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The 750-841Ethernet controller and the 750-341 Ethernet bus-coupler from WAGO Corp. have recently been declared compliant with Ethernet/IP(TM) standards, which were developed by the Open DeviceNet Vendor Association because of the growing use of Ethernet in industrial applications. Both products are interoperable with other Ethernet/IP(TM) devices. The bus-coupler and controller are reportedly the first I/O product and just one of two controller products to have passed this test. WAGO Corp.


Easy to use with laptops

The Model 866 was designed for fast communication via a standard parallel printer port or a USB port. Featuring extensive device libraries that are constantly updated, Model 866 has been manufactured specifically for use with computers and laptop computers that don't have parallel printer ports. The programmer comes with a four-pin ZIF socket that eliminates the need for an adapter for any DIP device up to 48 pins. Socket adapters are also available to interface with almost any IC package. BK Precision


Rapid development and evaluation

The PowerPC 750FX-based VME system, designed for a full range of mission-critical COTS applications, incorporates 256 Mbytes DRAM, 64 Mbytes Flash, two PMC sites, and a full month of free access to a technical support hotline. Designed for easy use, the PowerPC 750FX lets users have the system up and running in just seconds with simple firmware commands. This integrated system has three of the most popular and powerful operating systems in the embedded COTS marketplace-VxWorks5.5, LynxOS, and Linux 2.4-allowing for instant choice and comparison. Thales Computers


For high frequency and circuit matching

Designed for high-volume and small-size applications, the KL73 1H's compact size allows for high-density mounting. The inductor has an inductance range of 0.6-27 nH with low dc resistance. The Kl73 1H inductors are designed for use in many industries, including the computer, digital equipment, industrial equipment, power electronics, telecommunications, instrumentation, and medical industries. This chip extends the surface mount chip inductor line from KOA Speer Electronics. KOA Speer Electronics


Can measure LED-based display

The new IL Photometric 127 Sensor from International Light Inc. measures CIE averaged LED intensity per CI 127-1997 conditions A and B, and provides calibration curves on a CD. Featuring a 100mm2 input aperture and photopic filter, the detector can measure traffic signals, highway, and mass transit messaging systems, stadium-type signage, and instrumentation. The sensor's CD comes with calibration data, comparison curves, application notes, and scanned photopic responses. It was designed for use with International Light's IL1400 and benchtop IL1700 radiometer systems. International Light Inc.


Environmentally friendly

Replacing all lead surfaces that the previous fuses had with approved substances, the new Nano2 and PICO II RoHS-compliant fuses meet the requirements of RoHS directive for the reduction of hazardous substances and are compatible with higher-temperature reflow cycles. The Nano2 fuses are surface mounting fuses that are available in subminiature and miniature formats, including fast-acting, Slo-Blo(R) , UMF, 250V UMF, and surge-resistant versions. The PICO II fuses are only available as subminiature axial lead fuses, and are available up to 250V as very fast-acting, Time Lag, or Slo-Blo. Littelfuse Inc.


Flagship device in new family

This 14-bit dual analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is the first to integrate two 14-bit ADCs on a single chip. Offered in a range of resolutions and speeds, the 9 x 9 mm chip houses the pin-compatible family that has a unique combination of high-speed, high-resolution, and compact packaging that allows design engineers to use only one chip to achieve the performance of multiple high-speed converters. The ADCs work well in situations that require multiple ADC channels to move data at high speeds, such as the 3G wireless base stations, high-end medical and defense imaging systems, and satellite communications. Analog Devices


Connects display to output source

The LCD Solution Kits will let almost any size, resolution, or form of digital flat panel display be connected to almost any analog signal output source. Included in the kits are flat panel controller boards, on-screen display boards, LCD interface cards, necessary interconnection cabling, and the ERB inverter. The kits are a collaboration between Digital View Inc. and Endicott Research Group (ERG) as Digital View supplies flat panel controller boards and ERG supplies dc-ac inverters. Digital View Inc.


ZiLOG and Data I/O collaboration

The Z8Encore!(R) and eZ80Acclaim!(TM) 8-bit Flash microcontroller families have recently become fully supported by Data I/O's Sprint(R) and PS300 platforms. This offers turnkey solutions for programming Zilog devices during development and prototyping phases. Having the support of these ZiLOG families by Data I/O systems makes designing and programming with ZiLOG's microcontrollers a good option for customers as it opens up a range of possibilities in how they use their Data I/O equipment. Data I/O Corp.


One-step installation

Featuring integrated digital circuitry, long service life, and a small form factor, the Series HE Hall-Effect lighted push-button switches were designed as single-pole single-throw (SPST), or double-pole single-throw (2PST) momentary illuminated switches. Weighing less than 1 oz, The Series HE is offered in 0.50, 0.62, or 0.75 inch2 or round push-button sizes and only needs 1.7 inches of spaces behind display panels. The switches are suited for high volume applications such as industrial/avionics displays, instrument panel controls, and high-density panel controls. Series HE requires a 3.8V minimum power supply and 5 mA maximum supply current. Electro-Mech Components


Life span of more than 11 years

The FlashLED FLT-5001is the new powerful addition to the line of LED FlashLEDs. More powerful than any of its predecessors, the FlashLED-5001 features three 1W Luxeon(TM) LEDS, reportedly the brightest solid-state light source commercially available. Each LED features an onboard collimator that focuses the light into a tight beam for an intensity of 75 lm each. Tight connections between components that prevent the movement of parts and loose connections make the FlashLED reliable. The flashlight also has a sealed rubber switch and O-rings to prevent moisture and corrosive materials from seeping inside. LEDtronics Inc.


For industrial, commercial, or medical apps

The new line of seven-segment displays from BivarOpto(TM) offer the tightest BIN control processes for brightness and color consistency. These displays use the same LED chips that are used in BivarOpto discrete and surface mounted LEDs. Available in six different heights ranging from 7 to 25.4 mm, and in 24 different styles and models, the displays are ready for immediate installation or use with automated insertion equipment or dispensing systems upon arrival. BivarOpto


Various models available

Five models of the new Symmetra LX family, designed to deliver high-performance redundant power protection with scalable power and run time, are offered from 4 kVA to 16 kVA. At 16 kVA, the Symmetra LX provides 30 min of runtime in a single frame, enabling the system to reduce footprint requirements by up to 50 percent of the previous solution. The Symmetra LX systems are also more adaptable, making one UPS necessary for any installation requirement. The systems come in a variety of models, including the tower and rack-mountable models, which can provide power protection in environments such as wiring closets and computer rooms. American Power Conversion


For underwater UV light studies

The IL Underwater Radiometer Detector and filter combinations, available for performing NIST traceable measurements from 200 to 1,100 nm, can be used in many applications including biological, environmental, meteorological, and for water purification studies. The detector and filter combinations are pressure tested to 60 psi and feature quartz diffusers packaged in anodized aluminum housing and O-ring seals between filters. The detector and filter combinations also offer low light levels down to 0.5 pW/cm2. International Light Inc.


Saves space

The MICRF505, the latest RadioWire(R) transceiver from Micrel, operates from 850 mHz to 950 mHz and supports frequency shift-keyed modulation at data-rates up to 200 kbps. Many functions of the transceiver are user programmable. The size of MICRF505 (5 x 5mm) has been reduced from previous models, which lowers the bill of materials. The number of external components has been reduced as well to only a few capacitors, an inductor, and a crystal. The transceiver also features high sensitivity, selectivity, and transmit power so RF performance is not lost. Micrel Semiconductor


First devices for 100C operation

Designed to combine an input LED with an integrated optical photodiode IC detector optimized for applications requiring high data rates, the single- and dual-channel 10-MBd optocouplers feature fast rise and fall times as well as a typical propagation delay of 50 nsec. This new release of optocouplers is aimed at industrial applications, such as communication bus lines, high-speed A/D and D/A converters digital control power supplies, and industrial controller I/O interfaces. Two key features are the noise immunity provided and diminished electromagnetic interference given by the optocouplers. Vishay Intertechnology Inc.


New electro-optical

Gems Sensors has added two new sensor models to their line of liquid sensors-the ELS-900 and ELS-1150, both of which are made to work in liquid coolant applications, medical equipment, lubricant systems, and hydraulic fluid reservoirs. The ELS-900 features a polyethersulfone housing and prism to maintain integrity in temperatures from -40 to 257F and pressures to 250 psi. The ELS-1150 features alloy housings with fused glass prisms to perform in fluid temperatures to 212F and pressures to 2,500 psi. Both sensors are relatively small in comparison with other similar sensors. The ELS-900 measures 1.3 inches and the ELS-1150 measures 1.4 inches. Gems Sensors


For use with World K and V series

Designed to accept input power of 110/115V (ES01) and 200/230V (ES02) to control ac motors and gearmotors over a wide speed range, the ES01/ES02 series of compact ac motor speed controllers offer many different functions. These functions include controlled acceleration and deceleration, instantaneous stopping capability, and the ability to set the desired speed with either a built-in potentiometer or an external potentiometer. Power outputs range from 6 to 60W for the World K series and 6 to 90W for the V series. Oriental Motor USA Corp.


POM plastic housing

The Ni100R-S32Xl-VP44x-H1141, with a 100-mm diameter ring, is the newest member of Turck's line of inductive ring sensors. Designed for use in part detection through feeding and tube systems or part control, the S32 ring sensors have been redesigned to provide a one-piece construction for use in applications where a large diameter ring sensor is required. The sensor can operate at temperatures between -25 and 70C. The sensor protects against a number of things such as short circuit, overload, wire break, and reverse polarity. Turck Inc.


For standard PLCs

The Safety at Work system from IFM Efector integrates standard mechanical safety devices into most standard PLCs and higher level networks as well as eliminates the need to individually wire each safety device back to the main control cabinet. The system has four main parts: a safety monitor, control platform interface, safety input modules, and safety at work e-stop buttons. The system can be used for handling multiple safety zones on one system and can be configured in ring, star, and trunk and drop topologies. ifm efector

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