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Academic suite

The MicroStation(R) V8 Academic Suite of software is for students in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Asia-Pacific region, and Latin America. The suite includes MicroStation V8, which features native use of DGN and DWG files as well as a design history feature. Also included in the suite are MicroStation TriForma Configuration, Schematics Configuration, and Architecture for MicroStation TriForma. Bentley Systems, Enter 576

ProWriter programmer

ProWriter(R) device programming system is a flexible solution for low-medium volume production areas. This universal multi-socket unit supports gang and set programming for many device types including memory and logic devices, and microcontrollers. ProWriter offers 4 or 8 independent sites per unit that can be linked using standard parallel cables. Hands-free operation and LED feedback reportedly reduce operating time, eliminating the need to return to the PC keyboard to start programming. Data I/O Corp., Enter 577

Design applications

The Inventor(TM) Series is a collection of 2D and 3D software design applications including the Inventor 3D design software and Mechanical Desktop(R) in one package. The package also features AutoCAD and AutoCAD Mechanical software functionality, combining 2D capabilities with 3D. Also featured in the Inventor Series is ShapeManager, a purpose-built feature-based modeling kernel. Autodesk Inc., Enter 578

Tolerance wizard

ToleranceCalc is an automated tolerance analysis wizard designed to help CAD users conduct tolerance studies of parts and assemblies. The product can be used with all popular CAD and solid modeling software that can save geometry in DXF format. The wizard delivers concurrent calculation of planar tolerance stacks and standard deviation from the ideal part, incorporating tolerance-related information early in the design process. ToleranceCalc reportedly requires no specialized knowledge of dimensional engineering and takes minutes to learn. GEOMATE Corp., Enter 579

ISDP software

Integrated ship design and production software v. is a set of design modules that produces a 3D model for use by all engineers in the process. ISDP supports detailed design and production, integrates 2D design with 3D models, and posts information to the SIR system. Reportedly, ISDP integrates with an IDE, offering long-term savings and meeting military requirements. Intergraph Computer Systems, Enter 580

Driveline software

RomaxDesigner R1.91 is available for driveline and power transmission design engineers, reportedly providing complete powertrain modeling from gearing input to axle drive shafts. R1.91 offers new modules including RomaxNVH, advanced full-complement needle bearings, advanced thrust needle/roller bearings, and hydrostatic units. Other improvements include complex gearbox and axle configurations including gear train manipulation and shaft section optimization. Romax Technology, Enter 581

3D CAD design

SolidWorks 3D CAD software 2003 reportedly reduces design time and improves accuracy, allowing faster time to market for manufacturers. Features include enhancements for analyzing structural integrity, communicating design information, and locating downloadable parts from catalogs. Analysis capabilities aim at helping get designs correct the first time using a variety of file formats and realistic motion simulation to check problems such as gear assemblies. SolidWorks Corp., Enter 582

Development collaborator

OneSpace Collaboration release 11.6 is specifically made to improve design using involving documents, 2D drawings, and 3D models. New functions include work-alone mode for moving quickly between interactive and sole-use design and back, advanced 3D cross-sectioning, integrated public and private chats, Microsoft Office(R) native file rendering, and connection improvements. CoCreate Software Co., Enter 583

Product development software

Accolade 4.0 product development software reportedly integrates human-based decision support services and process enabling technology. Using an idea management and screening module, Accolade helps organizations generate, manage, and evaluate product ideas, then move commercially promising ideas through processes. Its knowledge network module includes a proprietary group of authorities in over 30,000 areas of science and technology. This product lifecycle management tool reportedly helps managers make better decisions and furthers administrative execution of tasks. Sopheon Corp., Enter 584

Modeling software

PowerSHAPE v.5 hybrid modeling software allows morphing or whole body edits, face editing, 3D sketching, and revision management in shape and surface modeling environments. The manufacturer reports that more flexibility and new features allow designers to create more quickly and with fewer restrictions. The shape-morphing feature lets designers stretch, twist, or otherwise distort whole solid areas. DELCAM, Enter 585

CAD/CAM tool

OneView professional software tool allows viewing, sharing, and markup of 3D CAD/CAM and 2D CAD drawings without the need for a CAD system and server. OneView reads native CAD formats and supports legacy data through HPGL and TIFF formats. Features include real time rotation and cross-sectioning, model view and 3D PMI support, and user tracking. CAD Centric Systems Inc., Enter 586

Laptop lowdown

Thinkpad(R) technology gets smaller and lighter with the X30 notebook computer, weighing 3.5 lbs but offering up to 8 hours of battery life. X30 has 802.11b and Bluetooth wireless connections, TCPA-compliant security, button disaster recovery, and access connections for support. Options that can be packaged on X30 include ImageUltra drive image migration management for large IT departments, and an X3 UltraBase docking station with extra drive. IBM, Enter 587

DesignSpace 6.1

DesignSpace v.6.1 simulation software helps design teams produce products in less time, according to the manufacturer. The end results also reflect fewer field failures due to a streamlined simulation tool called knowledge-based automation(TM) which helps engineers perform step-by-step structural and performance simulations on desktops. Ansys, Enter 588

Design 5.0

Alibre Design 5.0 is built on an Internet architecture and handles 3D solid modeling, 2D drawing, and product data management. According to the manufacturer, this easy-to-learn program is less costly and offers real-time team design capabilities. A new bill of materials feature, the associative 2D stepped section view and 2D layer support, are some advanced features. Alibre Inc., Enter 589

Real-time simulation

RT-LAB 6.1 is a PC-based real-time software environment that delivers real-time simulations from dynamic models developed in Simulink and MATRIXx. The software features the RT-SCOPE interface that allows the user to select and view signals as plots or gauges while a simulation is running, and interact with the simulation by changing parameters and input signals. Software is available with drivers for over 75 data acquisition, signal output, and data communications devices. Opal-RT Technologies Inc., Enter 590

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