratory

The Model 476-0 Digital Manometer measures positive and negative pressure from -20 to +20 inch w.c. with plus or minus 1.5 percent full scale accuracy. In terms of functionality, the Model 476-0 sets gas supply pressures, adjusts regulators, verifies pressure switch operation, and checks pneumatic systems and computer peripherals. After 5 min, an automatic power-off feature helps to conserve battery life. Dwyer Instruments


Low noise and distortion

Featuring low levels of distortion and noise, as well as a wide dynamic range, both the model AD8139 and AD8137 differential amplifiers are designed for driving high-speed, analog-to-digital converters. The products also address requirements to drive 12 to 18 bit ADCs used in communications, high-bandwidth instrumentation, and military and industrial applications. Both models are rated to function from -40 to +125C. Analog Devices


Available in three types

Supplied with either rigid vinyl or rigid fiber base construction, the Premium Model incorporates insulation and spring steel with nickel-plated, snap-on connectors. The Economy Model, available in T or I configurations, features full insulation, as well as brass- and nickel-plated contacts with a vinyl covering. The third type, the Dual Model, connects 9V batteries in parallel or in series, and is manufactured with fiber bases containing nickel- and steel-plated contacts. Keystone Electronics Corp.


Digital video features

The company enhanced its VideoProbe XL PRO Plus System with CompactFlash removable storage media, 2-hr plus DVD playback, and a USB streaming digital video port. It features the capacity to record digital still images and allows one-handed operation of the joystick for menu control. The XL PRO Plus is offered in 3.9, 5.0, 6.1, 7.3, and 8.4-mm probe diameters. Everest VIT Inc.


Barrel body style

The durable housing of this new barrel-style ultrasonic sensor makes it suitable for OEM and packaging applications, including food and beverage. Running on 12 to 24V dc, the sensor offers either a sourcing or sinking output. The dust, humidity, and acid resistant Virtu18 offers sensing ranges from 50 to 510 mm. Hyde Park Electronics Inc.


Reference guide and tutorial

The UV Luminescence Sensor Application Handbook , created to help guide engineers in selecting sensors appropriate for their projects, serves as both a reference guide and tutorial. The handbook offers a list of UV luminescent marker and additive suppliers, as well as examples of improved processes through sensor use. EMX Industries


High-speed performance

The DT9834(TM) Series combines PCI functionality with a high-speed data transfer rate of USB 2.0. This series offers many performance features including a true 16-bit resolution at 500 kHz throughout, full digital I/O for time stamping, pattern recognition and synchronization of external events, flexible clock and triggers, and secondary power connectors. The Series also comes with Data Acquisition Omni CD(TM) that has many software programs on it for use with the series. Data Translation, Inc.


For industrial environments

VARIOCON printed circuit board inserts let users combine power and signal into one IP 67-rated industrial plug connection system. Up to 40 circuits can be combined in the metal, plastic, and shielded housing options available, and contact inserts are offered in 90 degrees or straight pins for solder-in connection. The inserts snap into a frame and are ready to attach directly to the printed circuit board. Phoenix Contact


Small package

Fitting inside its 5 x 5 mm frame, the Aero(TM) II GSM/GPRS is the industry's smallest quad-band transceiver for cellular handsets available, which was implemented in a standard 0.13-micron CMOS process. Designed to integrate all sensitive components including RF and IF voltage-controlled oscillators, VCO tuning components, loop filters, and clock coupling capacitors, the Aero II also implements an entire quad-band radio, according to the company. Silicon Laboratories


Dust and water protection

Designed to guard against dust and water, the D-sub connectors from Positronic, part of the Environmental WD series, have a new unibody design. This new design eliminates the need for adding sealants as a secondary manufacturing operation, allowing for the connector to be created faster and improving overall performance by lessening fears about coefficients of expansion of dissimilar materials differences. The connectors come with the option of standard or high density. Positronic Industries


With strip chart, oscilloscope, and data logger

Free with a purchase of a Personal Measurement Device or Measurement Advantage brand I/O module, the TracerDAQ(TM) is professional grade software that has several easy-to-use features. The Strip Chart Recorder works with getting and displaying low-speed data while the Oscilloscope captures and displays high-speed data. Data can be saved locally or can be e-mailed. The TracerDAQ is already configured to use upon purchase of the original product. Measurement Computing Corp.


Real-time processing

The DT9842 high-speed data acquisition board of the DSP Fulcrum(R) II Series processes data in real time and controls eight analog I/O channels with it's A/D and D/A converters. The data board, which can transform a PC into a closed-loop platform for test and control applications, is a single 6U board with standard connections for trigger and clock as well as the analog I/O channels. Available software with the DT9842 includes TI Code Composer(TM) and Microsoft(R) Studio as well as a JTAG emulator or RS-232 for debugging. Data Translation Inc.


Accurate barometric pressure measurement

The Model 278 pressure transducer, featuring a high-level output signal with high stability has been designed with patented electronic circuitry and Setra's SETRACERAM(TM) variable-capacitance sensor. This sensor provides thermal expansion coefficient and low aking that the transducer is able to work long-term. Designed to be temperature-compensated for changes in temperature from -40 to 60C with accuracies to within plus or minus 0.5 hPa/Mbyte of the full scale range, Model 278 provides long term stability of 0.1 hPa/Mbyte full scale per year. Setra Systems Inc.


Eight new product additions

The 28- and 40/44-pin PIC(R) Flash Microcontroller line now includes eight new devices that target high-end applications including industrial (motor control), computing (cable modems), telecommunications (GPS units), and consumer (MP3 players). The microcontrollers have up to 64 kbytes of program memory and all come with the option of Standard Flash or Enhanced Flash. Also included is 4 kbyte of RAM and nanoWatt Technology low-power nodes. These microcontrollers work well in applications requiring additional memory in low pin counts. Microchip Technology Inc.


Faster connection between PCI-X buses

Designed to support the full 64-bit/133 mHz specification for PCI-X, the two-port P17C21P100 is compatible to conventional PCI down to 32-bit/33 MHz. Three key features of the P17C21P100 make it attractive: Dynamic Prefetching Control, Configurable free space in the memory data FIFO, and 5V tolerance in support of legacy products. The P17C21P100 also offers support for up to eight active transactions in each direction, extended commercial temp range (0 to 85C), and support for six Secondary Bus Masters. Applications include quad gigabit Ethernet cards, quad fiber channel cards, and high-end video/imaging cards. Pericom Semiconductor


For commercial military and aerospace uses

The ZD20CF and ZD24CC 6-pin DIP solid-state relays offer an extended operating temperature range, overload protection, and screening options. The ZD20CF offers short-circuit protection/overload protection up to 33V dc and is a 2A, 60V dc relay. The ZD24CC is a 500 mA, 80V dc relay with short-circuit/overload protection up to 60V dc. Both models offer optical isolation to isolate control circuits from load transients and eliminate ground loops and signal ground noise. Both models have identical mechanical specifications except for pin length. Teledyne Relays

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