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Computer productivity tools

Computer productivity tools


Version 6.2 of task-specific STRIM professional solution package for reverse engineering and rapid prototyping is available. This latest version is an integrated solution for digitized points editing, surface reconstruction, direct machining on points, and stereolithography file generation. Applications include those in the automotive, defense, consumer products, and electromechanical industries. Powerful registration routines are available for aligning multiple clouds of points--particularly useful for certain types of objects that require multiple scans. Version 6.2 also contains improved functions for recognition of characteristic lines, such as fillets and sharp edges.
Matra Datavision Inc., 1 Tech Dr., Andover, MA 01810, FAX (860) 667-2323.


A power desktop line, Octane, features high-performance graphics, symmetric multiprocessing, and a pure 64-bit computing environment wrapped in an innovative high-performance system architecture that manages the demands of future applications. The system processes multiple data types including audio, video, imagery, and 3-D geometry.
Silicon Graphics Inc., 2011 N. Shoreline Blvd., Mountain View, CA 94043.


The evolution MOUSE-TRAK mouse offers a streamlined ergonomic design, comfortable molded contours, and ease-of-use. Because it takes up very little of the user's valuable desktop space, it is always conveniently at hand for point-and-click activities. The keys are pre-programmed to perform the most common functions of conventional three-button mice, including primary click, primary double-click, primary drag, auxiliary click, and right click.
ITAC Systems Inc., 3113 Benton St., Garland, TX 75042, FAX (972) 494-4159.


The IntelliStation M Pro workstations feature Pentium II processors and are for commercial users running mechanical CAD, electronic CAD, digital media content creation, and software development applications. The units offer maximum uni-processor performance in addition to providing high-end graphics, integrated advanced asset management, security, and data-protection technology. The workstations come standard with either 64 or 128 Mbytes of EDO error checking and correcting memory which helps to ensure data integrity. These new systems also provide Flash ROM technology allowing users to electronically upgrade the system BIOs. Two versions, 266 and 300 MHz, of the Pentium II microprocessor with MMX technology are offered providing maximum speed and expendability for software applications such as Internet, intranet, multimedia, and communications. Both models come standard with 512 Kbytes integrated cache.
IBM Personal Computer Co., Rt. 100, Somers, NY 10589.

Internet security

SignaSURE ESS Enterprise Security Suite can provide business and government entities a secure, reliable, and accurate means to use public networks for sensitive company information. It assures that no unauthorized changes may be made to those documents, and it leaves no question as to exactly who authored those documents. The ESS product uses a personal cryptographic token--a smart card or smart key--to contain all the codes and algorithms necessary to insure confidentiality of the information.
Datakey Inc., 407 W. Travelers Trail, Burnsville, MN 55337.


Version 3.5 of Solid Edge pushes the usability envelope with sheet metal and advanced rendering capabilities that boost modeling kernel, an IGES translator, and new functionality and performance enhancements in the part modeling and drafting environments. This version also provides a design environment tailored for sheet-metal components. Combining the ease-of-use of feature-based solid modeling with the unique requirements of sheet-metal design, Solid Edge speaks the language of sheet-metal intuitive commands for modeling tabs, flanges, bends, bend relief, corner breaks, cutouts, and flat patterns.
Intergraph Corp., Huntsville, AL 35894.

Rapid prototyping

The FDM8000 system can create large prototypes, as well as tooling patterns and masters for casting, RTV molds, and spray-metal tooling applications. Using ABS modeling material, the FDM8000 creates tooling patterns and masters as well as functional prototypes for testing. Its large build envelope allows users to generate parts up to 457 x 457 x 609 mm. The unit operates unattended in an office environment--useful for 24-hour operation.
Stratasys Inc., 14950 Martin Dr., Eden Prairie, MN 55344, FAX (612) 937-0070.


DesignLink is a bi-directional link between the graphic power of Pro/ENGINEER and the AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop, to TK Solver the mathematical modeling and rule-based engine. This combination offers a comprehensive solution to a wide range of design and engineering problems: 3-D graphics, mathematical modeling, design analysis, design rule checking, optimization, statistical analysis, and cost analysis. A complete mathematical model can be set up in TK Solver, then the numeric values generated by the model are sent to Pro/ENGINEER or the AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop program.
Universal Technical Systems, 1220 Rock St., Rockford, IL 61101, FAX (815) 963-8884.

UCA starter kit

The UCA starter kit, a turnkey system, enables users to shorten the time required to change their systems over to Utility Communications Architecture (UCA) technology. UCA technology allows open communications systems to become the norm in today's utility industry. Interoperability, plug-and-play, and data accessibility are the principles of UCA, principles that lead to lower costs of product development and deployment for both utilities and vendors. The starter kit provides a systematic and practical approach to implementing UCA technology.
Sisco Inc., 6605 Mile Rd., Sterling Heights, MI 48314, FAX (810) 254-0053.

Internet support

MocKingbird WEB is an electronic performance support system that helps improve workplace productivity and safety by delivering job-critical operating information and training to front-line workers via Internet, corporate intranets, or satellite-based access services. MocKingbird WEB modules include computer-based training authoring tools, training courses, document control, information change notification, and record keeping. Another feature: hyperlinking all plant operating documents to an interactive training module that delivers information and tests understanding of the information prior to use.
Warren-Forthought Inc., 1212 N. Velasco, Angleton, TX 77515, FAX (409) 849-1278.


SolidTools, a graphical 3-D application, allows companies to leverage critical 3-D engineering data throughout their organizations. With this application users can exchange solids-based 3-D models from and to popular production CAD systems. Users can create animation effects and perform easy conceptual modeling to readily communicate ideas and details to anyone in the organization. They can also apply advanced rendering techniques to generate photorealistic images for presentations or collateral. Other features include graphical editing of 3-D key-frame animation paths, Windows-compliant user interface with toolbars and comprehensive on-line tutorials, and support of OLE document automation to create reports in common desktop applications.
Visionary Design Systems, 2790 Walsh Ave., Santa Clara, CA 95051, FAX (603) 888-7657.


An embedded computer module for OEMs and systems integrators, the EM-C061 workstation, includes a 13.8-inch active matrix TFT color LCD display, supporting 4,096 colors with 1,024 x 768 resolution. The unit provides a turnkey solution for a compact and fully integrated operator interface and is for harsh factory conditions and heavy user interface. All components are specified and assembled for rugged use in areas where shock and vibration, high EMI, and wide variations in temperature may occur. The system's single-board computer accepts Pentium P54T-class CPUs including 100-, 133-, and 166-Mhz processor speeds, and accepts 256K L2 pipeline burst mode cache SRAM, up to 64 Mbytes of fast EDO SIMM memory, and has a PC/104 solid-state disk option.
Lucas Control Systems Products, Deeco Systems, DC0526, 31047 Genstar Rd., Hayward, CA 94544, FAX (510) 489-3500.


3-D Studio VIZ is a visualization solution based on 3-D Studio modeling and animation software for PCs. A 32-bit, object-oriented Microsoft Windows NT application, the software also can be run under Windows 95.VIZ's modeless working environment eliminates the need to switch in and out of different modes to view the result of a change or operation. The software's interactive renderer allows multiple texture, form, and lighting approaches to be explored quickly and adjusted in real time.
Kinetix, 624 Harrison St., San Francisco, CA 94107, FAX (415) 547-2222.

Software viewer

Myriad 3.2, a viewer for electronic document management and product data management, offers a variety of tools and features that enhance information delivery and presentation for engineering and manufacturing. With the use of watermarking, users can imprint their documents with the watermark of their choice. Other features include ISO 9000 bannering enhancements allowing users to change the bannering on the fly. A special feature lets the administrator determine who has permission to make such changes. The viewing of block attributes in AutoCAD files without the need for an integration application is allowed.
Informative Graphics Corp., 706 E. Bell Rd., Suite 207, Phoenix, AZ 85022, FAX (602) 971-1714.

Video mixers

The FlexiVision video mixers offer a totally digital implementation, which eliminates artifacts and provides unique capabilities when processing data from a wide range of video sources. For critical military surveillance applications, the units not only provide a digital radar input capability, but also a transparency feature. For missions requiring night vision capability, the FlexiVision products offer a selection of video inputs including FLIR monochrome sources.
BARCO Inc., Chromatics, 2558 Mountain Industrial Blvd., Tucker, GA 30084, FAX (770) 492-5111.

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