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Computer Productivity Tools

Article-Computer Productivity Tools

Computer Productivity Tools

Web-centric CAD

This product combines 3D design and data management with Internet connectivity, which is said to improve the flow of information through the design process and the supply chain. The software is also said to allow connection and collaboration between geographically dispersed design teams, even if they're using different CAD tools. "This product immediately distinguishes itself with two significant attributes," says contest judge Derald Herling of Oregon State University. "The product was developed from the very beginning as a Web-centric product. It is Internet supportive and cost effective for those engaged in mechanical product development services."

Alibre, Inc., 1701 N. Greenville Ave., Ste. 702, Richardson, TX 75081; FAX (972) 671-8493;

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3D web publishing

Spinfire is "the Acrobat viewer of 3D CAD," enabling engineers to publish 3D products to the Web. It supports all the major CAD formats, solving the heterogenous product design sharing problem, so designers can share files with suppliers, distributors, partners, and customers.

Actify Inc. , 486 Clipper St., San Francisco, CA 94114; FAX 415-847-6506;

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Wire harness and cable design

EMbassyWorks(TM)enables the design and documenting of wire harness and cable systems within the SolidWorks(R)3D environment. It performs design checks, then captures all necessary electrical, mechanical, and component information to create a virtual prototype of the wiring, thus automating the entire wire design process, including hand-off to manufacturing.

Linius Technologies , 276 Turnpike Road, Westborough, MA 01581; FAX 508-616-9362;

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Online catalog and store

Edmund Industrial Optics'new website,, includes an optics finder (a catalog search engine), technical support (including FAQs and articles), express checkout, quick navigation, OEM/capabilities (custom solutions from Edmund's in-house design team), and catalog request.

Edmund Industrial Optics , 101 E. Gloucester Pike, Barrington, NJ 08007-1380; FAX (856) 573-6295;

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SolidWorks(R)2000 is Windows-native, 3D mechanical design software with a migration path from 2D to 3D design, and enhancements in file management, large drawing performance, large assembly development, ease-of-use, modeling, surfacing, and drawing productivity.

SolidWorks , 300 Baker Ave., Concord, MA 01742; FAX (978) 371-7303;

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Collaborative engineering

The Engineering Exchange ( is a website that matches consulting firms (service providers) with businesses outsourcing engineering work. Clients post their projects on the site, and consultants reply with competitive bids, then the client picks a winner and they collaborate via e-mail. Both parties get wide exposure for their needs, and an arena in which to compete for them.

MSC - MacNeal-Schwendler , 815 Colorado Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90041-1777; FAX (323) 259-3838;

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Ethernet hub/repeater

The Ethernet repeater is an eight-port, 10BaseT Ethernet hub designed for applications in previously impossible locations like harsh environments on the factory floor. It manages communication and delivers regulated power for field devices. The hub is just 160 x 120 x 80 mm, so it fits into small spaces, and supports a redundant power supply for extra security.

InterlinkBT , 3000 Campus Dr., Minneapolis, MN 55441; FAX (612) 694-2399;

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Flat panel monitors

The MultiSync(R)LCD1800 is an 18.1-inch flat panel monitor that offers XtraView(R)Wide Viewing Angle Technology and ColorView(R)Natural Color Matrix. It allows direct analog input, weighs 18.1 lbs, and measures 8.8 inches deep with a stand. It is designed for applications in the corporate work environment, and for finance, medicine, manufacturing, government, and transportation.

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America Inc ., 1250 North Arlington Heights Rd., Suite 500, Itasca, IL 60143-1248;

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Web-based virtual reality

The GX Authoring Package uses the company's Mandala Gesture Extreme (GX) VR technology to allow computer users to step inside the screen and use their physical gestures to control computer functions. In this virtual world, the user's live video image can interact with the animation surrounding it-all without having to wear or hold onto anything (including a mouse).

Vivid Group Inc. , 317 Adelaide St. West, #302, Toronto, Ontario Canada MSV 1- 1P9; FAX (416) 340-9290; www.

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Remote printing software

PrintWhere(TM)software allows users to send documents from a computer or wireless-enabled device to virtually any printer in the world. As a replacement of fax, e-mail, and courier delivery, Internet printing would allow anyone to place a document in someone else's hands, using the Internet Print Protocol (IPP).

PrinterOn Corp. , 221 McIntyre Dr., Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2R 1- 1G1; FAX (519) 748-9457;

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COSMOS/Works(TM)6.0 is a design analysis and optimization software package embedded in SolidWorks(R)2000(R). It can handle conceptual designs, engineering large assemblies, and web-based visualization. It also can handle analysis of stress, strain, displacement, frequency, buckling, and both steady-state and transient thermal analyses.

SRAC-Structural Research & Analysis Corp. , 12121 Wilshire Blvd. 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025; FAX (310) 207-7805;

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Analysis for Solid Edge

COSMOS/DesignSTAR for Solid Edge works associatively with Solid Edge version 8, to allow designers to verify and iterate Solid Edge models. Its analysis capabilities include complex assemblies and nonlinear analysis, as well as the basic analysis bundle of nonlinear stress, dynamic response, low frequency electromagnetics, and fatigue capabilities.

SRAC-Structural Research & Analysis Corp. , 12121 Wilshire Blvd. 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025; FAX (310) 207-7805;

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Stress analysis

BoltFAST(R)is a Windows-based joint analysis software package that allows engineers to check the fatigue endurance limit of a thread, the amount of embedding anticipated in the joint, or the optimal tightening torque for given friction conditions. Engineers can perform "what if" scenarios using its three components: joint analysis, thread analysis, and torque analysis.

Sensor Products Inc. (SPI), 188 Route 10, Suite 307, Hanover, NJ 07936-2108; FAX (973) 884-1699; www.sensorprod. com.

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COSMOS/Flow is a computational fluid dynamics program embedded in COSMOS/Works, and developed with the non-specialist in mind. It can determine how fluids will flow around a model, whether the wing of an airplane, an automobile, or an exhaust valve. The package can simulate gases, liquids, heat transfer, forces, and other advanced features. The software includes a database of common fluid properties.

SRAC-Structural Research & Analysis Corp., 12121 Wilshire Blvd. 7th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90025; FAX (310) 207-7805;

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Virtual product development

The Collaborative Virtual Product Development (CVPD) Software Suite links global design teams and partners in a product development chain. It brings together disparate software applications and business processes into a unified desktop environment.

Centric Software Inc. , 50 Las Colinas Ln., San Jose, CA 95119; FAX (408) 574-7809;

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Design process

The Model-Centric Design Process uses the company's e-Mechanical Design Automation (e-MDA) software called I-DEAS to create a process where drawings are a simple output of the design process, not a chore demanding extra processing time.

SDRC-Structural Dynamics Research Corp., 2000 Eastman Dr., Milford, OH 45150-2740; FAX (408) 574-7809;

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Industrial computers

The ELIN series of embedded industrial computers is designed for severe applications, so they use flash drives in lieu of hard drives for resistance to shock and vibration. All models are NEMA 4/12 and CE compliant. They feature a 233MHz Intel Pentium MMX processor, up to 512MB flash drive, and up to 128MB RAM.

Exor International, 3420 Fairlane Farms Rd., Wellington, FL 33414; FAX (561) 753-2291;

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Panel mount computers

The AS-108 eight-slot panel mount industrial computer is designed for applications in machine automation. Its steel construction with aluminum front panel offers protection from shock, dust, humidity, vibration, and high operating temperatures. It features a Pentium 233MHz processor with 6.4GB hard drive, and 32 to 128MB RAM.

Automation Solutions, 3925 Cypress Dr., Petaluma, CA 94954; FAX (707) 981-9655;

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Pen-based computer

PTC-2194 is a full-sized, pen-based, tablet PC with a 300MHz Pentium II processor, Windows 98, 10.4-inch color transreflexive display, and multiple docking options. It is designed for applications in public safety, utilities, and transportation.

Telxon Corp., 3330 West Market St., Akron, OH 44334-0582; FAX (330) 664-5030;

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