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Computer Productivity Tools

Computer Productivity Tools

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Ultraportable PC

The eightythree is an ultra-small, fully functional PC that combines the portability of a handheld with the functionality and software compatibility of a standard-size Windows/Linux/UNIX PC. It is 5.4 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 1.1 inches deep and weighs just 20 ounces. It includes laptop-quality screen resolution, an SMS keyboard, thumb-operated micro joystick with mouse buttons, touchscreen, a cardbus PC card slot and a Secure Digital slot. Tiqit Computers; Enter 609

Motion analysis

Dynamic Designer Motion is a simulation software program that allows users of the CATIA V5 CAD package to investigate the products design function. Powered by ADAMS(R) solver technology, it is embedded directly within the CAD system, permitting engineers and designers to evaluate the true motion behavior of designs without leaving a familiar CAD environment. Mechanical Dynamics Inc., Enter 610

Format translator

Cadverter offers bi-directional translators between PTC Pro/ENGINEER and Unigraphics, CATIA, and I-DEAS. This conversion system is produced with the Granite One interoperability kernel-a platform based on the geometry, feature, and data exchange capabilities at the core of Pro/ENGINEER. This translator allows users to extend the reach of Granite interoperability and, through the rapid exchange of information, increase productivity and reduce costs associated with incompatible applications. Theorem Solutions; Enter 611


StudioTools(TM) 10 delivers a complete set of integrated paint tools, designed specifically for concept sketching. The software's unique paint and shapes functionality enables designers to quickly create and iterate concepts early in the design process. Enhancements to modeling tools such as Fillet and Align allow designers to achieve the look and quality of these surfaces quickly. An improved Draft/Flange tool provides grab handles to push and pull depths and angles, for injection molding applications. Alias/Wavefront, Enter 612

Math software

Maple(R) 8 mathematical computation software incorporates Maplets(TM), a Java-based technology that allows users to customize Maple's graphical user interface. Resulting Maplet applications allow users to access computation power through familiar user interface mechanisms. Maple 8 also includes new packages for vector calculus and calculus of variations, over 13,000 predefined scientific and physical constants, and optimized code generation to the Java language. Waterloo Maple Inc., Enter 613

Document viewer

Image a*X 7.0 is a set of ActiveX components that provides systems integrators with the ability to create custom viewing solutions for the Web, a network, or as a standalone application. Image a*X enables users to quickly and accurately display and mark up nearly 200 native file formats including 3D CAD models, 2D CAD, vector, raster, hybrid, and office documents such as Micro-soft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF. Spicer Corp., Enter 614

Flash storage

The Mobile DiskOnChip family is available in 16, 32, or 64 MB of data storage capacity and all have a 9 x 12-mm footprint, allowing each product to be interchangeable. Mobile DiskOnChip uses the TrueFFS(R) power-failure management system to ensure high reliability, making handsets, PDAs, and other devices virtually immune to data loss following power failure. Units also employ error correction and error detection code to ensure data reliability for handsets expected to interface with enterprise applications. M-Systems, Enter 615

Disk drive

A 60-GB hard disk drive now incorporates a 2.5-inch form, one of the first 2.5-inch HDD products based on a 30 GB per platter design. The new drive supports fast transfer rates and seek times, allowing users to access more data in less time. It is suited for multi-functional mobile PCs and non-PC applications such as telecommunications, printers, GPS systems, and MP3 players. Toshiba America Electronic Components, Enter 616

3D web tool

trueSpace5 3D authoring software for Adobe Atmosphere is a professional Web tool for authoring, viewing, and interacting with virtual 3D worlds. It combines high-end modeling, rendering, and animation power with a novel and intuitive user interface based on direct manipulation of objects. Used for product design, graphic design, video games, and web 3D-world design, trueSpace5 enables new users and experienced 3D professionals to do real-time authoring in a hardware-accelerated, 3D perspective workspace. Caligari Corp., Enter 617

Requirements manager

DOORS(R) is a multi-platform, enterprise-wide requirements tool designed to capture, link, trace, analyze, and manage a wide range of information to ensure a project's compliance with specific requirements and standards. It provides access to the DOORS Extension Language (DXL), allowing customers to develop unique point-and-click interfaces. This extensibility permits users throughout a company to automate many time-consuming, repetitive, and error-prone processes. Telelogic Americas, Enter 618

Web extension

The i-drop Enhancer Extension is a recently expanded toolset that now offers right-mouse button drag-and-drop functionality, automatic URL attachment, and activity logging. The i-drop technology uses a custom Microsoft ActiveX control to enable manufacturers and design professionals to publish and acquire design data using standard web pages. Designers can produce web pages that contain i-drop packages that look and behave exactly like web pages in a standard web browser. Autodesk Inc., Enter 619

Modular computer

A Basic-programmed modular computer is housed in a sturdy aluminum case and is based on TINY-Tiger(TM) multitasking computer modules. The iCom-200 measures only 196 x 88 x 40 mm and weighs a mere 650g. Programming is performed in Tiger-BASIC(TM). It comes standard with 512K SRAM and 512K EEPROM, and has a backlit 128 x 64 pixel graphics LCD with 20-key keypad, as well as an external connector for an MF2 keyboard. Saelig Co. Inc., Enter 620

PLM suite

Built on single data model, a suite of eight product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions enables manufacturers to manage complex product engineering activities across organizations, suppliers, and customers. Organizations can manage highly sophisticated product content including customer requirements, items, bills-of-material (BOMs), CAD formats, supporting documentation, and service histories. With the toolset's business process modeling capabilities, manufacturers can eliminate manual and disjointed tasks by automating critical processes such as design project management, BOM synchronization, product change management, and configuration management. Eigner, Enter 621

Embedded system

The EBC-2000 Series of embedded computers is a versatile and powerful standalone computer that supports Socket 370 Celeron, Pentium III, and VIA C3 processors up to 133 MHz front-side bus. It also features a network engine with Triple LAN and a MiniPCI Type II compatible interface for SCSI, security card, and wireless LAN or user-specific application card. The new series meets a wide range of needs in networking such as routing, VPN, VoIP gateways, and firewalls. ADLINK Technology Inc., Enter 622

Connectivity engine

The VCE405 Connectivity Engine provides a versatile, off-the-shelf CPU with two PMC slots for maximum I/O flexibility. The 6U VCE405 offers a PowerPC solution where high-compute power and low power consumption and dissipation are needed. The system is driven by a 375 MIPS, 266 MHz IBM PowerPC 405GP(TM), a 32-bit RISC embedded controller featuring typical power consumption of 1.5W. Thales Computers, Enter 623

Sample inspection

PowerINSPECT software compares tooling or sample components with CAD data, and now supports the inspection of models against STL files. Users can produce inspection reports automatically, including pictorial, graphical, and tabulated data, either to recognized international standards or in a customer-specified format. PowerINSPECT uses real time results, allowing designers to identify problems earlier in the lifecycle and correct them at lower costs. Enter 624

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