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Computer Productivity Tools

Article-Computer Productivity Tools

Computer Productivity Tools

Feature suppression control

The feature suppression control tool is designed to give engineers the ability to selectively modify the geometry in CAD solid models by removing insignificant features. Included with the company's entire family of InCAD products for CAD/CAE interoperability, the tool is intended to speed up run times in finite element analysis. Accessed from within popular CAD modelers, the tool window lists each feature of the model in a tree view and allows users to increase or decrease the level of feature suppression on different parts.

Algor Inc.


CPU-1220 is an all-in-one PC/104 module designed to integrate a range of functions in a single CPU board, including the following: 32 MB of DRAM; IDE interface; FDC; SVGA; with 2 or 4 MB; 10/100 Mbit Ethernet Controller; keyboard port; bi-directional parallel port EEP-ECP. Other functions on-board are: SSD socket with up to 288 MB of solid state disk, watchdog, and a real-time clock. The company recommends the unit for auto-navigation devices, communication capabilities, and PC compatibility in a small and rugged form factor.

Eurotech S.p.A.

Illumination design and analysis

LightTools(R)3.0 is illumination design and analysis software for the PC. It features 3D rendering capabilities and an ability to model scattering surfaces. It utilizes the OpenGL(R)rendering engine to deliver more realistic 3D rendering capability and an increase in display speed. To improve scattered light modeling capabilities, this version can also import measured bi-directional scatter distribution function data for a surface. The data can be used to model rotationally symmetric scatter, or fit to an elliptical gaussian function to model anisotropic scatter.

Optical Research Associates


PARAMETRIC comes as an optional modeling technique, and is intended not to be a mandatory way of thinking or designing. The package is designed to allow users to convert existing or imported wireframe data into sketches and automatically constrain them. The creation of adjustable parametric solid models from wireframe allows the user to transition smoothly from 2D drafting to 3D modeling, without losing work, according to the company.


Control software

Hot Bar bonding control software reportedly utilizes NT's multi-tasking to design systems with high operational reliability and stability. The software enables up to six motion axes, peripheral hardware, and third-party software to run simultaneously. It is also designed to offer multi-level security, and features graphical user interface, sequence editing, SPC data collection, and fault-minimizing architecture. A Windows interface is intended to allow operators with minimal computer knowledge to use the equipment effectively.



StudioTools(TM)9.5, an addition to the company's computer aided industrial design line, offers more than 100 enhancements over previous versions, including the addition of 2D paint capability that is completely integrated with the 3D modeling process on the Windows NT platform, according to the company. Products include DesignStudio(TM), Studio(TM), and AutoStudio(TM)and feature integrated pencils, markers, brushes, and airbrushes, in order to allow concept sketches to be drawn over engineering criteria so that proper scale and proportion are maintained.


Thermal model generator

FLOPACK is a web-based thermal model generator. This version includes a feature called "JEDEC Library Wizard," which is designed to recognize standard JEDEC package outlines and generate the appropriate thermal model instantly. Inputting package information such as substrate dimensions, number of leads, lead pitch, and material properties can be done automatically.

Flomerics Inc.

CAD optimizer

OPTIMUS 3.0 is designed to work with all major mechanical engineering software programs (structural, dynamics, acoustics, and fatigue) to show how changes affect designs. It reportedly automatically identifies the design's sensitivity to a range of parameters that can be grouped together to simplify the display for large sets of variables.

LMS International

Programmable controller

RSPocketLogix(TM)is Windows CE-based software that, when running on a handheld personal computer, should deliver a compact, portable tool for factory-floor maintenance and troubleshooting, according to the company. Designed for the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 programmable controllers, it uses open CE technologies that can be tailored to a specific control application.

Rockwell Automation

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