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Computers Productivity Tools

Article-Computers Productivity Tools

Computers Productivity Tools

CAD/CAM software

VX Version 6 CAM/CAM software features new curve editing and lofting tools designed to eliminate surface discontinuities and speed complex shape construction. A point cloud tool reportedly provides reverse engineering from existing products or prototypes, and a Quick Milling tool suite simplifies operations and speeds tool and die machining. A hybrid modeler, the software allows designers to blend solids and surfaces in creating the product geometry, while an intelligent mold design assistant automates development and mold production. VX Corp., Enter 593

Simulation software

Providing the design envelope, DesignXplorer(TM) allows for structural and thermal performance simulation responses to be studied, quantified, and graphed within the design parameters for both parts and assemblies. The software features a reportedly easy-to-use graphical user interface, as well as advanced parametric control for immediate feedback on proposed design modifications. The 2D design curves verify design changes quickly, while both traditional and nontraditional optimization may be used to meet a variety of design objectives. Ansys, Enter 594

Design software

Pro/CONCEPT is a conceptual design software program that allows users to fold sketching and modeling into one package. Tools included may be used for sketching, image retouching, painting directly onto 3D models, curve and facet modeling, and real-time and photorealistic rendering. Crossover between 2D and 3D is simplified with common paradigms, and users may work initially in 21/2D to ease the transition to 3D. Using this software in conjunction with the company's Pro/ENGINEER and ProductView, designs and product concepts may be shared with the "digital value chain" of suppliers, partners, and customers. PTC, Enter 595

Mechanical CAD

Alibre Design 5.0 operates as a mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) software package that includes 3D solid modeling and 2D associative drafting, in addition to tools for data management, data sharing, online collaboration, and real-time support. The software offers data sharing between CAD applications, creating models in a neutral format, and forming and editing models during online review sessions. Alibre Inc., Enter 596

3D CAD software

Expanded on the Dynamic Assembly Motion and Dynamic Collision technologies, SolidWorks(R) 2001 Plus allows users to move components in a 3D design and see how they physically interact with each other in real life. With top down configurations, the Windows(R)-based software also permits users to view "what-if" design variations. Available in 10 languages, the software also offers a complete set of visual display and mouse-driven control capabilities that reduce design steps, minimize the need for dialog boxes, and lessen visual clutter. SolidWorks Corp., Enter 597

3D-simulation software

Powered by ADAMS motion technology and fully embedded inside the CAD interface, COSMOS/Motion allows users to detect moving interferences between CAD assembly components, view effects of forces and collisions between parts, and output load data to COSMOS/Works and COSMOS/DesignSTAR. The software automatically interfaces both of these, allowing CAD users to perform analysis and motion simulation on their models within the same environment. For more detailed motion analysis, users can also visualize animations synchronized with XY plots of engineering data. Structural Research and Analysis Corp., Enter 598

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