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Computer Productivity Tools

Article-Computer Productivity Tools

Computer Productivity Tools

High-speed data pipes

These six new high-speed, dataBLIZZARD computer communication inter- faces move data from any system-or PCI-memory to a memory location in another system. The DMA engine provides sustained data transfer rates up to 80 Mbytes/sec for PCI, CompactPCI, and PMC systems. Each kit includes two cards, a 10m fiber-optic cable, software drivers, and a manual.

SBS Technologies Inc., 1284 Corporate Center Dr., St. Paul, MN 55121; FAX (651) 905-4701; www.

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Speech recognition kit

The VoiceDirect(TM)364 speech recognition kit is designed to enable hands-free voice activation for consumer electronics such as set top boxes, cars, garage door openers, telephones, and Internet appliances. It features a continuous listening technology that allows a device to be switched on or off with the sound of one key word or short phrase, using speaker-dependent (user-trained) speech recognition.

Sensory Inc., 521 E. Weddell Dr., Sunnyvale, CA 94089; FAX (408) 744-1299;

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Production floor quality control

Managers can now track quality control on the production floor from any desktop PC in the world, using an alliance between two software products-the Statit(TM)Internet-based software engine and the WinSPC C/S enterprise real-time statistical process control system. Together, they allow managers to produce instant reports on a web browser, using data collected simultaneously from the shop floor.

DataNet Quality Systems, 24567 Northwestern Hwy., 4th floor, Southfield, MI 48075;

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CNC tool path generator

PrimCAM is an icon-driven tool path generator for CNC-controlled machining centers, offering a simple interface so inexperienced CAD/CAM users can still use its sophisticated capabilities. It features integrated databases for the management of tools, materials, cutting feed rate tables, machine controls, and more. No extra CAD software is necessary.

Datron Dynamics, 2398 Haines Rd., Unit 6, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Y 1Y6; FAX (905) 281-9733;

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Online barcoding

SystemMaster(TM)2000 is Windows-based software for online marking, coding, and barcoding. It features WYSIWYG preview screens with drag-and-drop utilities, database capabilities with more than seven formats, label retrieval by scanning a barcode online or remotely, and more.

FoxJet Inc., 2016 E. Randol Mill Rd. #409, Arlington, TX 76011-8223; FAX (817) 795-7101;

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Development tools

The VisualDSP(R)integrated development environment now has C++, enabling more programmers to use its real-time processing performance. Developers can also achieve faster times to market, since they're able to work more efficiently with complex signal processing data types, the company says.

Analog Devices, 3 Technology Way, Box 9106, Norwood, MA 02062-2062; FAX (510) 252-0491;

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CAD file conversion

RasterServer 2000 software automatically batch-converts nearly any type of CAD file to raster or PDF documents. With more than 50 output formats, it is designed to publish legible and secure data. It works either standalone or as a front end for EDM, intranet, and business-to-business systems.

Trix Systems Inc., 68 Smith St., Chelmsford, MA 01824; FAX (978) 256-9593;

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