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Concepts NREC's TurboMatch

Concepts NREC's TurboMatch

Concepts NREC's TurboMatch(TM) is a new software product that is designed to fill the engineering design gap between engines and turbochargers. It is the first commercially available software that allows advanced compressor and turbine design as part of an overall engine system.

TurboMatch gives anyone responsible for the design, specification or building of turbocharged engines an accurate, fast and easy-to-use tool for developing products that meet tightening emissions standards and regulations. For example, in the Design mode, users can size the compressor and turbine to meet the required engine size and boost pressure, and automatically match the power and rotational speed of the two components.

User benefits of TurboMatch include having the ability to:

  • Select a turbocharger to match a given engine.
  • Design new turbochargers with assurance of engine matching at every design stage.
  • Readily change compressor and turbine sizes then predict the effect on the match.
  • Rapidly make a preliminary optimization of the turbocharging system.
  • Study the effect of waste gates, variable geometry, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and component losses on the match and performance.
Concepts NREC's TurboMatch
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