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Dual-pressure recorder

Dual-pressure recorder

Hilltop storage tanks supply many communities' potable water distribution systems. Because water pressure increases approximately 1 psi for every 2.2 ft of drop, utilities use pressure-reducing valves (PRVs) to regulate potentially pipe-bursting pressures. PRV troubleshooting typically requires two people. As one enters the instrument vault and records up and downstream pressure, the other looks on for safety. But there's no guarantee the malfunction will occur while the measurement is taken.

DPR-12 simplifies data collection for water utilities or other remote pressure applications.

The new DPR-12 dual-pressure recorder mounts near the top of the vault, eliminating the need to enter, and for the extra person. Once installed, the DPR's sensors measure water pressure once every second, providing a complete history so users can capture the exact time and conditions of PRV malfunction.

A battery powers the solid-state DPR and both strain gauge bridge pressure sensors. Each transducer uses an amplifier that converts upstream and downstream pressures into current signals. Utility workers download readings directly to a laptop, or to a handheld data transfer unit via a watertight RS-232 port. A wireless data transfer system is also available.

Bill Whitford, Telog Instruments Inc., 830 Canning Parkway, Victor, NY 14564-8940; Tel: (716) 742-3000; Fax: (716) 742-3006; E-mail: [email protected]

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