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Design News Radio Talks Automation Software

Article-Design News Radio Talks Automation Software

Design News Radio Talks Automation Software

If you're involved in deploying software in an automation setting, you'll want to listen to our Design News Radio program on Wednesday, October 26, at 2:00 p.m. EDT.

"Why Software Is Critical to Automation System Design," which you can register for here, will be a live streaming audio show and companion online chat.

With the emergence of the fully automated factory, software has become the crucial component of design and manufacturing success. Whether you're talking about the rapid product development cycle, design for manufacturability, or repeatable, high-quality production yields in factory automation settings, it's often the software that's the gating factor.

Jonah Paul, Product Manager for Industrial Software at National Instruments, and moderator Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor of Design News, will discuss the issues involved with developing, deploying, controlling, and upgrading automation software.

The radio show will tackle such issues as the role of FPGA in automation software, how software helps in remote monitoring, how software is being used to capture plant knowledge as boomers retire, and the security risks in software networks.

Jonah Paul is a Product Manager for Industrial Software at National Instruments. He focuses on GPOS, RTOS, and FPGA-based embedded systems. He has served a member of the Application Engineering department at National Instruments, where he supported FPGA, RTOS, and HMI devices. He now leads a group as a team manager.

"Why Software Is Critical to Automation System Design" will be the fourth show in our Design News Radio series. The first three -- on multi-core controllers, wireless networks, and designing with the new crop of LEDs -- can be accessed from our archive page.

Meanwhile, I invite you to register for Wednesday's show here.
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