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Graphics software

InfiniteReality4(TM) graphics, specifically intended for the company's Onyx(R) family of visualization systems, offers 1-Gbyte texture memory, 10 Gbyte frame buffer, and over 192 Gbyte/sec internal bandwidth for graphics. Software features up to 16 graphics subsystems and over 130 million pixel displays, in addition to image rendering, dynamic shading, and interactive volume visualization.

SGI, Enter 687

CFD software

Version 4.0 of Icepaka electronics cooling simulation software features a combination of non-conformal meshing and unstructured meshing strategies, providing reportedly fast time-to-solution. The thermal management software provides assembly meshing in order to retain geometric shape fidelity, reduce mesh counts by 20-70%, improve accuracy by maintaining model detail, and decrease design time, solution time, and project costs.

Fluent Inc., Enter 688

Aerospace software

Teamcenter(TM) Aerospace and Defense software solution version 2.0 is the company's Web-enabled software that provides the digital product development process and reportedly lowers the cost of creating products via the Internet. Software features a new Web browser interface built on Sun Microsystem's Java(TM) 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) architecture.

EDS, Enter 689

Blade design

CFX-BladeGen offers productivity gains in the rotating machinery blade design process for designers of turbine, pump, and compressor blades. Used for both axial and radial blade designs, it reportedly eases the process of exporting meridianal profiles and adds 3D full flow simulation performance. Applications include compressors, pumps, inducers, turbochargers, expanders, fans, and blowers.

AEA Technology Engineering Software Ltd., Enter 690

Collaboration solutions

The release 4.0 of the company's product collaboration suite includes Alventive Project Navigator(TM), Alventive Quick Collaboration(TM), Alventive Design Process Collaboration(TM), and Alventive PreSourcing Collaboration(TM). Designed to support Sun Solaris(R) 2.7 and 2.8 operating systems, Netscape(R) Navigator 6.2x, and Kanji language, it has such capabilities as a project framework for program management; "My Dashboard" for project task access; and the ability to create, assign, edit, and manage "Action Items" across programs.

Alventive Inc., Enter 691

Solid imaging

The Accura(TM) material product line combines materials, hardware, software, customer support, and process solutions for such material classes as SLA, SLS, and multi-jet modeling products, consisting of accuGen(TM) material for general use and accuDur(TM) material for durable parts. The solid-imaging software includes flexible and clear materials.

3D Systems, Enter 692

Fluid flow analysis

PIPE-FLO Professional version 7.1 includes a viewer program that enables viewer examination without requiring a copy of PIPE-FLO. FLO-Links allows users to control information on system specifications and equipment by creating hyperlinks to documents. Due to its CAD drawing resemblance, the FLO-Sheet may be exported to AutoCAD for use in system design without conversion.

Engineered Software, Enter 693

Multiuser software

The Virtools(TM) Multiuser Pack is designed to use the Virtools architecture to create multiuser applications based on a networking engine. Intended for either the Virtools Behavioral Server or Peer Server, it allows developers to make persistent and ad-hoc multiuser applications simultaneously over Mac, PC, and Xbox platforms. Such multiuser functions simplify collaboration among local and remote members.

Virtools S.A., Enter 694

Ball screw selection

The Design Tool database software is made to simplify the selection of ball screws by providing drop-down menus on such parameters as pitch, nut style, screw diameter, preload value, and number of ball circles. With each selection, the list of options narrows down to a single solution. The software supports such CAD programs as Mechanical Desktop, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and Pro/Engineer.

Steinmeyer Inc., Enter 695

Interface updates

The Easy Graphical User Interface (GUI) field update utility offers Easy GUI project file storage and Easy GUI LCD module flash programming on a PDA. The GUI update function may operate with any PDA that runs the Palm OS and has a serial port. It complements the Easy GUI Compiler, which reportedly saves compiled company project files as Palm database files.

Amulet Technologies, Enter 696

Programming language

Cg Language Specification provides a programming language in which content developers may create real-time graphics without requiring direct programming to the graphics hardware. Designed to operate compatibly with Microsoft's High Level Shading Language for DirectX(R) 9.0, it features the familiar C-like syntax used to create real-time shaders and visual effects for graphics platforms.

Nvidia Corporation, Enter 697

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