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Sun 24.1-inch LCD Flat Display. Are you and your desk buried in paperwork and other stuff? The Sun 24.1-inch LCD display promises not to take up any more space. It sits on seven-inch stilt-like supports so you can open a magazine or shove your computer or keyboard under it. It has a tilt range from -5 degrees to +30 degrees so you won't strain your neck. The 30-lb unit is a lot to balance on stilts, but engineers used a VESA mount that holds on to the monitor with screws on the base of the frame (shown here). An open grill on the back vents heat. ( Enter 582


Touch International Digital Ink Touch Screen. The term "form fitting" usually applies to Lycra clothing. Touch International, though, applies it to its new touch screen, which reportedly fits whatever it goes with, like a tight glove. The company won't specify the flexible, transparent material for the screen, or where it gets it. But the material is not like the rigid flat surfaces of many touch panels, which require users to actually touch a special sensor within the screen to get any action. With Digital Ink, users can touch whatever surface covers the screen, like the molded plastic of a Game Boy or the window glass in a store display, to activate the sensor. Engineers can specify glass or plastic sensors in thickness ranges of 0.36 to 50.8 mm. One limitation is its size-6.4 inches diagonally. The company says it eventually will pump up the product to about 15 inches, increasing the possible applications. ( Enter 583


The Apple HD Cinema Display. Apple's new 23-inch, thin-film transistor active-matrix display gives you room for viewing two different documents at once. At 19.2-inches tall, it's about an inch shorter than its direct competitor, the Sun 24-inch display, yet it's wider by about the same margin (24.2 vs. 23.15 inches). Both support 16.7-million colors and 1920 x 1200 pixels, but the Apple is lighter by four lbs (25.3 vs. 29.7 lbs), which is interesting since the Sun display stands on stilts rather than being one big box. Which to choose depends on whether you want more space on your desk (there's room for papers and other items between the stilts supporting the Sun), what platform you like (Power Mac G4 vs. Sun), or how much sensitive electronic equipment you sit next to. Apple says its display emits zero electromagnetic output. ( Enter 584

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