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Cubemass Coriolis Flowmeter for OEMs

Cubemass Coriolis Flowmeter for OEMs

Endress+Hauser's Cubemass Coriolis flowmeter is a small, lightweight flowmeter for installation in spraying or coating equipment, engine test stands and process skids. Cubemass measures mass flow, volumetric flow, temperature and density in a single unit, and communicates to controllers via pulse, frequency, 4-20mA current with HART and Modbus RS485.

The Cubemass is available in four pipe sizes, from 1/24 to .25 inch (DIN 1 to DIN 6) to measure flow from a few drops to 2,200 lb-hour (1,000 kg-hour), with mass flow accuracy of +/- 0.10 percent of reading, and repeatability of 0.05 percent for liquids. It also measures density in liquids with accuracy up to +/- 0.001 g/cc with repeatability of 0.0005 g/cc. The flowmeter can handle a wide variety of liquids, such as additives, corrosion inhibitors, fuels, coolants, surface lacquers and perfume. Cubemass can withstand process pressures up to 5800 psi (400 bar) and temperatures up to 392F (200C).

Suitable for use in hazardous environments, the Cubemass has ATEX, IECEx, NEPSI, NEC/CEC and TIIS approvals. Its 904L stainless steel measuring tube allows it to be used in some food applications, such as ingredient injection.

Two models are available: the standard Cubemass, which is suitable for all applications, and the Cubemass DCI, which has a local display and controls, allowing users to read and operate the flowmeter locally. The display on the DCI model can be mounted on the flowmeter or on a panel.

Both flowmeters are easy to install, with VCO couplings and adapter sets that accommodate most process connections, and they can be mounted in any orientation for convenience.

Flowmeter Maintenance
Cubemass flowmeters can be checked in the field with standard Endress+Hauser Fieldcheck and FieldXpert handhelds or FieldCare PC software.

Fieldcheck is a handheld device that works with all Endress+Hauser instrumentation. It plugs into the flowmeter and allows a technician to check all vital functions of the sensor and transmitter, and compare the results to a reference. FieldXpert is a similar device, based on an industrial handheld PDA and is wireless.

FieldCare software helps a technician configure and service flowmeters in the field. The PC-based software connects to the flowmeter via a Fieldcheck device or remotely via HART or Modbus. FieldCare can be used for commissioning, maintenance analysis, measuring device configuration, service functions, monitoring process data, troubleshooting, and controlling a Fieldcheck device.

OEMs and end users who already use Endress+Hauser instrumentation in their products or plants can accommodate Cubemass flowmeters with their standard Fieldcheck and Fieldcare systems.

Cubemass Coriolis Flowmeter for OEMs
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