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Designer's Corner

Designer's Corner

Microsurgical scissors

Imagine trying to resharpen the blades of scissors used in microsurgery, and you'll understand the need for disposable sets. Designed by Product Genesis, Inc., a specialty industrial design firm, the plastic-and-metal scissors needs no fasteners and features a patented reverse screw to convert plunger translation into scissor-shaft rotation. Its laser-welded blade shafts are bonded to its sleeve and plunger. All other pieces snap together.

Scissors: Alcon Surgical, Inc., 6201 South Freeway, Ft. Worth, TX 76134, (817) 293-0450.

Product design: Brian Vogel, Product Genesis, Inc., 300 Bent St., Cambridge, MA 02141, (617) 661-3552.

Brushless data acquisition

Get strain or temperature data from rotating machinery without electrically noisy brushed slip rings or expensive telemetry with the RF SlipRing(TM). The system uses an inductively powered radio-frequency transmitter/signal-conditioning unit hardened to resist 15,000-G accelerations. A separate RF receiver collects sensor data and provides high-level analog strain-gage and RS232-formatted thermocouple output.

Capable of handling as many as 96 strain-gage and 30 thermocouple channels, the system requires no receiver tuning or other routine maintenance. Because it makes no contact with the rotor, it generates little heat and withstands temperatures to 150F without external cooling.

John Reschovsky, Accumetrics Associates, Inc., 901 Draper Ave., Schenectady, NY 12306, (518) 393-2200.

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