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Reduces excessive wiring

Designed for multiple sensing point applications, the company's controller reportedly reduces excessive wiring for multiple fiber applications with a single cable. The LCD operator interface is designed to be used to program fibers with the controller's pushbutton programming and user menu. The product is available in two-, four-, six-, and eight-fiber models that are DIN-rail mountable. ifm efector inc.


Connects to dc power source

Added to the MicroSmart PLC family, the ac input expansion module and 24V dc all-in-one CPUs reportedly offer a solution for any system requiring direct 120V ac inputs. Up to eight 120V ac inputs can be connected per module. The 24V dc power all-in-one CPUs are designed for self-contained power supply systems, vehicles, and marine vessels, since they can be connected to a dc power source, the company says. IDEC Corp.


Integral electronic buffer

Designed for the measurement of dynamic pressure events like explosive blasts and high-level pressure pulses in the frequency range of 2 Hz to 18 kHz, the Columbia Model 973 High Intensity Acoustic Sensor features a stainless steel casing as well as a stainless steel connector. The sensor has an integral electronic buffer that provides a low impedance output when used with a constant current source of 2 to 20 mA dc.The unit was also designed to face corrosive environments and has a hermetic seal. Columbia Research Labs


Long life cycle

Offering an optional solid state end of stroke sensor for its entire line of hybrid linear actuators, Haydon Switch and Instrument Inc. has introduced its newest sensor. With a compact profile and wide temperature operating range (between -55 and 150C), this sensor is capable of monitoring the end position of linear actuators. It has a digital current sinking output of up to 20 mA and a supply voltage range of 3.8 to 24V dc. There is an analog option available for purchase. Haydon Switch & Instrument Inc.


For off-road mobile machines

The company's family of inductive proximity sensors reportedly features 316 stainless steel housings and are rated IP69K to ensure a high level of protection against liquid ingress. With an operating range of -40 to 185F, the products are designed for mobile machines used in off-road applications. They can tolerate harsh outdoor conditions and extreme temperature fluctuation, according to the company. Families include 12-, 18-, and 30-mm diameter sensors, flush and non-flush mountable. ifm efector inc.


3-mm diameter

Offering a 1 mm sensing range on mild steel without the need for an in-line amplifier, Turck's newest sensor, the Bi 1-EH03, features integral circuitry that protects against wire-break and reverse polarity. Available with wither a PNP (sourcing) or NPN (sinking) TTL compatible output, the Bi 1-EH03 has a temperature range between -25 and 70C and has increased durability in applications where cutting coolants and other harsh chemicals are present because of the 2m of PUR potted-in cable. TURCK Inc.


Certified to IPC-A-620 specifications

The Multi-Conductor Cable Harnesses from Aved are for mission critical applications including military ground combat vehicles, airborne systems, and medical equipment. The harnesses are built on proprietary back-wired systems that allow for the production of harnesses that have up to 1,000 conductors and provide tests that assure 100 percent accuracy. Packaged per MIL-STD-129 specifications, the harnesses are hand soldered in accordance with MIL-S-45743, MIL-STD-1460, and MIL-STD-2000 specifications. Aved Electronics



Interchangeable with ENM's six-digit counter E6B, the E8B electric counter from ENM is tamper proof and reportedly has a durable performance, offering 1,500 counts per minute and a life count of 10 million. Featuring 0.12- or 0.07-inch high figures and white figures on a black background, the counter comes in 6, 12, or 24V dc, and 24 and 115V ac. The counter requires an operating temperature between -25 and 65C. In addition, its count coil can be continuously energized. ENM Co.


Accepts low or over voltage

Engineered as a rack mount solution for voltage fluctuation problems, the 19-inch TPC2993 reportedly accepts a low voltage or over voltage, anywhere from 105 to 137V. According to the company, the sensing circuitry reacts to the input voltage and adjusts the transformer to output a well-regulated 120V, plus or minus 5V. The product has nine 120V ac outlets, and has a rugged, all-steel, black enclosure. Pulizzi Engineering Inc.


Allows placement flexibility

The company's 4164 is a type III Mini-PCI adapter for the PC/104-PLUS bus. It reportedly allows use of Mini-PCI cards, such as IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN cards in a PC/104-PLUS system. On card jumpers are used to select which PC/104-PLUS slot the product occupies. A local regular is designed to offer 3.3V power to the Mini-PCI slot. A PC/104 pass-through connector allows placement flexibility in mixed PC/104, PC/104-PLUS stacks, according to the company. Mesa Electronics


Right-angle mounting

With an electrical life of 6,000 cycles and a mechanical life of 50,000 cycles, the 400B Series process sealed SMT rocker switch from E-Switch permits right-angle mounting along the edges of circuit boards. There are five options available for the three rocker position: On-None-On, On-None-MOM, ON-OFF-ON, MOM-OFF-MOM, and ON-OFF-MOM. Available in silver- or gold-plated contacts, the switch's overall dimensions are a height of 5.7 mm, a width of 8.25 mm, and a length of 19.27 mm. E-Switch


For factory automation projects

Featuring a reduced-bend radius and low profile that allow more severe flexing in OEM equipment or in-plant installations, the new flat cables from C&M fit easily in tight spaces and accommodate bending, rolling, and variable flex better than round cables. After studying the effects of flex on conductors, insulation, and shielding, the engineers developed these flat cables and created suitable processes for cable extrusion, lay-up, and jacketing. The cables have 12 to 24 gauge conductors. C&M Corp.


Two-wire current

The DM700/I, the loop-powered LED indicator from Status Instruments, is sealed into the cap that fits directly into the SCH series of NEMA 4X and Explosion Proof housings. Powered by the 4-20 mA dc process signal it is displaying, the DM700/I Cap is a two-wire current loop. There are three push buttons located in the back of the Cap that are used to program and calibrate the unit by means of a menu. This menu lets users select units, I/O options, offset decimal point position, and password protection. Status Instruments Inc.


Reduces design time

BG2A is engineered for use with dual IGBT modules. It is a full isolated two-channel gate drive circuit that reportedly uses Powerex VLA500-1 or VLA502-01 hybrid gate dividers to offer efficient switching of modules rated up to 1,400A. It features up to 12A peak output current, standard AMP MTA 0.1 in connectors, and a size of 4 x 2.1 inches. It also offers 2,500V RMS isolation for control power and signals. Powerex


For AdvancedTCA(TM) boards

Ergonomically designed with an intuitive open/close mechanism, the hot swap handle for AdvancedTCA boards address the requirements of the PICMG 3.0 specification. Intended for applications where both high insertion force and hot swap functionality are required, the new handle separates the switch actuation of the hot-swap microswitch from the inject/eject process. Applications include telecom, networking, and security. In addition, the new handle locks in the open position to prevent accidental board insertion into the slot and reduce tilting of the board when inserting. Schroff Enclosures

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