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For off-road mobile machines

The company's family of inductive proximity sensors reportedly feature 316 stainless steel housings and are rated IP69K to ensure a high level of protection against liquid ingress. With an operating range of -40 to 185F, the products are designed for mobile machines used in off-road applications. They can tolerate harsh outdoor conditions and extreme temperature fluctuation, according to the company. Families include 12-, 18-, and 30-mm diameter sensors, flush and non-flush mountable. ifm efector


High power

Engineered to provide incoherent light to measure wavelength-dependent loss characteristics for optical devices and optical fibers, the AW4305 white light source allows faster sweep time of the optical spectrum analyzer. Its power density is more than 5 dB at 1,310 nm, compared to the previous model, and its wavelength range is 400 to 1,800 nm, which reportedly provides various applications from visible light bands to all telecommunication bands. Yokogawa of America


With 0.05-percent resistance ratio tolerance

The MP series of precision thin film resistor divider networks is hailed as the first such devices to provide 0.05-percent resistance ratio tolerance in the SC-70 package. It is designed for use in instrumentation amplifiers, precision voltage dividers, and bridge network circuitry. Its surface-mount devices are engineered for industrial control systems, handheld instruments, and other end systems requiring precision resistor pairs with small dimensions. Vishay Intertechnology Inc.


Accepts low or over voltage

Engineered as a rack mount solution for voltage fluctuation problems, the 19-inch TPC2993 reportedly accepts a low voltage or over voltage, anywhere from 105 to 137V. According to the company, the sensing circuitry reacts to the input voltage and adjusts the transformer to output a well-regulated 120V, plus or minus 5V. The product has nine 120V ac outlets and a rugged, all-steel, black enclosure, the company adds. Pulizzi Engineering Inc.


Allows placement flexibility

The company's 4164 is a type III Mini-PCI adapter for the PC/104-PLUS bus. It reportedly allows use of Mini-PCI cards, such as IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN cards in a PC/104-PLUS system. On card jumpers are used to select which PC/104-PLUS slot the product occupies. A local regular is designed to offer 3.3V power to the Mini-PCI slot. A PC/104 pass-through connector allows placement flexibility in mixed PC/104, PC/104-PLUS stacks, according to the company. Mesa Electronics


With external mounting brackets

The AN series of NEMA 4X-rated aluminum boxes feature external mounting brackets that can be mounted on a wall or panel without having to remove the cover and expose the internal components. They are equipped with 0.09- inch thick permanently fastened mounting brackets that reportedly accept up to #10 mounting screws. The boxes are designed for equipment made in-house, prototypes, or small production runs. Bud Industries Inc.


Reduces excessive wiring

Designed for multiple sensing point applications, the company's controller reportedly reduces excessive wiring for multiple fiber applications with a single cable. The LCD operator interface is designed to be used to program fibers with the controller's pushbutton programming and user menu. The product is available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-fiber models that are DIN-rail mountable. ifm efector


Reduces design time

BG2A is engineered for use with dual IGBT modules. It is a full isolated two-channel gate drive circuit that reportedly uses Powerex VLA500-1 or VLA502-01 hybrid gate dividers to offer efficient switching of modules rated up to 1,400A. It features up to 12A peak output current, standard AMP MTA 0.1-inch connectors, and a size of 4 x 2.1 inches. It also offers 2500VRMS isolation for control power and signals. Powerex, Inc.


For industrial applications

The Heavycon-Advance rectangular plug connector housing, suitable for applications in which the connector will be plugged and unplugged, is now available with bayonet locking. Constructed from aluminum die cast, the housings are available in three finishes: standard, which is good for rugged requirements like automotive and machine industries; corrosion resistant, which is good for applications where chemicals are involved; and EMC, which is good for shielding protection. The Heavycon-Advance housings provide more wiring space than Heavycon housings. Phoenix Contact


Designed for self-contained power supply systems

Added to the MicroSmart PLC family, the company has introduced an ac input expansion module and 24V dc all-in-one CPUs. The ac input expansion module reportedly offers a solution for any system requiring direct 120V ac inputs. Up to eight 120V ac inputs can be connected per module. The 24V dc power all-in-one CPUs are designed for self-contained power supply systems, vehicles, and marine vessels since it can be connected to a dc power source. IDEC Corp.


Polarized pressure

Model 377A51, a .25-inch, externally polarized pressure microphone for extremely high-level decibel measurements, has a flat pressure-frequency response from 10 Hz to 20 kHz. The microphone measures sound pressure levels up to 192 dB, and meets IEC and ANSI standards. Applications include acoustic testing of airbags, aircraft and rockets, gun blast, and other high-decibel uses. The microphone operates via a 200V power supply. PCB Piezoelectronics


High-voltage, high-current

Combining 100V reverse voltage and 60A forward current capabilities, the MBR6010CT rectifiers present in the TO-220AB package are intended for secondary rectification of ac-to-dc and dc-to-dc converters and for freewheeling and polarity protection in power supplies. These power supplies can be found in desktop and notebook PCs, servers, telecommunications exchanges, HDTV equipment, and other systems incorporating high-power switchmode power supplies. Good for 100 to 300W applications, the rectifiers feature a low forward voltage of 0.64V, according to the company. Vishay Intertechnology Inc.



The Comet 1K Power Probe, a handheld laser power measurement probe designed to measure low to medium laser power, is accurate, economical, and easy to use. The probe can be used to measure laser power from 20W to 1 kW and it has a highly sophisticated algorithm to correct for the starting temperature of the puck so that an accurate reading is obtained every time. Additional features include a swivel mount that rotates more or less than 90 degrees, a 2 x 8 character LCD, and the ability to store the history of the last three readings, the company says. Ophir Optronics Inc.


Compact in size

Designed for machines that are carrying out repeated setup and inspection procedures, and have limited working space, the TS 440 model of 3D touch trigger probes from HEIDENHAIN is extremely small and is offered in as small a size as 0.49 x 63 mm. Offering 360 degrees of transmission, the TS 440 can be used on the iTNC 530 control and higher in conjunction with the HEIDENHAIN's transceivers. The 3D touch probes are suitable for quick workpiece alignment as well as for automated workpiece measurement on the machine. Heidenhain

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